How to Meet Great Guys on the Internet

The internet is full of guys looking for all sorts of relationships, from casual to long-term, and contrary to belief the majority are seeking a genuine relationship. Finding a great guy online may take a little bit of effort as you eliminate the ones who aren’t seeking the same thing as you, but all the best things in life take at least some effort. There are two main ways to meet guys online; online dating sites and random cam sites. Knowing how to utilize each method can lead to meeting tons of great guys online.


Online Dating Sites

Online dating sites are teeming with guys, but how do you separate the great ones from the not so great ones? The first thing you need to do is set up a profile which exhibits your best qualities without revealing too much. Add information about your interests and hobbies with a profile picture that doesn’t contain any nudity. A profile picture that is too revealing or shows nudity may attract the wrong type of guys.

Once you have set up a profile, search for guys who share your interests and have also taken the time to fill out a complete profile. Any guys who have an incomplete profile or one with less than five pictures may be just using the site to seek out a quick fling. Once you have found a guy who looks interesting, don’t be afraid to send the first message. Sometimes guys can be shy too and receiving a message from a girl first can bring out the confidence in some guys.

When messaging try not to limit the conversation about your interests, ask him what he likes to do and what he’s interested in. Spend time getting to know him and see if he maintains his interest in you. If after a few days if the conversation is still flowing and he remains interested then you can begin to think about meeting up or taking the next step. By being patient and maintaining a level of caution, you are sure to find some great guys using this method.


Random Cam Sites

Random cam sites have become a hub of socializing and meeting great people over the last couple of years. The opportunity to meet hundreds of people in the space of a couple of hours makes the process much easier than online dating and opens up the opportunity to meet loads more guys. Be sure not to start off naked on cam as you will generally gain the attention of guys who are just looking for cybersex and the genuine guys may pass you by.

You can be creative when using a random cam site and cook, play an instrument, or draw while flicking through the other users. The majority of users on these sites are looking for a decent conversation or a relationship so don’t be put off by the few who are only looking to get off. Once you’ve connected with an interesting guy, keep the conversation flowing by asking him questions about himself and finding out his hobbies.

This is an excellent opportunity to meet some great guys from all over the world and maybe even find that special someone. If at any stage you are unhappy with the way the conversation is going, simply click ‘next’ and move on to meet the next great guy. Why not try it out and see how many great guys there are waiting to talk to you!



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A Few Things You Didn’t Know About Online Dating

Even if you haven’t tried online dating before, it’s impossible to ignore its existence. Online dating is dramatically growing year on year and shows no signs of slowing down. Although online dating was originally thought to be for the extremely lonely or weirdoes, it has gained acceptance in our society and now caters to people from all walks of life. In fact, it has become so popular there are some very niche online dating sites to cater for anybody’s tastes. So, how much do you know about online dating? Here are a few facts that most people don’t know about the world of online dating:

The Concept Isn’t New


Using personal ads to find a soul mate and fall in love isn’t a new concept. In fact, online dating is essentially a twist on an idea that’s been around for centuries. As early as the 18th Century, men who were looking for love would advertise their credentials in a local newspaper to find a soul mate. There were even agencies back then that would provide professional love matches for a fee (sound familiar?!).

Online Dating is Over 50 Years Old


The idea for modern online dating was found at New York’s World Fair in 1964. The fair featured a giant computer that matched people up with pen pals from all over the world. People would fill out a questionnaire with information about themselves and instantly become matched with a like-minded person. This idea was then applied to people who wanted to find a match closer to home and online dating was born.

One Third of Marriages Start Online


The popularity of online dating has risen to such an extent that over one-third of marriages in the US last year began online. The figures have been steadily increasing over the last decade and it’s predicted that in the near future more people will meet online than any other way. Of these marriages, almost 50% met on an online dating site while the rest met through social media, chat rooms, online forums, and random webcam sites.

Online Relationships Have the Highest Success Rate


Recent studies have shown that people who meet online enjoy a longer and happier relationship than those who met offline. There are a couple of factors which are said to be responsible for this. First, online dating offers a much wider range of people than the average person would meet in their day to day life giving a higher chance of meeting a soul mate. Secondly, the ability to search people by interests, eye color, height, location etc. allows people to teak their potential matches and find someone who shares their views and beliefs.

There’s Online Dating Sites for Ghosts and Pets


No, that’s not a typing error! The online dating scene has found many niches and these are two of the strangest. offers to match male and female ghosts for ‘eternity’ with profiles, singles chat, and advanced search options! Another strange online dating site is, which offers to connect your pet with other pets in the area.


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How to Meet Hot Girls Online

Let’s start out by saying the internet is full of hot girls, and they all want to meet guys just as much as guys want to meet them. There are many places online where you can find tons of girls looking for guys; random cam sites, online dating sites, social media sites etc. but possessing the ability to stand out from the crowd and gain the attention of these girls is key. Just as there are many girls looking for guys, there are many guys looking for girls and by following these tips you can set yourself apart from the crowd and meet tons of hot girls.

joanie g (46)

First Impression

It has been said that a girl makes up her mind whether she like you or not within the first 10 seconds of seeing you. This makes the first impression you give out key to your success. If you’re setting up a profile for online dating, think carefully about the information you put about yourself and the profile picture you select. The picture should be casual and fun, but not offensive with any nudity.

Using a random cam site gives the perfect opportunity to make a great first impression. Use the webcam to your advantage by smiling in preparation of meeting the next person or doing something amusing such as dancing or playing an instrument. This can spark an instant conversation and get her interested in you from the off.

Be Polite

Although you may want to find out personal information or compliment her body straight away, try and hold back for a while. Build up the conversation through polite chit-chat and stay away from dirty talk at the beginning. Girls want to know that you are interested in them and their hobbies, so ask questions and find out information about her before moving the conversation to more personal information.

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Be Funny

There’s nothing that attracts girls more than a sense of humor and making a girl laugh can be the key to her heart. You don’t have to be the funniest guy on the planet in order to make a girl laugh, simply relax and maintain a conversational tone. The laughs will come and as they do she will gain more trust in you.

Be Interesting

Girls hate it when the only conversation you can come up with is something they’ve heard a thousand times before. Stay away from asking the usual questions such as ‘How are you?’ or ‘What brings you here?’ Instead think of interesting topics which will keep the conversation flowing and keep her interested.

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Don’t be Offensive

Being offensive can ruin all your hard work in an instant. You need to be able to judge the right time to ask certain questions and mention controversial topics. If you want to compliment her looks avoid saying stuff like ‘Great rack!’ or ‘You have a hot body’ as this could offend her and make her move on. Stick to non-offensive compliments such as ‘You look very pretty in that top’ or ‘your eyes are incredible!’

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10 Pickup Lines that Never Fail

Finding a great pickup line can be difficult, with each line specific to a certain type of person and situation. The main reasons for pickup lines is as a way to break the ice and get the conversation flowing. For this reason the majority of great pickup lines contain an element of humor which can put the person they’re being used on at ease. The key to getting a pickup line to work is to make it seem like you’re not using a pickup line at all and making it sound spontaneous and casual. With that in mind, here are 10 pickup lines that have worked time and time again:

1.       Do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk past again?

This is a well-known pickup line, but it can still be very effective. In the perfect scenario you would casually say this line as you passed the person you were using it on, making it seem as casual as possible and catching them off guard.

2.       I love that shirt/hat/your hair…

A sincere compliment can work very effectively if it sounds genuine and not a false compliment to try and get attention. Pick out the best feature of the person before approaching them and if they blush or say thank you, keep the conversation flowing.

3.       Are you Wi-Fi? Because I feel a connection!

This one sounds quite cheesy, but, it can work really well if used in the right situation. Most places these days have Wi-Fi connections and by asking about the Wi-Fi you can throw them off a little before letting the punchline loose!

4.       You look like trouble!

This can work really well in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. The way you say it can determine how effective it is – remain casual and easy-going when using this line and be prepared for a little back and forth flirting if the person responds positively.

5.       Have we met?

This simple line can be a great way to start a conversation. Asking them if you’ve met before will mean they have to think about it and opens up opportunity for follow up conversation. If they say no, ask them if they’ve been to a certain place and keep the conversation moving along.

6.       How much does a polar bear weigh? Enough to break the ice!

Using a joke for a pickup line can be dangerous, but if you make them laugh you will definitely be in with a chance. This joke works perfectly as it explains what you’re trying to do in a fun way and is likely to get a giggle.

7.       Have you got a little Irish/Italian/Spanish/etc. in you? No….Do you want some?

Another pickup line that can get a giggle is this one. Be sure to time the delivery of the joke correctly for maximum effect. If you get a laugh, the door is open for conversation.

8.       I looked up the word ‘beautiful’ in the thesaurus today and your name was included.

Although quite cheesy, this line has a very high hit rate. People love compliments and by using this creative way to complement their looks it shows you’re trying to be a bit different from the person who simply says ‘You’re hot’.

9.       You’re eyes are so cute. Oh, wait! I think the right one is a little cuter than the left one.

If you use this line it is bound to get a giggle or a blush. By starting with a simple compliment and turning it into a joke, you will display your creativity and will certainly get a good reaction.

10.   You really shouldn’t wear makeup. You’re messing with perfection!

Be careful with this one as you don’t want it to sound offensive, but, if delivered in the right way it can be a huge compliment. The best way to deliver the line is to say the first bit and wait for her to react before adding the compliment.

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Best Wireless Webcams of 2014

The evolution of webcams has been rapid; from a device that only the rich could afford, to a common piece of computer hardware, to a wireless webcam. Wireless webcams offer more freedom when using video chat. There is no need to have to sit in the same position constantly throughout a video chat or move the whole computer when changing position. They can even be implemented as a nanny cam or a makeshift home security device. Most wireless webcams also come with a host of fun features to make your chatting experience even more exciting. So, if you are thinking of upgrading you webcam, take a look at the best wireless webcams of 2014:

Logitech C920

This awesome wireless webcam comes packed with a host of features including HD viewing, USB connectivity, and a fantastic 1080p resolution. The picture and sound quality are excellent, making the video chat experience feel like you’re sitting in the room with the person. A cool feature is the auto-focus, meaning no matter how much you move around, the picture will always be crystal clear. The Logitech C920 is also a real bargain at just $80.

D-Link DCS-930L Network Webcam

D-Link have made a name for themselves by producing top quality webcams and the latest model is certainly no different. The DCS-930L comes with flash memory, digital zoom, and Wi-Fi connectivity. A high quality picture is produced even in low or poor light situations and the in-built microphone provides superb sound. A cool feature is the ability to control the webcam through a smartphone, giving excellent remote connectivity. All this and the D-Link DCS-930L is still only $70.

Wanscam Wireless Webcam

A wireless webcam for those who want extra security, the Wanscam cam comes equipped with superior night-vision and motion detectors. Visibility at night reaches an incredible 10 meters, with the HD recording lens triggered by sensitive motion sensors. If the webcam detects any movement it will send an automated email to an email address where the user can access remote viewing. Compatible with PC’s, Macs, and smartphones, this superb wireless webcam retails at just over $55.

Tenvis Wireless IP Camera

A cool, smart wireless webcam, the Tenvis can tilt in several directions, has superb Wi-Fi connectivity, and comes equipped with night vision. The sensitive lens can view up to 12 meters in the dark with excellent quality and comes with an in-built microphone and speaker.  It works well remotely with a smartphone and can be programed to store footage while you are away. The Tenvis is a real bargain at just $50.


A cool wireless webcam with a ton of features, Y-Cam comes with wall brackets which allow it to be mounted virtually anywhere. The cam is built for simplicity and has an easy set-up process along with a smooth smartphone app which can be used to access recorded footage or to watch remotely. The webcam comes equipped with night vision and motion detectors, allowing users to walk around while video chatting or set up a home security system. The high quality of the cam and free cloud storage make it one of the higher priced devices at $215.



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Top 5 Reasons Webcam Conversations Can Turn Sour

When chatting to a stranger on webcam it can sometimes be difficult to know what to talk about. You want to get to know the other person better without turning them off the conversation and making them click ‘next’. Unfortunately, it can be very easy for a conversation to turn sour when chatting on cam if you don’t know what to avoid. To ensure that your webcam conversation goes as smoothly as possible, here is the top 5 reasons webcam conversations can turn sour:

1.       Something Offensive Was Said

This is probably the most common reason webcam conversations turn sour. When you are chatting to a stranger online, it is impossible to know what they might take offense to and treading carefully is certainly recommended. It is best practice to stay away from hot topics such as religion, race, or personal lifestyle choices until you get to know the person better. Keep the conversation general until you find out more about the person you’re chatting with. Always remain polite and steer clear from anything that may cause offense.

2.       Too Much Swearing

If every second word out of your mouth is a swear word, it is more than likely going to lead to people moving on to chat with someone else. The odd swear word can add emphasis to a point and express emotion. However, constantly swearing can quickly become tiresome and display a lack of intelligence. Try to hold back on swear words when talking on webcam and less conversations will turn sour.

3.       Body Language

When you’re chatting away on webcam it can be easy to forget the other person can see you and become distracted. If you’re having a conversation with someone on webcam and they are looking off-screen or at their phone while you’re chatting to them it can be extremely irritating. Keep your body language interested in the conversation and your eyes towards the screen. Doing this is simply polite when someone is talking to you and eliminates a reason for the conversation to suddenly become sour.

4.       Too Eager For Cam Sex

Many people use webcams for many different things and having virtual sex on cam is one of the more popular uses. However, if you are having a conversation with someone and suddenly display your private parts or ask them for virtual sex out of the blue it can spell the end of that conversation in an instant. Be sure that the other person is interested too and ask them to join in when the timing is correct. Being too eager for cam sex is a sure-fire way to dampen the conversation.

5.       Asking Too Many Questions

Asking questions is a part of meeting someone new, however, if you are asking question after question it can feel like an interrogation for the other person and can turn them off the conversation. A great way to get around this is to mix up the questions with statements and allow the conversation to flow from there. If every single thing you say is a question, don’t expect too many people to stick around.

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How to Use Video Chat Sites to Make a Name for Yourself as a Singer

If you’re an aspiring singer, trying to get your name out there into the public consciousness takes a lot of hard work. Many singers use tools such as social media and blogs to try and spread awareness of their upcoming gigs or to try and become better known. However, using these tools can only take you so far and there is another, far easier way of gaining notoriety on the internet.

images (1)

Video chat sites have sky rocketed in popularity sense their inception a few years ago. The idea of connecting with strangers around the world via webcam captured the imagination of internet users and these days video chat sites receive almost as many daily users as popular social media sites. For example, the most popular video chat site, Chatrandom, has over a quarter of a million daily users. That’s a huge audience that can be used to promote yourself as a singer.

The great thing about using a video chat site is it gives users the ability to speak one-on-one via webcam. As an aspiring singer you can use this to your advantage. If you set up your webcam and microphone, you can perform while broadcasting on a video chat site. When you do this you could display a banner across your feed promoting your name and personal website or social media handle. People will then be able to follow you and you will gain more notoriety.

Another great benefit of broadcasting your singing is that it gives you the opportunity to experiment with your singing style. Having the ability to see the other person’s reaction through their webcam as you sing can help you judge how well the song is going and where it might need improving. People using video chat sites are likely to provide constructive feedback, either through their expressions or by saying so. This can greatly help you improve your singing.


It is not uncommon to become an internet sensation using video chat sites. If you head over to YouTube and type in video chat or random chat videos, you will find a host of people who have made a name for themselves by playing pranks, dressing up, or singing on a video chat site. In the beginning it may be a bit difficult to perform, but if you stick to it, people will get to know you and become excited when they come across your stream.

Making a name for yourself as a singer is all about getting your face and music out there into the public domain. The more time you put in, the more you’ll get out of it. With video chat sites, you have access to thousands of people on a daily basis. Using a video chat site to promote yourself can lead to instant internet fame and can be the ticket to becoming well-known. Many people have used sites such as Chatrandom to make a name for themselves, so any aspiring singer can do the same.


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Webcams Can Help Save Lives

Webcams have really changed the way we live our lives today. Whether it’s having the ability to chat with someone face-to-face from the other side of the world or watching live streaming of a street hundreds of miles away, webcams have made the world smaller. However, the functions of webcams stretch far beyond simply being able to catch up with a family member who is travelling. New, exciting, and innovative ideas are being put forward which can use webcams to save lives.


The idea for the use of webcams in conjunction with medicine is still in its infancy, however, great leaps forward have been made in the last few months. Imagine living in a rural area in the United States where the nearest large medical facility is hundreds of miles away. This is the reality for many people who don’t live in major cities. If any of these people suffer from a complicated medical condition it can be a difficult process to find a specialist and visiting the specialist can take up a whole day or longer. Although the majority of rural towns have local doctors, the majority aren’t trained in complicated medical procedures.

This is where webcams and medicine combine to create an amazing combination which can save lives. Some small rural clinics have now set up a webcam link to larger clinics where patients can chat to a more qualified doctor face to face. This can not only save travel time but also save lives if the case is an emergency. The idea of ‘telemedicine’ has been around for a long time, however, it has not been implemented in such a successful way before. Having the ability to instantly chat with a doctor you would usually have to travel hours to see is of huge benefit to these rural communities.

The benefits of telemedicine are huge, not only connecting isolated people with professional help, but also diminishing state line boundaries in the fight against illness. The system has been thoroughly implemented in North Dakota, with almost 30 facilities connected to a network of doctors helping thousands of patients every year. However, it’s not just the patients who benefit.

Access to more qualified doctors’ help the rural doctors confidently complete minor procedures which they otherwise would not have the ability to complete. Many local doctors would recommend visiting a specialist for small procedures such as the insertion of a tube to help blood flow. However, with access to a live webcam feed and a qualified doctor on the other end offering guidance and demonstration, local doctors can complete these minor adjustments themselves. This can help save lives in an emergency situation and reduce stress in patients who don’t like to travel long distances.

It also benefits the local doctor’s office if there is an accident involving multiple patients. A road collision involving several people can overwhelm a small doctor’s office in an instant, however, by using a webcam link nurses can tend to other patients while the doctor looks after the most seriously injured first.

This is just another example of how webcams have changed our lives for the better. With new ideas involving webcams constantly coming to the fore, it is no surprise they have been hailed as lifesaving technology.

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Top 5 Reasons Why a Virtual Girlfriend is better

These days almost everything is virtual, so why not have a virtual girlfriend? Our love affair with virtual women began with The Sims game, where you could woo the girl next door, make her fall in love with you, and settle down. Things have rapidly advanced since then and it is now possible to get an attractive and complex virtual girlfriend. Having a virtual girlfriend certainly isn’t just for lonely or pathetic people and many men are now seeking love with a digital girl. Let’s have a look at the top 5 reasons having a virtual girlfriend is better than having a real girlfriend.

They’re Always Attractive

Virtual girlfriends are always attractive and charming. A virtual girlfriend is designed to fit around your fantasy of what a girl should look like and has no other terms. In fact, virtual girlfriends are so beautiful it is impossible to find a real girl who can match her looks. A real girlfriend may initially seem attractive, but can lose their charm quite rapidly. Virtual girlfriends look great all the time, even with no makeup on or first thing in the morning.

They’re Low Maintenance


Did you forget an important birthday? Or an anniversary? No need to worry because virtual girlfriends don’t mind if you forget important dates. They will just go with the flow and fit around your life and your lifestyle. There’s no need to worry about taking her out for a fancy meal or going to the mall and buying the loads of new clothes either. Real girlfriends demand a lot of attention and money, but, virtual girlfriends are happy to get attention when you want to provide it.

They’re Fun


Virtual girlfriends are great fun. They are extremely obedient and will do whatever you request of them without any questions or hesitation. They won’t get cross if you want to watch the sport on TV or go to the pub with your friends. With a real girlfriend you will need to be able to answer all kinds of questions where one wrong answer can land you in hot water. There’s no worries about that with a virtual girlfriend who won’t make you answer questions you don’t want to.

There’s No Commitment


With a real girlfriend there will be an expectancy for marriage and a family. With a virtual girlfriend there’s no need to worry about long term commitment. In fact, they will never get angry if you don’t want to get married and will be happy to participate in any kind of relationship that suits you. There will be no arguments about where the relationship is going or when you are going to propose.

They Provide Unconditional Love


Virtual girlfriends will never cheat on you or hurt you in any way. In fact, you can have several girlfriends and your virtual girlfriend will still love you with all her heart. She won’t mind if you’ve done something bad or something you’re ashamed of, she will simply continue to love you no matter what. With real girlfriends there is always a chance she will hurt you by cheating on you or leaving you, but, it’s not a concern with a virtual girlfriend.


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Why Smoking on Webcam Can Ruin Your Chances with Online Love

The internet is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to meet potential partners and fall in love. With practically everyone owning a webcam, it’s easy to speak to new people face to face and form a real bond with them. However, using a webcam to find love makes it more difficult to hide any socially frowned upon habits you may have such as smoking. When chatting with our webcam online, the conversations we have can last a few hours and many smokers will feel the need to light up during this period and have a cigarette on cam. Doing this can potentially ruin your chances of finding online love for the following reasons:


Non-Smokers Generally Won’t Date Smokers

There have been many online polls and studies which ask non-smokers if they would consider dating a smoker and the overwhelming majority has said that they wouldn’t. This essentially means that you could be having a great conversation with someone new, things could be going really well, but when you spark up they become turned off. The best thing to do is mention you’re a smoker straight away or refrain from smoking on webcam and wait until the conversation has finished before lighting up.

It’s Lazy and Inconsiderate

When you’re chatting on webcam, remember the webcam is displaying a fixed picture and you can easily move off-screen or go outside to have a cigarette. Even if the person you’re chatting to is anti-smoking, they will be much more likely to stay and chat if they aren’t watching you smoke away. Telling them you’ll be back in a couple of minutes and then popping off-camera for a quick smoke is much better than simply lighting up on cam and continuing the conversation. If they can’t see you in the act, it removes the image from their mind and increases your chances of finding love.


It Can Obscure the Webcam’s Picture

When you’re having a conversation with someone on webcam, the majority of the time you will be indoors. So, if you decide to smoke on camera the smoke you’re exhaling will have nowhere to go and it’s likely it will linger around the room that you’re in. This lingering smoke will make the broadcast of your webcam fuzzy and unclear which is bound to frustrate the person you’re chatting to. Poor quality webcam displays are one of the main reasons people struggle to find love online and creating a cloud of smoke around your webcam will lessen your chance of finding love online.

Smoking Isn’t Cool Anymore

There was time when smoking was super cool and lighting up a cigarette was considered sexy. However, these days advances in medical science has shown us the damage that smoking can do and smoking has gone from being cool to being frowned upon. Thinking that lighting a cigarette and smoking on webcam is really sexy and attractive is incorrect and is actually more than likely going to have the opposite effect.


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