Why Smoking on Webcam Can Ruin Your Chances with Online Love

The internet is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to meet potential partners and fall in love. With practically everyone owning a webcam, it’s easy to speak to new people face to face and form a real bond with them. However, using a webcam to find love makes it more difficult to hide any socially frowned upon habits you may have such as smoking. When chatting with our webcam online, the conversations we have can last a few hours and many smokers will feel the need to light up during this period and have a cigarette on cam. Doing this can potentially ruin your chances of finding online love for the following reasons:


Non-Smokers Generally Won’t Date Smokers

There have been many online polls and studies which ask non-smokers if they would consider dating a smoker and the overwhelming majority has said that they wouldn’t. This essentially means that you could be having a great conversation with someone new, things could be going really well, but when you spark up they become turned off. The best thing to do is mention you’re a smoker straight away or refrain from smoking on webcam and wait until the conversation has finished before lighting up.

It’s Lazy and Inconsiderate

When you’re chatting on webcam, remember the webcam is displaying a fixed picture and you can easily move off-screen or go outside to have a cigarette. Even if the person you’re chatting to is anti-smoking, they will be much more likely to stay and chat if they aren’t watching you smoke away. Telling them you’ll be back in a couple of minutes and then popping off-camera for a quick smoke is much better than simply lighting up on cam and continuing the conversation. If they can’t see you in the act, it removes the image from their mind and increases your chances of finding love.


It Can Obscure the Webcam’s Picture

When you’re having a conversation with someone on webcam, the majority of the time you will be indoors. So, if you decide to smoke on camera the smoke you’re exhaling will have nowhere to go and it’s likely it will linger around the room that you’re in. This lingering smoke will make the broadcast of your webcam fuzzy and unclear which is bound to frustrate the person you’re chatting to. Poor quality webcam displays are one of the main reasons people struggle to find love online and creating a cloud of smoke around your webcam will lessen your chance of finding love online.

Smoking Isn’t Cool Anymore

There was time when smoking was super cool and lighting up a cigarette was considered sexy. However, these days advances in medical science has shown us the damage that smoking can do and smoking has gone from being cool to being frowned upon. Thinking that lighting a cigarette and smoking on webcam is really sexy and attractive is incorrect and is actually more than likely going to have the opposite effect.


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Words You Should Avoid Using in Cam Sites

Cam sites are the perfect platform to meet new people and make new friends. When chatting to a stranger on a cam site, it can pay to tread carefully and not to use words that might offend the other person on cam. If they become offended they may move on or ban you from their chat room. Keeping the conversation polite and general until you get to know a person better can help extend your chat time and make it easier to befriend the people you meet. Here is a list of words that should be avoided when chatting to strangers on cam sites:


Swear Words

It can be amazing how much people swear when using cam sites. When someone is constantly swearing on a cam site it can become tiresome and aggravating very quickly. Swearing too much will just end up annoying the person you’re chatting to and they’ll end up ignoring you or banning you. The occasional swear word in context can be quite funny or add meaning to what you’re trying to say, however, the overuse of swear words will get you nowhere.

Racial Slurs

Racial slurs are never acceptable when chatting in a cam site and should be avoided at all times. Even if you are saying a racial slur in jest or as a joke, the person you’re aiming it at may not find it so funny and become quickly offended. It is worth bearing in mind that even if you think a racial slur is non-offensive when you say it, others may not feel that way. Avoiding the use of any kind of stereotyping is certainly advised and can help you avoid any awkward situations.


Girls on cam sites get called ‘whore’ and/or ‘slut’ surprisingly often. Due to the nature of their job, many men feel they have a right to refer to the girls in these derogatory ways and will call the girls these names without hesitation. However, many girls will tell you that these are the worst names they could be called and they cause the most offense. The same applies to girls on random cam sites who will get called these names for no other reason than they are wearing a short skirt. Avoiding the use of these words is a basic show of respect to the person you’re chatting to.


The use of these words can kill an interesting chat on cam sites in an instant. Using these words basically shows you have little or no interest in the conversation and shows a huge lack of imagination. People often use these words when listening to someone else to show they’re paying attention, however, a word such as ‘okay’ or ‘great’ can also display your interest in the story. Even better, ask questions during the story to display your interest. ‘Hmm’ and ‘Mmm’ literally have no meaning and are among the worst words to use when chatting on cam sites. If you want to end a conversation in a matter of seconds then use these words!

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Does Love Online Really Exist

Recent studies have shown that one in three relationships now begin online. This is a phenomenal figure considering ten years ago it was unheard of to try and meet someone romantically from the internet. However, the rise of online dating, social media, and random chat sites has allowed love to flourish between people who may have never met otherwise.


There are still many doubters, people who don’t believe love can actually happen in an online environment. That may be no surprise due to the regular reports of predators, pedophiles, and tricksters who prey on people with good intentions. With the contestant stream of news regarding the people who abuse platforms for meeting potential partners, the success stories are often forgotten.

Let’s take a look at how people fall in love. When people fall in love in the real world it is generally due to an initial physical attraction. The look of the person is the main reason you want to talk to them and get to know them. Usually, you’ll go on a couple of dates and then agree to become exclusive to one another, hence forming a relationship. In total you may have spent a few hours with that person before deciding to become exclusive.

Now, look at how a relationship is formed online. If you were using a dating site you may initially become attracted to a person’s profile picture. However, we all know that a picture isn’t a true representation of what a person looks like. So, what are we actually looking for? We look much closer at that person’s interests and hobbies. Suddenly, instead of a physical attraction being the initial spark, an attraction to common interests is the reason to begin a conversation.


This key difference is what can cause people to fall in love online. When chatting to someone online, people generally feel more comfortable and at ease. The conversation is more open and because there is no chance of immediate physical contact, there is less pressure to ensure everything said is calculated and perfect. This allows people to become attracted to each other’s personalities, creating a strong bond.

In fact, it could be said that the bond created online is stronger than the bond created when meeting someone initially in the real world. There have been studies which have found relationships that begin online are likely to last longer than those which begin offline. This points to love online not only existing, but being just as strong as love in real life. Of course, creating a strong bond online is pointless if there is no chemistry when you meet face-to-face. However, most people put many hours into an online relationship before meeting up and the tension is usually at breaking point when meeting face to face for the first time meaning physical chemistry isn’t a problem.

There is no doubt that love exists online. Just because the person you feel a connection to lives in a different country or your only communication with them is via instant messenger, it doesn’t mean that love cannot flourish just as it would in real life.

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Capture Your Wedding Proposal on Video Forever!

There’s no bigger moment in a couple’s life than when the time comes to pop that all important question ‘Will You Marry Me?’ For generations, people have come up with creative ways to propose to their loved ones, from popping the question at an NBA game to writing the words in the sky. Asking someone to marry you is probably the most important thing you will ever do and getting it right is essential. However, in times gone by the moment has only been a memory as it has been incredibly difficult to record the magical moment. Your partner might get a little bit suspicious if a camera crew suddenly turns up at dinner!


This problem has been identified by a group of students who have created an ingenious way to capture wedding proposals on cam without arousing any suspicion whatsoever. ‘Ring Cam’ is a new invention which uses webcam technology to place a tiny lens inside the ring box, capturing the moment when the box is opened and the question is asked. The camera lens is tiny and indistinguishable from a normal looking ring box, allowing a genuine moment to be captured on video forever.

The simple, yet brilliant invention works by placing a camera on the top of a ring box, perfectly capturing the person’s response. The camera aims upwards, ensuring it won’t miss anything from the groom to be being down on one knee. A sensor is also installed in the ring box, activated when the box is opened to ensure it captures the correct moment. The video is recorded in HD to provide the highest quality and resulting in a video which can be kept for life.


‘Ring Cam’ has gone viral after a few trial runs, with people flocking to have the invention installed on ring boxes nationwide. The age of viral videos is upon us, with people sharing everything from funny videos of our pets to pranks we pull on our friends. Now, the next stage of viral videos will be hitting YouTube, as proud brides and grooms to be share the moment they got engaged with the world. It can be extremely heart-warming to see the genuine look of surprise and delight on someone’s face as they say ‘Yes’ to spending the rest of their lives with someone. It also helps capture the incredible ways in which people propose, giving the world an insight into the creative proposal methods used.


Everyone has a video collection of important moments in their lives from their first day of school to their wedding day. However, it always felt like something was missing from the collection – the proposal. Now, having the ability to keep that moment forever completes the video collection for many people. It could also provide inspiration to people who are thinking about proposing as they come up with innovative ways to propose with the knowledge the moment will be theirs forever. There is no doubt that soon we will all be gathered around sharing the moment our friends and family got engaged.


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Top 4 Ways to Increase Your Social Skills Online

When socializing in the real world, many people find it difficult to properly express themselves with doubt and a lack of confidence limiting social interactions. However, the internet provides a more comfortable platform on which to socialize. Being able to talk to people through a computer screen offers a certain level of protection, which increases people’s confidence and allows them to speak more freely online. There are many ways to be social online from using comment forums to social media to video chat. Video chat is one of the most popular ways to socialize online and can be a great way to improve your online social skills. The following 4 tips can help increase your social skills in a matter of minutes:

Make a Great First Impression


Knowing how to make a great first impression is the first step in engaging someone in conversation. If you never get past a simple ‘hello’ with a person, they will never discover how great you are. So, if you connect with someone on video chat try and have a few topics of discussion prepared to ensure the conversation runs smoothly. Steer away from any controversial subjects at the beginning and keep the conversation easy, allowing it to flow naturally. As you practice, starting a conversation will become easier and easier and you will be able to spark a conversation without a moment’s hesitation.

Tell a Great Story

images (1)

Telling an interesting story or providing an entertaining antidote can really provide a strong connection with your audience. We all know people who ramble on for hours when telling a story, starting from a point which has little significance and recounting every minor detail. The trick to telling a great story is to capture people’s interest at the very beginning. Start by saying why the story is important and try to use vivid words throughout. Keep the story short and simple with a bit of humor if at all possible. You can post the story to a forum or on social media and gauge the reaction before trying it out in real time on video chat.

Be a Good Listener


Being a great listener is actually much harder than it sounds. A lot of people will simply talk about anything to fill a short silence and actually not give the other person a chance to talk. Remember, if you’re the only one talking then it isn’t a conversation and you may as well be talking to yourself. Social skills are all about knowing when to talk and when to listen. If you feel the person you’re chatting with is a bit shy offer them encouragement by changing the subject to something which interests them.

Make Eye Contact


Obviously this only applies to socializing on webcam, however, eye contact is one of the most important pieces of body language. If you are looking away from the screen or at something in the background when chatting on webcam, the other person is going to think you aren’t interested in what they have to say. On the other hand, starting at your webcam lens will come across as creepy. A good rule of thumb is to match what the other person is doing – if they are making eye contact then you do too, if they are looking away then look away too.

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ChatRandom Recently Mentioned in the Press

As Chatrandom continues to grow, so does its popularity. This week, Chatrandom was featured in a press release article concerning the Iraq social media blocks. With Iraqis no longer being allowed to access communication sites such as this random cam site as well as other social media sites like Facebook and YouTube, traffic to these sites has really taken a hit. In fact, Chatrandom is ranked in the top 400 most visited sites in Iraq, but since the social media block took place, Chatrandom has lost over 75% of their Iraq visitors.


This immense loss in traffic definitely makes things harder for the owners of these sites, but there should be nothing to worry about. With Chatrandom being mentioned in a press release, it only makes more people aware of this site’s existence. Although many Iraqis are no longer capable of using this chat site, growth is still being noticed and more and more people are joining in on the fun every single day.

Why the Social Media Ban Took Place

The Iraq government decided to block all Iraq citizens from being able to use social media websites because they fear that this could become a gateway for insurgents to gather information. They believe that by cutting off all possibilities of communication between insurgents, they will regain control.

Although this may seem like the right thing to do, those who really do want to communicate are using proxies. It’s really worth wondering whether or not this block is actually worth it.

Check out the following link for the full press release: http://www.prweb.com/releases/2014/07/prweb12013861.htm

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Common Webcam Problems and Knowing When to Buy a New One

Webcams have become the most important piece of hardware for many people. With random cam sites, video chatting, and business meetings all taking place using a webcam it is essential that it works perfectly and doesn’t let you down. It has happened to all of us at some stage, you’re in the middle of a conversation and your webcam freezes. Nothing is frustrating than this and it certainly sucks the fun out of using your webcam. If you’re experiencing consistent problems with your webcam, it may be time to upgrade and buy a new one. However, before you splash out try out the solutions below and see if you can fix the problem.

Dark or Black Image


This is a very common problem on webcams where a black screen appears immediately after the first image is displayed. There are a couple of things that could be causing this. Firstly, check the webcam’s light indicator is switched on by running the ‘Camera Assistant’, which will automatically adjust the webcam’s settings to display the best possible image. The second cause may be that it’s too dark in the room and the webcam has automatically switched off. Solve this by either turning on a light source or switching the webcam into night mode. If you still encounter the dark image problem, try reinstalling the webcam software.

Webcam Isn’t Detected


Many laptops have built-in webcams, however, some people may have a better quality webcam which they wish to install on their laptop. A common problem encountered here is that when the webcam is plugged in the computer doesn’t detect it and it won’t work. If you have this problem, check the version of windows you’re using and download the appropriate driver software for the webcam. Sometimes the driver doesn’t automatically install properly and you need to do this manually. If the webcam still doesn’t work, try plugging it into a different USB port. It may take a few attempts to completely solve this problem.

Blurry Image

download (1)

If the picture your webcam is displaying is burry and out of focus, you can adjust the settings to create a better quality picture. If you go to the settings in your webcam and adjust the video capture properties, paying special attention to brightness and contrast, you should be able to sharpen the picture. Play around with the settings until you’re happy with the picture being displayed. If you can’t get a great image on screen it could be due to the webcam’s quality and upgrading may be the best option.

Driver Issues


If you have any of the following problems, it is likely your driver is out of date and needs to be updated with a newer version:

  • Sound isn’t synced properly to the video
  • Webcam won’t shut down after use
  • Webcam plays sound but has a botched display

These are all software issues which should disappear after reinstalling your driver. If, however, the webcam remains problematic after upgrading all the drivers then it is possible the webcam hardware is faulty and it is time to buy a new one.


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4 Tips to Avoid Cyber Bullies Online

Cyber bullying has become a recent trend with fresh reports emerging daily about kids who are bullied online. This form of bullying is one of the most dangerous as there are lots of ways to remain anonymous online and therefore bully someone without ever getting caught. Cyber bullying can happen in different forms – through email, messaging, social media, and chat sites. It can be something as simple as telling a person they look ugly or fat, to more complicated methods such as sourcing personal information about the person being bullied and using that information as blackmail.

Cyber bullying can be just as traumatic and hurtful as being bullied on the school playground and its effect can be just as serious. Learning how to avoid cyber bullying is essential to all internet users, especially kids and young teens. Here are 4 tips to avoid cyber bullies online:

Never Post Personal Information


This is the most important thing you can do to avoid cyber bullying. Never post any personal information in a public domain or tell a stranger you’re chatting to on a chat site anything which is sensitive. This can include your full name, address, passwords, phone number, email, name of your school/sports team, and even pictures. If a bully gets hold of a few pieces of personal information they might be able to use social media to find out other pieces of information and use it to blackmail or stalk you. Make sure all your personal information online is only accessible to close friends and people you know and trust.

Never Respond to a Bully’s Messages


If you are messaging or chatting to someone and they become offensive or angry, just step away from the computer and cool down. If you reply to anger with more anger, it will add fuel to the fire and create tension. Not only that, but it will make you a cyber-bully too. It can be difficult to just ignore someone who is trying to get at you, however, by ignoring them you are being the bigger person and they will eventually leave you alone.

Never Open Messages from Strangers


This is similar to when your mother told you to never take a sweet from a stranger. If you receive an email from a stranger or a sender you don’t know, delete the message immediately without opening it or clicking on any links it may contain. It may be hard as you want to satisfy your curiosity, however, the email could be anything from hate mail to a virus which will infect your computer. Sometimes it is best to ignore these emails instead of reading something hurtful or accidently downloading a virus.

Don’t Be Gullible


Cyber bullies pray on people who are gullible and will believe anything they are told. If you want to be safe online from bullying and blackmail, it is essential to be savvy with the things you are presented with. For instance, you may be using a chat site and talking to someone who claims they are a 15 year old girl. However, the truth may be that you are actually talking to a 40 year old man. It is impossible to be sure who you are communicating with, even on cam chat sites as many people use fake cams to fool others. Be careful what you divulge to people you’re chatting with online as they may not be who you think they are.

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The Best Random Cam Sites for Making Friends Online

Random cam sites are popping up all over the place, making it extremely difficult to separate the quality ones from the awful ones. Many random cam sites have very little users which makes it incredibly hard to discover new friends and actually get someone to stay on cam long enough to hold a conversation.

It is often the case that you find yourself despising the experience due to the lack of face time with other users but this doesn’t have to be the case! Random cam sites can be a great way to make friends online, it is just a matter of finding the right random cam site. Here are the three best available for making friends online:


Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 6.55.33 PM

Welcome to the magnificent world of Streamberry. This site has a list of features as long as your arm with thousands of people online at any time to increase the chances of finding someone to connect with. The random cam section of the site is great fun with peoples of all backgrounds online, each looking to make new friends online.

Streamberry encompasses a massive fan base on social media networks ensuring there is a broad range of people from all over the world online at any given time. The fact that Streamberry is an institution for its members means they are more likely to put in the effort to get to know you rather than just constantly hitting next. Streamberry’s random cam service is 100% free with no signup required, making it simple to jump right into the action!



FunYo combines the best of other social and random cam sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Omegle and Skype and combines them all to create the ultimate random cam experience. The random cam section comes with options not seen on other similar sites such as the ability to filter users by country. This allows you to find people who hold similar interests as you when embarking on a mission to make new online friends.

You can also the unique FunYo features to play cam roulette with girls only, guys only or gay roulette. This can dramatically increase the chances of meeting someone who has common interests and making new friends. The best thing about FunYo is that it’s absolutely free with no signup and no fees!



Chatrandom is by far the most popular random cam site around with more than 60,000 users online at any given time. Those are some good odds for finding someone who shares similar interests and discovering a new friend. There are no issues with finding someone to chat to on this site within the huge variety of personalities that frequent it.

The speedy connection provided by Chatrandom ensures chatting to someone is a smooth and pleasant process without a jerking connection which can frustrate. Features such as the ability to search by country also make this site excellent for meeting new people. Once again it is totally free with no signup or fees required so you can just jump right in!

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3 Tips to Successfully Flirt with Girls Online

Flirting is a great way to subtly show a girl you are interested in her sexually or romantically. It can be expressed in many ways; through eye contact, body language, tone of voice, smiling, or a combination of these and other behaviors. The key to flirting is to remain playful and not become too serious about it, the more relaxed you are when flirting the more effective it will be. A successful flirtation can make you stand out from the crowd and give you an edge over the competition. The best way to improve your flirting technique is to practice it a lot on girls, learn how to read their mood and react appropriately, know when to be subtle and when to be obvious, and read these 3 tips to successfully flirt with girls online:

Be Positive


The key to flirting is to always remain happy, upbeat, and positive. If you come across as angry, sad, or complain lots when flirting you won’t get much success. When flirting online the chances are you will be chatting with a stranger and making a positive impression can create instant attraction. If you’re using a webcam to chat, keep smiling and laughing when flirting as girls respond to positive vibes. If you’re text chatting use smileys when appropriate to display a positive attitude. Try to make her laugh and keep the conversation easy-flowing and casual.

Tease Her

images (1)

This can be a dangerous flirting technique if executed incorrectly, however, if done in the right way it can work a charm. Teasing a girl is a more obvious sign of flirting, remember that girl you liked when you were 5 and you pushed her in the mud to get her attention? This is essentially the adult version of that, poking fun at her little mistakes in a fun and casual manner. For instance, if she types something incorrectly, you could reply saying she’s an intelligent girl or if she drops something on webcam, you can say she’s a butterfingers. When using this tip be sure that you don’t say anything offensive and don’t constantly tease her. Teasing at the right time in a fun way can lighten the mood and be an effective way of flirting.

Give Her a Nickname


When people are in relationships they give each other nicknames such as ‘honey’, or ‘sweetie’. If you give the girl you’re flirting with a cute nickname she will pick up on the signs of flirting and generally respond with a nickname for you. For instance, if you’re chatting to a girl online and you message her saying ‘So, it looks like you’re playing hard to get’, you can instead use a nickname to make it more appealing and personal ‘So, it looks like Barbie doll is playing hard to get. I love when Barbie does that’. The message instantly becomes more personal and has an element of humor too. Doing this can create a connection between the both of you and is a flirting technique that works very well.

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