New Security Measures at ChatRandom –Fake Cam Blocking Now in Place

ChatRandom is a meeting place for hundreds of thousands of individuals every single day. With so many people on this one single website, there are sure to be users that want to do wrong onto others. Many people use ChatRandom for the wrong reasons; they display fake webcam streams and attempt to get you naked or even blackmail you.

This will No Longer be an issue!

The founder of ChatRandom knows how valuable your safety is. In fact, the entire team has brainstormed ways to add to your level of protection while using this site. This brainstorming brought about a new security measure that has just recently been placed on the site.

Now, fake webcam streams are instantly detected and banned from ChatRandom whenever they are used. This includes users that display fake webcams using software tools that are designed for that purpose.


For those of you that are wondering how this will help increase the safety at ChatRandom, keep reading. The number one safety issue while using ChatRandom is caused by trolls. Trolls are basically individuals that use software tools to display fake webcam streams rather than displaying their own webcam stream.

These software tools allow the trolls to appear as anyone they want. Now, some people use these tools for fun such as pretending to be celebrities or simply to get a few laughs, but some use these tools to blackmail other users.

Trolls use fake webcam streams to display hot girls getting undressed and they record your live stream. If you happen to get undressed, they will then ask you for your Facebook details so that you can keep in touch. Once you provide the troll with your details, they will then reveal their true identity. They normally threaten to share the video of you naked with all of your Facebook contacts unless you pay them money.

Alright, so how do you avoid getting caught by trolls? That’s now easier than ever before; use ChatRandom.


ChatRandom’s fake cam blocking technology prevents trolls from being able to display fake webcam streams. This is a wonderful addition to the site that should have been added years ago. Now when you see a person on cam, you can be sure that it’s the actual person that you’re talking with.

The community at ChatRandom is now a lot safer due to this fake cam blocking technology. Making this site a safer place is so important to the team and we believe that we’ve finally become the safest adult random cam site on the internet.

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10 Creative Signs to make that will Capture the Attention of Other Users

Many people don’t think of creative ways to capture the attention of other users while on random cam sites. Since it’s so easy to move onto the next person, only those who are instantly captivating will get the attention of other users. This makes it highly important for you to attract the users that see your cam immediately. The use of signs is a great way to do this. Making signs of all sorts will get people interested in sticking around for a while longer. Here are 10 creative signs to make that will capture the attention of other users.


  1. Make a sign that simply says hello. Write down something like “Hello, my name is…”. This will normally get some people interested in talking with you.
  2. Make a sign that mentions something you like. For instance, if you’re a huge football fan and you love the San Diego Chargers, make a sign that says something along the lines of “I’m a Chargers fan, what about you?”
  3. Assuming that the other users don’t already know this, make a sign that indicates which sex you’re interested in talking with. If you’re a boy looking for girls, write that down. If you’re a boy looking to talk with other boys, write that down.
  4. Get creative and write something down that will get people scratching their heads. For instance, you could write something like “My dog just ate my last bag of Skittles and now he’s shitting rainbows.”
  5. Make a sign about a symbol. An example of this would be the infamous “shocker” symbol or even the peace symbol. Add this to your sign and many people will comment about it.
  6. Make a sign that states how long you’ve been online for. Keep updating it and if you happen to see the same person twice, that person will definitely find it funny.
  7. Make a sign that has tons of pictures. If you can draw at a kindergarten level, you can definitely make a sign with pictures. No matter how badly you suck at drawing, this is a great way to get people laughing.
  8. Make a sign that indicates your age and general location. Don’t actually give out your precise address, but the state you live in works well. This will capture the attention of people that are either the same age as you or those that live in your region.
  9. If you’re artsy enough, make a 3D sign. No matter what the sign is about, everyone will think a 3D sign is awesome.
  10. Make a sign that has tons of quotes on it, or even just one really cool quote. Quotes capture people’s attention so this tends to work wonders on cam sites.
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Top 7 Tips for Luring People to Your Webcam

The number one thing that most random cam users complain about is not being able to lure people to their webcam long enough to hold a discussion. This problem is an issue that can easily be resolved by using various luring techniques. That’s right, just like when you go fishing, you’ll need to lure the other users to your cam. Once they are lured to your cam, you’ll then be able to get them hooked by chatting them up. Here are 7 tips for luring people to your webcam.

1.       If you look attractive, good for you; it will normally work well for luring people to your webcam. However, if you don’t look like Brad Pitt or Megan Fox, try getting dressed up to make yourself look the best you can. Wearing makeup or even wearing new clothes will normally help you out a lot.


2.       Using old webcams will give you poor results. Old webcams have terrible video output resolutions. Opt for a newer webcam with HD streaming qualities. This will normally lure tons of additional people to your webcam.


3.       Don’t smoke on cam. Sure you may be a heavy smoker that goes through 3 packs a day, but nobody likes watching another person smoke on cam. If you want to smoke, leave the cam for 5 minutes and come back when you’re done. You’ll avoid turning off the other users.


4.       Being different is so important on random cam sites like Chatrandom. If you’re just another brick in the wall, nobody will feel the need to stick around for a chat. Dress differently, talk differently and behave differently from all of the other users. You’ll instantly notice more people finding you interesting.


5.       Be quick about getting the conversation off the ground. Too many random cam users just sit around waiting for the other person to start talking first. Don’t ever leave the opening line up to the person you’re matched with. If you wait too long, you’ll get nexted. Instead, start talking as soon as you see the other person on your screen.


6.       Put some music on in the background. This will not only set the mood and tone for your conversation, but you will also be sharing your interests without even saying a word. As soon as someone recognizes one of the songs you’re listening to, they will want to talk about it.


7.       Be your crazy self; don’t be your boring self. Random cam sites are an excellent place to let the crazy within you loose. Leave your boring work self at work and act like you’re alone in your bedroom. Dance, sing and do whatever comes to mind; people will definitely find you interesting.

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ChatRandom: Still Growing and Climbing the Ranks of the Random Cam Industry

Major improvements over the past year have made ChatRandom a true leader in the random cam industry. Right up there with Omegle, ChatRandom is one of the household names when it comes to video chatting online. Many would think that reaching the top would be enough, but the owners of ChatRandom are far from slowing down. The ranks are still being climbed and the goals are very clear.


With 2014 being freshly started, it’s important to start off the year with some punch. For this reason, ChatRandom has been getting involved in many projects that will eventually help boost traffic and bring thousands of more daily users to this website. The goal of this isn’t like other websites. Most websites on the internet aim to boost traffic in order to make more money off of advertising. ChatRandom’s goal is to boost traffic so that you get more people to talk with online. With more people, your chances of seeing the same person twice are reduced even more.

The main objective for this website isn’t to become the great random cam site of all time; it’s to become the great chat site of all time. That means that ChatRandom’s owners won’t stop moving forward until they reach a Facebook-like popularity. This means only great things will come during the following years. With high hopes of becoming the number one chat site on the internet, the owners of this site are developing new features that will simply blow your mind.


Talks of a mobile app that will also allow you to video chat with strangers on the go are no longer in the talking stages; they are actually being built. Once ChatRandom launches their mobile phone app, they will become the first website to ever create a video chatting environment with complete strangers for mobile phones.

Personalized touches are also being thought of for ChatRandom which will enhance the user experience more than ever before. If you’re a true random cam fan, you will love watching this site during the following months. With major changes still to come and additions to the site that will revolutionize the world of random webcam chats, you will never want to use another random cam site ever again.


For 2014, ChatRandom aims to surpass the only random cam site that sits above them; Omegle is currently the top ranked random cam site in the world, but ChatRandom is only a few steps behind and catching up rapidly.

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What’s to Come for ChatRandom in 2014

ChatRandom has had one of the best years ever in 2013, but this doesn’t mean it’s going to slow down. With 2014 just around the corner, the owners of ChatRandom are hard at work to come up with tons of new ways to attract even more users and to keep the current users attracted to this website. Many new upgrades and additions are to expect for 2014.


Plans for a mobile friendly version of ChatRandom as well as developing and iPhone app are being discussed. This app is still in the blueprints stage, but the owners of ChatRandom are hard at work on it with hopes of developing the first random cam app that allows video capabilities via smartphones. At the moment, Omegle is the only other random cam site to have a mobile friendly version and it is for text chat only. As 2014 progresses, you should hear much more about ChatRandom’s phone app and how it will be an innovation of the year.

Expansion is the key to success for any business and ChatRandom is constantly expanding. In 2014, ChatRandom plans on continuously expanding in order to allow the pool of users to be available from several different websites. By sharing the users with the users of other random cam sites, the amount of online users at any given moment is constantly impressive. What this means for you is that you will get more people to chat with and you will never see the same person twice.

2013 was a big year for ChatRandom because near the end of the year, 100K users were online at the same time for the first time ever. Since that happened, it has occurred again on numerous occasions. ChatRandom has a goal for 2014 and that is to keep the average amount of online users above the 100K line at all times. It won’t be easy, but with the constant growth, it is definitely possible.


Many upgrades have been performed during 2013 such as the addition of bigger and better servers, a new logo & design change as well as the addition of a line of funny t-shirts. It’s impossible to know all of the upgrades and additions that will occur in 2014, but the owners and the entire ChatRandom team are hard at work to bring you the best random cam site on the internet.

Stay posted and keep coming back to see all of the new changes and additions at

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Why Random Video Chat is Not Available for Mobile Yet?

Video chat online is one of the most used environments on the web. Along with social networking, random cam sites are the most popular websites online. Now that smartphones are very affordable and everyone seems to have one, many people have been asking why there isn’t a Chatroulette mobile phone app on the market yet. Chatrandom mobile apps are currently undergoing construction and should be available later this year and at the very latest in the beginning of 2014. However, there are reasons why it has taken so long to create a Chatrandom mobile app.

Among all of the random cam sites on the internet, the only website to have developed a mobile phone application is Omegle. To be honest, their app doesn’t do so good because it is only for text chats and there is no possibility of having actually video sources. This makes the Omegle app quite boring and most users prefer going directly through their computers in order to get the best experience available. The reason why Chatroulette mobile phone app doesn’t exist yet is because of a few complications and restrictions that make it quite difficult to get accepted in app stores.

Most app stores for mobile phones, especially with Apple, have adult content restrictions. When creating a mobile phone application, there must be absolutely no adult content in order to be accepted into the app stores. This makes it very difficult for us to bypass these restrictions. On top of that, Flash is not supported by Apple which is the essential tool required to have access to random cam sites. Nonetheless, we are working long hours every day in order to get past these difficult restrictions so that you can benefit from a Chatrandom iPhone application.

11.3 boundaries

At the moment we are working on a Chatroulette iPhone application that will be able to bypass the adult content restrictions as well as being able to function without the need for Flash. However, this may take much longer than the other versions that we will be releasing later this year. For Androids and other smartphones we are planning on launching our mobile compatible version of Chatrandom so that you can bring the fun with you on the go.

12.2 images

We know how important smartphones are in modern day and we want to provide our users with the absolute best simplicity. Since many of our users can’t spend a single minute without being in front of their webcam with strangers, we want to provide you all with an app that will allow you to random chat with strangers everywhere you go. Whether you want to use Chatrandom in waiting rooms, in cars or even during your breaks at work, our app will let you do this.

Once we achieve our goals of creating a Chatrandom iPhone app, we will become the first website in the random cam industry to create a mobile app with video functions. We are currently working with a 3rd party browser to attempt and create such a solution for your needs.

12.3 images

Our goals are precise and we want to provide you with this application as fast as possible so that you can appreciate our website on the go. We will definitely keep you posted on updates and facts that are related to this mobile app. Before actually launching the mobile app we will share screenshots and features with you so that you can know exactly what to expect.

Our plans for becoming the best random cam site on the internet will only grow immensely after our mobile phone app’s launch so you can trust that we are putting lots of effort into bringing this to all you.

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The Social Impact of Sites Like Chatrandom

Society is far from being perfect and the internet has helped many societal restrictions to become less important in our lives. For instance; people who wish to walk around their front yard without any clothes on is considered to be illegal. However, take the same naked person and place them in front of a webcam online and it’s considered to be normal. The social impact that sites like Chatrandom have on our world are immense and most of use don’t even take the time to notice it.

11.1 090831212951-large

With such a great reputation online, the social impact of Chatrandom is huge. It no longer takes great skills, charm and amazing looks in order to have sexual fun. With video chat sites almost anyone can interact sexually with other people. These interacts are often made between complete strangers who would have probably never even said hello to each other in the real world. So what does Chatrandom and other random video chat sites do for society? These sites remove the boundaries and limitations that we have implemented on ourselves.

11.2 boundary

Thousands of years ago, mankind decided that our genitals should be hidden. These people decided that our natural given body was not to be seen by others. Chatrandom is a pioneer who changed this logic that has been around for thousands of years. Alright, doing your groceries butt naked is still unacceptable, but getting naked in front of millions of people on the internet is no longer a problem. That is a huge impact on society because Chatrandom and other video sites are allowing people to accept their bodies and show them off.

The rules of society don’t apply on random cam sites. Social networking through video cam sites allows every type of person to meet people with ease. Many people have anxiety and panic attacks when it comes time to approach the other sex. Many boys can’t build up the courage to ask a girl out on a date. Chatrandom makes it easy for boys and girls to talk with the other sex without the need for anxiety. It has been proven that those who had anxiety attacks while talking with the other sex in real life were much less prone to attacks while doing so through webcam interactions.

The ability to make true conversation with real people allows users to practice for real life experiences. For instance; a boy who is still too shy to walk up to a girl for a conversation in real life can practice talking to girls on Chatrandom. This allows the boy to have conversations with real girls all the time so that when the time comes to be courageous and same something to a girl in real life, it becomes much easier to do.

11.3 boundaries

The societal impact created by websites like Chatrandom is incredible. Although many people won’t see the direct impact, it is truly there. Chatroulette sites allows people to act free from judgement, free from scares of being ridiculed and free from anxiety attacks. When using online video chat sites to socialize, anything is possible. You can even meet rock-stars or your favorite celebrities. The impact is very apparent and affects every single one of us.

11.4 500_selfcontrol


Links to Studies:

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Has the Random Chat Industry Peaked or is it Still Growing?

Random cam sites have been around for a few years now and normally, websites are determined to be ‘hit & runs’ or long term sites after roughly 4 years of operation. Normal ‘hit & run’ websites will begin experiencing huge drops in traffic after their initial boost. Although these websites may get 20 million viewers per month during the first couple of years, they most likely never get the same type of success ever again. If you’re a random chat fan, you have nothing to worry about. Although is failing, it has nothing to do with the random cam industry and most of the other video chat sites like Chatrandom are experiencing immense amounts of growth.

Chatroulette is without a doubt the most popular random chat website on the internet because it’s the website that received the most media coverage. However, this doesn’t make it the best of its kind and many other competitors like Chatrandom have brought new and better features to the table. With new and improved features, the founders of Chatroulette had no way of succeeding unless they too brought new and even better features. However, Chatroulette only brought their users new rules and restrictions. Since most people enjoy using random cams for nudity and adultery, Chatroulette lost many of its users.

Site like Chatroulette became more attractive to most users and this created great amounts of traffic for Chatrandom and other niche random video chat sites. As Chatrandom continued providing its users with better features such as the girl only cams, the cam4 chat and the lack of restrictions, it continued to grow. To this day, Chatrandom is still growing and it’s growing at extremely rapid speeds. Even though the initial boost of traffic that was received about 3 – 4 years ago is over, more and more people still visit random cam sites. There are a few reasons for this.

The number one reason why Chatrandom and other sites like Chatroulette won’t be going anywhere anytime soon is because people need human interactions. Many people get bored when at home and simply don’t have the energy or time to get dressed and go out to a bar or nightclub. However, Chatrandom brings users the ability to meet new people and have human interactions from the comfort of their own living room. You can lie around in your bed and have virtual sexy fun with another person who is half way across the globe. This ease of access to other cultures, new languages and completely different lifestyles brings the world close together. We as humans, need this type of social interaction. Rather than going downwards, people will only keep socializing more and more which makes the need for Chatrandom and other sites like Chatroulette to keep growing.

Chatrandom is basically a better social network than the available networks on the internet. Although Chatrandom will never replace Facebook, it gives users a similar type of human interaction. With Chatrandom you get to actually see the people that you’re talking with. You get to interact in adult manners that would otherwise be considered unacceptable in the real world. You get to have virtual adult pleasures and you get to try out new things without ever being judged.

This world gives users the ability to live free. Everyone loves to socialize with real humans while being able to have fun without being judged. Chatrandom isn’t going anywhere and will continue to experience growth for many more years to come. The fact that internet is becoming more affordable every year makes Chatrandom and other sites like Chatroulette very cheap to use. These sites become cheaper to use than actually making phone calls; plus you never know who you will meet online.


Chatroulette studies:

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Why Celebrities Love Chatrandom & Other Random Chat Sites

Celebrities are human, yet their lives revolve around hiding from fans, paparazzi and others who can make their lives a living hell. Although most celebrities love their fans, it becomes difficult for them to connect with fans directly without having cameras and photographs taken. Celebrities want to be just like the average Joe and Chatrandom gives them the ability to do so. Celebrities on Chatrandom get to personally connect with their fans without having to worry about their safety and without having to worry about getting bombarded by paparazzi.

9.1 orig-17533561

Although the chances of you meeting a celebrity on Charoulette sites are slim, many people have spotted big named celebrities on Chatrandom and other random video chat sites. Paris Hilton, Justin Bieber and even the Kardashians have been seen on Chatrandom. There are many reasons why celebrities enjoy using these random cam sites and the biggest reason is so that they get to feel human again. From the moment celebrities become popular, the entire world only sees them as what their known for. Paris Hilton for instance was born into riches and never got to live an average life. With Chatrandom, celebrities get to see what it’s like to converse with regular people in a relax environment.

9.2 hqdefault

Celebrities spend their days with other celebrities and this makes for “unhuman” conversations. Obviously these people are human, but their lifestyles involve flying on private jets, having their names chanted by thousands of people during shows and even sipping thousand dollar bottles of wine on their yachts. Chatrandom celebrities get to disconnect from the A-list lifestyle and get to be normal again. Having normal conversations with normal strangers rather than spending their days with other celebrities is exactly what celebrities love about Chatroulette sites.

Celebrities on Omegle and other Chatroulette sites don’t want to be bombarded by questions and screams. What they’re looking for is a normal conversation like you would have with your buddies. If you happen to see a celebrity on a Chatroulette site, act normal. Don’t go crazy on them and bombard them with questions or you’ll most likely get nexted. Try to hold a regular conversation so that Chatroulette celebrities can enjoy their stay on our site. This will make it more likely for them to come back to Chatrandom, thus you’ll have more chances of seeing celebrities again in the future.

When browsing cams make sure that you are very attentive to who is on their webcam. You never know when you may land on a celebrity’s webcam. If you do, remain calm and stay cool. Although they want to interact with random strangers and feel appreciated by their fans, they also want you to have normal conversations with them. Try to record the webcam conversation if you do have one with a celebrity so that you can share the moment with others and tell them about how great Chatrandom truly is. Enjoy the moment and keep coming back to Chatrandom in hopes of finding even more celebrities on our random cam site. Whether it’s Justin Bieber, Paris Hilton, Snoop dogg or any other artist or celebrity, be respectful and you’ll get to talk with them for a nice moment.

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