How to Meet Great Guys on the Internet

The internet is full of guys looking for all sorts of relationships, from casual to long-term, and contrary to belief the majority are seeking a genuine relationship. Finding a great guy online may take a little bit of effort as you eliminate the ones who aren’t seeking the same thing as you, but all the best things in life take at least some effort. There are two main ways to meet guys online; online dating sites and random cam sites. Knowing how to utilize each method can lead to meeting tons of great guys online.


Online Dating Sites

Online dating sites are teeming with guys, but how do you separate the great ones from the not so great ones? The first thing you need to do is set up a profile which exhibits your best qualities without revealing too much. Add information about your interests and hobbies with a profile picture that doesn’t contain any nudity. A profile picture that is too revealing or shows nudity may attract the wrong type of guys.

Once you have set up a profile, search for guys who share your interests and have also taken the time to fill out a complete profile. Any guys who have an incomplete profile or one with less than five pictures may be just using the site to seek out a quick fling. Once you have found a guy who looks interesting, don’t be afraid to send the first message. Sometimes guys can be shy too and receiving a message from a girl first can bring out the confidence in some guys.

When messaging try not to limit the conversation about your interests, ask him what he likes to do and what he’s interested in. Spend time getting to know him and see if he maintains his interest in you. If after a few days if the conversation is still flowing and he remains interested then you can begin to think about meeting up or taking the next step. By being patient and maintaining a level of caution, you are sure to find some great guys using this method.


Random Cam Sites

Random cam sites have become a hub of socializing and meeting great people over the last couple of years. The opportunity to meet hundreds of people in the space of a couple of hours makes the process much easier than online dating and opens up the opportunity to meet loads more guys. Be sure not to start off naked on cam as you will generally gain the attention of guys who are just looking for cybersex and the genuine guys may pass you by.

You can be creative when using a random cam site and cook, play an instrument, or draw while flicking through the other users. The majority of users on these sites are looking for a decent conversation or a relationship so don’t be put off by the few who are only looking to get off. Once you’ve connected with an interesting guy, keep the conversation flowing by asking him questions about himself and finding out his hobbies.

This is an excellent opportunity to meet some great guys from all over the world and maybe even find that special someone. If at any stage you are unhappy with the way the conversation is going, simply click ‘next’ and move on to meet the next great guy. Why not try it out and see how many great guys there are waiting to talk to you!



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