Video Chat with Your Future Self  

You’ve seen it in the movies before; a person travels into the future and talks with their future self. That’s the thing though, we have only ever seen that happen in the movies; until now. The company Orange has created a website that allows you to recreate what you will look like in 20 years. You can then have an actual video chat with that computer created future self of yours. It’s funny, cool, exciting, different and definitely the best of its kind.


How it works

This program begins by taking an image of your face and choosing the points of your face. You can align them if they aren’t perfect in order to get the best results possible. Then, once all of the points of your face are aligned (mouth, eyes, jaw, etc.) you will have your entire face scanned by the intelligent system. It’s important for you to have a webcam in order for this tool to work, otherwise you won’t be able to use this website.

The entire scanning of your face process is rapid and takes a matter of minutes. You will need to stay still and not smile while the program scans your face. This will allow for best results. Once your entire face has been scanned, you will be asked questions such as your sex, your eye color and your age. Before long, you will be sitting right in front of the future version of yourself.

The results

The results of this fun tool are quite amazing. Although it’s far from perfect, you will actually get a good idea of what you may look like in the future. The fun part about this website is that you can actually chat with yourself. The future self is quite intelligent and capable of having long conversations with you. They will begin by asking you what you would like to chat about and from there you can spend hours chatting with yourself. It’s weird and fun all in one mix. The wonderful thing about this website is that it doesn’t cost you anything to use. You can chat with your future self for hours at a time and you will never have to pay anything.

Science fiction becoming a reality

This is believed to be one of the first steps towards making science fiction a reality. Although it’s not actually you from the future, it’s the closest thing possible. Science fiction is slowly becoming a part of our regular lives and although we can’t really talk with our future selves at the moment, it’s expected to be a real possibility in the future.

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5 Ways to Use Snowy Days to Your Advantage on Webcam  

Snow days are just about the best days on earth; you get to stay in, you don’t need to go into work and classes are cancelled. What’s better than using your webcam to chat with tons of people when you snowed in? How about using the snow day to your advantage and get tons of people to chat with you because of the massive amount of snow that you have received. Below are 5 ways that you can use snowy days to your advantage in order to get more people to chat with you on video chat sites.


Point your camera towards the snow

When chatting with strangers on random chat sites, they will most likely want to stick around if you can offer something different. Being able to show others something that most webcam users can’t is a great way to capture the attention of many. Not everyone is fortunate enough to know what snow is, so by showing them the snow that you’ve received on webcam, you will most likely get them to stick around for a chat.

Go play in the snow

As mentioned above, not everybody gets the chance to experience snow. If you get a lot of snow, why not go on a random cam site, point your webcam towards outside and go play in the snow. Make an igloo, make snow angels, make a snowman, throw snowballs and have a blast. People will love watching you on cam when do such activities.

Bring the webcam outside

If your webcam can handle it, why not bring the camera outside. This will give the other users a hand on experience with the snow. It’s always enjoyable to get to see what the snow is actually like up close, so by bringing the webcam outdoors, the other users will get a much more realistic experience.

Build a fort

Building a fort in the snow isn’t just for kids; build a huge snow castle and bring your webcam in there. This obviously works best if you have a laptop that has a webcam built-in, but it will get the attention of so many people. By video chat with strangers from within your fort, you will get their attention and people will love chatting with you all day long.

Offer users awards

Offer awards to the users who can impress you. For instance, tell users that if they have a hidden talent and can impress you, you will build a snowman for them. Doing such things is fun for both of you and will keep you both busy for a long period of time. Use the snow and you never know who you will meet next!

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10 Popular Discussion Topics on Video Chat Sites  

Video chat sites are very popular on the Internet; thousands of people join in on webcam conversations every single hour. It’s not always easy to join in on conversations at times and knowing what others wish to talk about isn’t always easy either. Fortunately for you, we have gathered a list of the top 10 most popular discussion topics on video chat sites.


  1. Many people enjoy chatting about their favourite television series. Chatting about series such as “Sons of Anarchy”, “The Walking Dead” and other popular hits will definitely go a long way. Since there are millions of viewers every single episode for such series, you will most like find tons of fans on video chat sites.
  2. Sports is another huge topic. Obviously, this depends on the season; if it’s football season, lots of people will be chatting about football. On the other hand, if there was a big hockey game the night before, chances are, people will be chatting about that.
  3. Love and romance. So many people enjoy chatting about romance, how love works and how to find love. Love is one of the most popular topics on video chat sites.
  4. Virtual sex is another huge topic when it comes to webcam chat conversations. So many people love chatting about sex and you will probably notice that after using a webcam chat site just for a couple of minutes.
  5. That’s right, tons of people enjoy chatting with others about food, recipes and even deserts. If you like cooking, baking or even eating, you will love meeting people on video chat sites.
  6. Just like in real life, people enjoy talking about the weather outside. Most people on webcam enjoy comparing the weather with people from other regions of the world. Don’t be surprised if you often get asked whether it’s snowing or not where you live.
  7. Religion is another huge topic. Some people use cam-to-cam sites to chitchat about religion and their beliefs. This may seem like the wrong place to do so, but it’s actually a great way to make new friends.
  8. Suicide and help. Some people use these types of chat sites to search for support. When someone feels suicidal, they may turn to webcam chat sites in hopes of finding some support.
  9. Looks and appearance. Some people don’t know whether or not they look sexy. Sometimes, people prefer getting an opinion from people online before wearing certain things in real life.
  10. Last but not least, a lot of people enjoy chatting about new music on video chat sites. Whether you’re into pop, metal or even old-school rock, you will always find someone online who wants to chat about your favourite genre of music.
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Virtual Underage Girl Used to Catch Predators in Video Chat Rooms  

Video chat is often viewed as a portal for sexual predators. Some people believe that webcam chat can actually increase the rate of sexual predators in the world. However, that is not the case and when you look very closely, you notice that it’s the actual opposite. Cam-to-cam sites normally have tons of moderators who protect their users from harm at all times. These moderators spend their days trying to prevent people from acting inappropriately on cam and causing the environment to be less than stellar. Recently, a team of volunteers came together to catch virtual predators using a fake virtual child.


Fake Girl Named “Sweetie”

The community of volunteers who came together to stop online predators used a fake girl that was created using 3D modeling of a real person’s movements. The 3D girl was in the form of a 10 year old girl and aimed to see whether or not men would actually talk with her. This was supposed to be a way to catch predators without actually using a real child. “Sweetie” was placed in several video chat rooms and when men found interest in her, she appeared on webcam. The unsuspecting victims had no idea that she was in fact a virtual girl.


How “Sweetie” Did

“Sweetie” was used for a 10 week trial period in which the volunteers had no idea that they would actually bring individuals to court and sentence them. However, that was the case as one man was sentenced to two years in prison after chatting sexually with the virtual girl. The man was found to have child pornography in his computer and the jury decided that the fact that “Sweetie” was not a real girl had no significance; he believed she was real so it’s no different.


Throughout the 10 weeks that volunteers placed “Sweetie” in chat rooms to try and catch virtual predators, over 20,000 men talked with the virtual child. Roughly 1000 of those men had asked “Sweetie” to perform sexual acts on webcam and their identities were handed over to the proper authorities. In the end, using this virtual girl turned out to be quick successful. Predators are out there; we can’t change who they are, but we can stop them from doing harm to actual children.

Right or Wrong

Some people debate whether or not the use of a virtual girl to catch online predators is the right path to take. The fact that these volunteers were able to catch thousands of potential predators in just under 3 months is truly remarkable. If we begin applying this virtual child as a full time predator catcher, we will be able to put a lot more sexual predators behind bars. Video chat sites are slowly integrating this type of technology every single day in hopes of chipping in and making this world a safer and more enjoyable place.

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4 Reasons Why College Students Love Chat Roulette  

College students absolutely love using chat roulette environments on the Internet for numerous reasons. Chat roulette is a type of chat room environment where you can randomly meet strangers from all over the world with the press of a button. The largest chat roulette sites on the Internet have ten’s of thousands of users online at all times, making it easy to find tons of strangers to chat with. College students use these sites for a number of reasons; here are the top 4 reasons why college students love chatroulette sites.


Social Media

Social media has risen to incredible levels in the past decade and almost every single college student in the world has some sort of social media account. Chat roulette sites are basically a form of social media. With college students constantly searching for new and improved ways to meet strangers online, this newer form of connecting with strangers has grown very popular with younger generations.

College students adore the fact that they can turn on their computers and instantly be connected with the entire world. It opens up many doors for the future that awaits them.


Meeting Singles

For most college students, going from one date to the next is an everyday thing. There aren’t very many college students who are in long-term relationships; yet most of them desire that type of love. Random chat sites allow these young adults to meet people in a non-sexual way. Rather than hoping to get into their pants, they can actually bond on a deeper level. Finding their true love becomes a lot easier for them online than it ever could be in a night club.




College is a place for developing skills; one of those skills is marketing. Many students dream big and hope to some day own their own company. With the ability to instantly video chat with thousands of people from all over the globe, it opens up many doors for marketing ideas, products or even inventions that they may have. Cam-to-cam sites can actually allow students to make tons of money simply by advertising their ideas to tons of people at no cost.


Spending Some Extra Time

When all of the studying and partying is over, students normally have a lot of time on their hands. Many of them turn to hobbies but in some cases, they turn to drugs and alcohol. With video chat sites, students can spend their extra free time without getting into bad habits. They can just sit down and make new friends while chatting about topics that truly interest them. It’s a great way to spend some time without it being a bad thing.

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How video chat sites are booming in popularity

Video chat sites have grown enormously over the span of 5 years. It all started back with Chatroulette that launched the random cam craze. Now, this trend is still growing and people from all over the world are joining in on the fun. Cam-to-cam sites make it easy for people to form connections, build solid friendships and even find true love. It’s no wonder that this type of chat room environment has grown so fast and so big. This year has seen the most amount of growth and that is because the new types of chat environments that have been added to the mix. Lets take a look at some of the new major chatting environments that have been added.

Live Girls on Cam


For years, random cam sites have been filled with guys online and all those guys seemed to be looking for girls. However, many video chat sites have fixed that problem by adding live girl cams to the mix. With live girls on cam, you can enjoy watching only hot girls online and you never have to run into guys on cam ever again. It’s simple, fast and most of these sites give out this service for free.

Live cam girls are fun because they love getting down and dirty. Most of the girls in these cam shows are naughty and just want to have some fun with some random strangers. Even porn stars use this service to grow their fan base. So give these live cam girl sites a try and you never know who you will meet next.

Gay Cams


Gay cams are also a new addition to the world random chat. Now, you can enter an area where only hot gay guys hang out. You will be able to meet tons of hot guys without ever having to view girls on cam. This is extremely addictive and the gay community loves using these sites. You can sit down for a nice chat with guys that you plan on becoming friends with or you can search for true love and find it almost instantly.

The gay cams are sort of like cam girl sites where you can watch their live shows for free and enjoy seeing their naughty selves go at it on cam.

Multiple Cam Chat Sites

Last but not least is the vast amount of multiple cam chat sites. These are often called cam4 sites because you can chat with up to 4 different people on webcam at the same time. These sites are awesome because rather than being face to face with just one person, you get to have a party right there on your computer screen. These multiple live cam sites are awesome and they allow you to meet a lot more people than any other type of random chat site.

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List of 7 Tips that will get you Laid Online  

Finding love on the internet isn’t always easy. There are tons of online dating sites, but most of them cost quite a lot of money in the long run. Also, dating sites require you to send messages to tons of users and then wait for them to respond. Rather than using dating sites, why not take a ride on the wild side and give live cam sites a try? Here are 7 tips that will help you get laid online by using live cam sites.


  1. Don’t ever use live cam sites in the dark. When you turn your webcam on in the dark, nobody will want to watch your cam and everyone will “next” you. Turn on the lights or even use a small lamp next to where you’re sitting. Even if it’s a small light; a bit of light is way better than no light at all.
  2. If you’re a girl, wear some make up. Make yourself look sexy and wear some hot clothes. If you’re a guy, you should wear good looking clothing, but don’t go naked on cam. Naked guys are all over the place; you’re goal is to stand out from the crowd, not look just like everyone else.
  3. Be sincere with the users you meet. Don’t make up false personas or act like a know-it-all. Be yourself and be sincere if you want to get the most attention. Most of the time, the most regular people get the most attention when using live cam sites. Talk about your everyday activities, what makes your day and mention your hobbies.14
  4. Just like on real dates, ask the other person about themselves. Ask them what they like to do, what turns them on and what makes them smile. Ask them about their families and how long they have been using live cams. Really getting to know the other person is a wonderful way to make strong connections.
  5. When the time is right, mention that you have been single for a while. Then ease into the fact that you have blue balls. You don’t need to be direct about it, but little hints that you’re horny can go a long way. The other person may say that they are in the same position.
  6. Compliment the other person. Think about how they feel and make them feel special. When using live cams, you will want to make them feel unique. There are thousands of people online at all times, so you want them to feel like they are the only person you want to watch.
  7. Getting laid online requires a little bit of guts. You will probably need to make the first move. When you find someone that you really connect with, ask them if they have ever done this type of thing before. It’s a great way to open the door towards conversing about it. Once you’ve determined that the other person is willing to give it a try, take your top off and enjoy the ride.


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Growing Your Website with the Addition of a Video Chat Feature

Social and interactive websites have enjoyed a huge surge of traffic in recent years, especially sites which offer video roulette and chat room services. Socializing online is now the preferred method of interacting with people and chat rooms allow users to interact with others from all over the world. Websites which feature a video or text chat service are more likely to appear higher in search rankings than competitor sites which have no form of socializing on them.

The importance of driving traffic to your website is more important than ever and with so much competition on the internet, keeping one step ahead of your rivals can be the difference between success and failure. By providing a popular feature on your website that others don’t have you can gain a spike in user traffic, rise in the search rankings, and enjoy a successful website.


It may surprise you to know that roulette chat sites receive traffic that is comparable to social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. It is a well-known fact that by providing a link to these popular social media sites can help increase traffic on your website. This is why almost every site you visit has a social media banner with the option to ‘like’ or ‘share’ a snippet of information and help spread the popularity of the site.

Embedding a chat room or video chat option on your website can provide similar results to having a social media banner. If you have a webcam chat feature on your site, when the thousands of people who search daily type it into a search engine your website will appear, offering you a whole new market share of internet users. On top of this other users who frequent your site will appreciate a new feature and will spread the word, meaning a huge surge in traffic.

Chatrandom, the most popular chat site on the internet with over 60,000 user every day, are now offering the opportunity for webmasters to place the features on their websites. This is a new and exciting idea which can provide a unique aspect to many websites. The features are simple to implement onto a site with code automatically generated based on preferences and then simply copy and paste. Within seconds it is possible to gain an edge on your site.

images (1)

There are four chat applications to choose from; Roulette Chat, Gay Roulette Chat, Chat Rooms, and Cam4 Multi Chat, making it easy to find the application most suited to your website. Beyond this each application comes in ten different languages, allowing you to appeal to everyone around the world. There is no charge for placing an application on your site so it is a win-win situation.

In today’s world, having the edge over you competition in the battle for ranking and traffic is essential and by placing a chat application on your website you will be providing your users with a fun and popular way to socialize with others. Why not give it a try and watch your number of users grow and grow!

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