How to Flirt with Girls When Chatting Online

Flirting with girls is one of the most sacred art forms in the universe. Men all over the globe struggle every single day simply to walk up to girls and say hello. It’s no different online, most men have trouble talking to girls, let alone flirt with them. Fear no more, we’re going to share some of the most well-kept secrets for flirting with girls online and we guarantee that you’re going to get more girls smiling than ever before!

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Girls Love Emojis

Using emojis or emoticons is essential when trying to flirt with girls online. One of the major reasons we lose a lot of our charm online is because we can’t effectively display our emotions, mood and, well, our charm. Using emoticons is the best way to show girls the real way you feel and get them to connect with you on a deeper level. Sending smiley faces, winks and ever the little face with the tongue half way out, they are all great ways to get girls engaged in the conversation.

“Getting to Know You” Conversations

Light conversations are key when you first meet a girl, online or off. I like to call those the “getting to know you” conversations. During this phase, you should only ask light questions like their favorite meal, their hobbies etc. Don’t tell them about your dog that just passed away or how your sister keeps pushing you to have kids. Those conversations are heavy and will normally push a girl away. Keep it light and get to know the girl. This phase should last for at least the first 2 to 3 dates.

Don’t Get Caught in the Friend Zone

DO NOT get caught in the friend zone! Right from the start, make sure she’s well aware of your intentions. I don’t mean you should be showing her your genitals or asking her to show you hers, but be flirty. Send winks, play around and compliment her about her beautiful appearance. Make her feel desired, but don’t compliment her as a friend, make sure it sounds and feels like you want to be her man!

Ask Her Out the First Time You Meet

Asking her out the first time the two of you meet is important. It will show her that you instantly feel attracted to her and want to get to know her better. If you met on Chatrandom and live half way across the globe, ask her out nonetheless! Make it a video chat date and get to know her even more online. If she lives nearby, make it a real date. If she says no, keep chatting her up and keep flirting, she may change her mind as she gets to know you better. Just make sure you don’t fall into that dreaded friend zone!

How to Meet Hot Girls Online

Let’s start out by saying the internet is full of hot girls, and they all want to meet guys just as much as guys want to meet them. There are many places online where you can find tons of girls looking for guys; random cam sites, online dating sites, social media sites etc. but possessing the ability to stand out from the crowd and gain the attention of these girls is key. Just as there are many girls looking for guys, there are many guys looking for girls and by following these tips you can set yourself apart from the crowd and meet tons of hot girls.

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First Impression

It has been said that a girl makes up her mind whether she like you or not within the first 10 seconds of seeing you. This makes the first impression you give out key to your success. If you’re setting up a profile for online dating, think carefully about the information you put about yourself and the profile picture you select. The picture should be casual and fun, but not offensive with any nudity.

Using a random cam site gives the perfect opportunity to make a great first impression. Use the webcam to your advantage by smiling in preparation of meeting the next person or doing something amusing such as dancing or playing an instrument. This can spark an instant conversation and get her interested in you from the off.

Be Polite

Although you may want to find out personal information or compliment her body straight away, try and hold back for a while. Build up the conversation through polite chit-chat and stay away from dirty talk at the beginning. Girls want to know that you are interested in them and their hobbies, so ask questions and find out information about her before moving the conversation to more personal information.

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Be Funny

There’s nothing that attracts girls more than a sense of humor and making a girl laugh can be the key to her heart. You don’t have to be the funniest guy on the planet in order to make a girl laugh, simply relax and maintain a conversational tone. The laughs will come and as they do she will gain more trust in you.

Be Interesting

Girls hate it when the only conversation you can come up with is something they’ve heard a thousand times before. Stay away from asking the usual questions such as ‘How are you?’ or ‘What brings you here?’ Instead think of interesting topics which will keep the conversation flowing and keep her interested.

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Don’t be Offensive

Being offensive can ruin all your hard work in an instant. You need to be able to judge the right time to ask certain questions and mention controversial topics. If you want to compliment her looks avoid saying stuff like ‘Great rack!’ or ‘You have a hot body’ as this could offend her and make her move on. Stick to non-offensive compliments such as ‘You look very pretty in that top’ or ‘your eyes are incredible!’

3 Tips to Successfully Flirt with Girls Online

Flirting is a great way to subtly show a girl you are interested in her sexually or romantically. It can be expressed in many ways; through eye contact, body language, tone of voice, smiling, or a combination of these and other behaviors. The key to flirting is to remain playful and not become too serious about it, the more relaxed you are when flirting the more effective it will be. A successful flirtation can make you stand out from the crowd and give you an edge over the competition. The best way to improve your flirting technique is to practice it a lot on girls, learn how to read their mood and react appropriately, know when to be subtle and when to be obvious, and read these 3 tips to successfully flirt with girls online:

Be Positive


The key to flirting is to always remain happy, upbeat, and positive. If you come across as angry, sad, or complain lots when flirting you won’t get much success. When flirting online the chances are you will be chatting with a stranger and making a positive impression can create instant attraction. If you’re using a webcam to chat, keep smiling and laughing when flirting as girls respond to positive vibes. If you’re text chatting use smileys when appropriate to display a positive attitude. Try to make her laugh and keep the conversation easy-flowing and casual.

Tease Her

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This can be a dangerous flirting technique if executed incorrectly, however, if done in the right way it can work a charm. Teasing a girl is a more obvious sign of flirting, remember that girl you liked when you were 5 and you pushed her in the mud to get her attention? This is essentially the adult version of that, poking fun at her little mistakes in a fun and casual manner. For instance, if she types something incorrectly, you could reply saying she’s an intelligent girl or if she drops something on webcam, you can say she’s a butterfingers. When using this tip be sure that you don’t say anything offensive and don’t constantly tease her. Teasing at the right time in a fun way can lighten the mood and be an effective way of flirting.

Give Her a Nickname


When people are in relationships they give each other nicknames such as ‘honey’, or ‘sweetie’. If you give the girl you’re flirting with a cute nickname she will pick up on the signs of flirting and generally respond with a nickname for you. For instance, if you’re chatting to a girl online and you message her saying ‘So, it looks like you’re playing hard to get’, you can instead use a nickname to make it more appealing and personal ‘So, it looks like Barbie doll is playing hard to get. I love when Barbie does that’. The message instantly becomes more personal and has an element of humor too. Doing this can create a connection between the both of you and is a flirting technique that works very well.

Top 10 Tips to Meet Chatrandom Girls

Meeting girls on webcam chat sites like Chatrandom can become quite overwhelming. You start off with no luck at all and then a girl happens to talk with you for a short while before leaving once again. What are you doing wrong? What can you do better? Why does your naked charm never seem to work with the women?

Here are the top 10 tips to help you get chicks on Chatrandom.

1) Don’t be Naked
So many men on Chatrandom make the mistake of first appearing naked on their cam. No woman in her right mind would ever want to have a serious talk with a man’s genitals. Cover yourself up and you’ll be much more likely to get a woman to stick around for a chat.

2) Be a Gentleman
Obviously you can’t hold open the car door for her, but there are ways to be a virtual gentleman nonetheless. Politeness is the key; you want to be sweet and respectful without changing your true personality. Just make sure you’re not rude and the girl will appreciate you more.

3) Show your Face
Having the webcam turned on with your face easily visible is important if you want a girl to talk with you. With so many webcams to see on Chatrandom, if a person thinks your cam is empty they will move on to another cam. Make sure your face is visible if you want women to stick around for a conversation.

4) Turn your Cam On
Having your webcam turned off will certainly take away most of your chances of getting a girl to talk with you. Many Chatrandom users will avoid turning their cams on out of shyness. If you’re shy, you’ll never get to come in contact with a woman so turn that cam on.

5) Be Patient
Although many users do go on Chatrandom for a fun and sexy time, you shouldn’t start off with that. Don’t ask the girl if they want to have a good time with you immediately. Just like in real life, take a bit of time to get to know the other person and then slowly ease into it.

6) Have Conversations
Women in real life and on cam like to talk. Have conversations with the woman that you like on Don’t simply assume that every woman on Chatrandom is there to get naked with you on cam; hold a proper conversation if you want to go any further.

7) Be Funny
Making a woman laugh is the key to her heart. If you are even just little bit funny, use that humor to make the girl laugh. When you make a woman laugh, she will gain your trust and open up to you a lot more than you would think.

8) Be Interesting
An interesting person is someone that is fun to listen to. If you hold interesting conversations with a woman on Chatrandom, she will be much more likely to want to listen to you. You don’t have to be as smart as Bill Gates to be an interesting person.

9) Be Creative
Creating a unique way to attract woman to talk with you is always a great opener. Maybe make a sign with a funny comment on it or wear something fancy like a suit in front of the webcam. Whatever you do, make it a great reason for a girl to stay and ask you about it.

10) Ask Questions
Once you’ve finally managed to get a girl to stick around for a while, get to know her. Ask her questions and try to see what interests her. Don’t tell her ridiculous facts like how many popsicle sticks are generally made per year in China. Instead, ask her about herself, her job, her pets, what she likes to do.

If you follow these 10 tips you will surely start meeting women and creating new friends, romances and more. Wishing you luck and success with the ladies 😉