Got Banned on Chatroulette? Here is a List of Sites You can Use

With the addition of ridiculous restrictions on Chatroulette and other sites like Omegle, many people have been banned on Chatroulette. Getting banned from this random video chat site seems outrageous because most users get banned for nonsense. People have been Chatroulette banned because their cam was pointing towards a wall for too long. Some report having experienced a Chatroulette ban because they were rude towards others. The Chatroulette ban has even gone as far as banning users because their cam was too dark for their standards. Unless you are a perfect individual with a high definition webcam and are willing to stay in front of your cam without ever taking a minute to use the bathroom, you won’t get banned. Otherwise, Chatroulette seems to be banning everyone these days.


Fortunately, there are numerous alternatives that allow you to experience an exciting random video chat experience without worrying about getting banned. Here is a list of the top 5 Chatroulette alternatives where you can do what you want without getting kicked out


1) Chatrandom


Obviously we were going to place our own website at the top of this list. We provide you with an adult only environment so getting naked in front of your webcam doesn’t cause us any problems. You can get nude, touch your genitals or dance around in your underwear; we won’t ban you.

Our users enjoy using our website because we do have moderators in extreme cases such as people behaving violently on cam or even for removing people with wrongful intentions such as trolls who plan on extorting you. Nonetheless, our video chat environment here at is much better than Chatroulette. Since we ask you to verify your age, we don’t feel the need to ban naked people or anyone else for that matter. If your cam is too dark, you’ll get nexted; it’s as simple as that. We won’t force you to invest in an HD webcam simply to enjoy using our website.


2) Dirtyroulette


Number 2 on our list is Dirtyroulette because this video chat site allows you to do what most Chatroulette users can’t; get naked. Dirtyroulette is a leader in the naked cam niche. If you want to find people who want to get naked on cam with you and enjoy adult pleasures with you, Dirtyroulette is the best.

The Chatroulette ban caused a lot of people to search for adult only video chat sites and because of this, Dirtyroulette has experienced tremendous amounts of growth. At any given time, you’ll find thousands of users online who only want to get naked and have some fun. So if you’re tired of getting kicked out of Chatroulette or Omegle because of their ridiculous restrictions, give Dirtyroulette a try.


3) Gaypage

Gaypage Logo
Gaypage is the 3rd Chatroulette alternative on our list because it offers a unique niche in this industry. Although most video chat sites including our own has gay chat sections, Gaypage is a website entirely dedicated to the Gay community. If you’re gay, lesbian or even bi-curious, you’ll absolutely love using Gaypage as your Chatroulette alternative.

Getting banned from Gaypage is not a possibility that you’ll have to worry about because most users only want to have fun. And by fun, we mean get naked and go that extra mile. So if you’re a gay or even a bi-curious person who’s looking for a Chatroulette site that won’t ban you for nonsense reasons, Gaypage is definitely worth giving a try.


4) FunYo


FunYo deserves to be mentioned on our list because it has an adult only environment as well. This means that you won’t ever have to worry about banned on Chatroulette when using FunYo. This website brings you so many features that you’ll never get tired of using this site. Although FunYo doesn’t have a specific niche in one type of cam industry, it does bring you a bit of everything.

When using FunYo as your Chatroulette alternative, you’ll get to chat with girls only, guys only or you can even choose to chat with couples. You can put on shows for others or you can even watch a hot girl putting on a show for numerous people simultaneously. This social network type of video chatting website will surely become one of your favorites.


5) ChatMasher

Chatmasher Logo
Last but not least on our list is ChatMasher. This video chat site also provides users with a large amount of chat features which are sure to rock your world. Although there are slightly less users online than with Chatrandom or even Dirtyroulette, ChatMasher does offer you amazing possibilities.

This adult only video chat website allows you to get naked and have the time of your life with other adults without ever getting banned. With different sections including Sex Chat, Text Chat, Random Chats, Sex Cams, Gay Cams, Girl Cams and much more, you’ll certainly find what you’re looking for. Simplicity of use makes ChatMasher a great Chatroulette alternative.

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Whatever the type of niche you’re looking for, all five of these websites are great Chatroulette and Omegle alternatives. The lack of restrictions and rules to follow make it much easier for you to enjoy yourself without having to worry about getting banned. Try them out and see which ones you prefer.

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