The Best Random Cam Sites for Making Friends Online

Random cam sites are popping up all over the place, making it extremely difficult to separate the quality ones from the awful ones. Many random cam sites have very little users which makes it incredibly hard to discover new friends and actually get someone to stay on cam long enough to hold a conversation.

It is often the case that you find yourself despising the experience due to the lack of face time with other users but this doesn’t have to be the case! Random cam sites can be a great way to make friends online, it is just a matter of finding the right random cam site. Here are the three best available for making friends online:

Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 6.55.33 PM

Welcome to the magnificent world of Streamberry. This site has a list of features as long as your arm with thousands of people online at any time to increase the chances of finding someone to connect with. The random cam section of the site is great fun with peoples of all backgrounds online, each looking to make new friends online.

Streamberry encompasses a massive fan base on social media networks ensuring there is a broad range of people from all over the world online at any given time. The fact that Streamberry is an institution for its members means they are more likely to put in the effort to get to know you rather than just constantly hitting next. Streamberry’s random cam service is 100% free with no signup required, making it simple to jump right into the action!


FunYo combines the best of other social and random cam sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Omegle and Skype and combines them all to create the ultimate random cam experience. The random cam section comes with options not seen on other similar sites such as the ability to filter users by country. This allows you to find people who hold similar interests as you when embarking on a mission to make new online friends.

You can also the unique FunYo features to play cam roulette with girls only, guys only or gay roulette. This can dramatically increase the chances of meeting someone who has common interests and making new friends. The best thing about FunYo is that it’s absolutely free with no signup and no fees!


Chatrandom is by far the most popular random cam site around with more than 60,000 users online at any given time. Those are some good odds for finding someone who shares similar interests and discovering a new friend. There are no issues with finding someone to chat to on this site within the huge variety of personalities that frequent it.

The speedy connection provided by Chatrandom ensures chatting to someone is a smooth and pleasant process without a jerking connection which can frustrate. Features such as the ability to search by country also make this site excellent for meeting new people. Once again it is totally free with no signup or fees required so you can just jump right in!

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3 Tips to Successfully Flirt with Girls Online

Flirting is a great way to subtly show a girl you are interested in her sexually or romantically. It can be expressed in many ways; through eye contact, body language, tone of voice, smiling, or a combination of these and other behaviors. The key to flirting is to remain playful and not become too serious about it, the more relaxed you are when flirting the more effective it will be. A successful flirtation can make you stand out from the crowd and give you an edge over the competition. The best way to improve your flirting technique is to practice it a lot on girls, learn how to read their mood and react appropriately, know when to be subtle and when to be obvious, and read these 3 tips to successfully flirt with girls online:

Be Positive


The key to flirting is to always remain happy, upbeat, and positive. If you come across as angry, sad, or complain lots when flirting you won’t get much success. When flirting online the chances are you will be chatting with a stranger and making a positive impression can create instant attraction. If you’re using a webcam to chat, keep smiling and laughing when flirting as girls respond to positive vibes. If you’re text chatting use smileys when appropriate to display a positive attitude. Try to make her laugh and keep the conversation easy-flowing and casual.

Tease Her

images (1)

This can be a dangerous flirting technique if executed incorrectly, however, if done in the right way it can work a charm. Teasing a girl is a more obvious sign of flirting, remember that girl you liked when you were 5 and you pushed her in the mud to get her attention? This is essentially the adult version of that, poking fun at her little mistakes in a fun and casual manner. For instance, if she types something incorrectly, you could reply saying she’s an intelligent girl or if she drops something on webcam, you can say she’s a butterfingers. When using this tip be sure that you don’t say anything offensive and don’t constantly tease her. Teasing at the right time in a fun way can lighten the mood and be an effective way of flirting.

Give Her a Nickname


When people are in relationships they give each other nicknames such as ‘honey’, or ‘sweetie’. If you give the girl you’re flirting with a cute nickname she will pick up on the signs of flirting and generally respond with a nickname for you. For instance, if you’re chatting to a girl online and you message her saying ‘So, it looks like you’re playing hard to get’, you can instead use a nickname to make it more appealing and personal ‘So, it looks like Barbie doll is playing hard to get. I love when Barbie does that’. The message instantly becomes more personal and has an element of humor too. Doing this can create a connection between the both of you and is a flirting technique that works very well.

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4 Tips for a Better Group Chat Experience

Group chatting online is becoming one of the fastest growing trends on the internet. Being able to converse with multiple people from all over the world simultaneously is truly exciting. However, many people tend to forget the basic non-written rules of video chatting with strangers. If you want to have a better group chat experience online, you will want to follow the 4 following rules. Doing so will allow the people you’re talking with to actually enjoy talking with you and they will most likely want to stick around for much longer periods of time.

Lower Case Letters


Using lower case letters may seem ridiculous, but it’s important to mention it. Way too many people use capital letters while chatting with strangers and this can often give off the wrong impression. If you want to avoid making the other people think that you are screaming, you should always use lower case letters. Not only do capital letters give off the impression that you are screaming everything that you are saying, but it also makes it incredibly difficult for others to read what you are writing.

Raise Hand to Talk

Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 5.20.02 AM

Joining in on a group conversation is different from chatting with strangers one on one. In group chats, you will normally be a total of 5 individuals chatting at the same time; you and four others. If the chat is vocal, many people will tend to talk at the same time, which can often become confusing. To make it easier for you to know who is talking and to keep the flow of the conversation smooth, you should always raise your hand when you want to talk.

Be Respectful Towards Others


Respecting the people that you are chatting with is extremely important. Cyber bullying and insulting people on the internet is not the way to make friends online. If you want to have a wonderful group chat experience, be polite and use respectful terms while chatting with the other users.

Use Standard Font Families

images (1)

Last but not least, using a regular or standard font-family while chatting with strangers on the internet is of utmost importance. Too many people choose to use odd looking or goofy looking fonts. This makes it incredibly difficult for the other users to read what you are saying. Even though the fonts may look awesome, to the people reading your words, they will only come off as annoying. Your goal shouldn’t be to impress others with funny fonts, it should be to have a nice conversation to make new friends.

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5 Creative Ways to Make People Laugh on Chatroulette Sites

People use Chatroulette sites for many reasons; some are bored, some want to make friends, some like meeting people from other countries, and some just want to make others laugh. There is no better feeling than making someone else laugh, especially when it’s a person you’ve never met before.

Chatroulette sites provide a unique opportunity to spread laughter and with a bit of creativity you can spread joy around the world. Making someone laugh can also be a great way to break the ice and a real conversation starter. Here are five creative ways to make people laugh on Chatroulette sites:

Get Your Pets on Cam


Pets are fantastic and we all love the crazy things our furry friends do. Using your pet to make people laugh can be a great way to break the ice and people will be more likely to stay and have a conversation with you instead of clicking next immediately.

There are many ways you can use your pet to make someone laugh. A close-up of your cat or dog can be very entertaining, especially if they have a funny expression. If your pet can do a funny trick you can show that on cam, such as a cat falling over himself attempting to catch a toy. Even if you have another pet such as a gecko or chicken, the mere presence of such an unusual pet can have people in stiches laughing.



Singing a funny song or a popular song badly will have people doubling over with laughter. Imagine clicking next and up pops a middle-aged man singing a Katy Perry song or someone belting out a side-splitting parody of a famous song. It’s like playing Singstar except with a huge audience!

The best way to make people laugh is to sing a song that nobody would expect you to sing or to create a funny rendition of a well-known song. Being creative by using an instrument will really catch people’s attention and everyone loves a funny version of a song they already know.

Dressing up


This is where you can get really creative and make a hilarious first impression. There are limitless options when it comes to dressing up but the best advice is to try and dress up as someone that is already well-known or go over the top in your costume.

It is always hilarious to see somebody dressed up as someone famous and you can even perform a little act to get a bigger laugh. If you prefer to dress in excess, try wearing too much make-up and experiment to find the perfect combination of hair style and clothes to create an amusing look. Combining a performance or alter-ego when dressing up is bound to make people laugh.

Draw Someone


If you have a talent such as drawing you can use that to make people howl with laughter. Use a drawing to catch their attention when they are connected with you and then you could either have some hilarious drawings lined up to display or offer to draw their portrait. If you are drawing their portrait be sure to warn them it will be a funny picture so you don’t offend anyone.

Use a Funny Video

There are literally thousands of funny videos all over the internet which are bound to make people laugh. If you download software to use a fake webcam it is possible to broadcast these videos to other users of the Chatroulette sites. Combining a video with some funny text can also work brilliantly to get people laughing. Make sure you are responsible when using a fake webcam and don’t use it with bad intentions which can ruin the fun for everyone.

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6 New Funny Random Chat Videos

Random chat sites are the perfect place to pull off a prank and have some fun. Every venture onto the site provides laughter and encounters with some brilliant characters. It provides the perfect way to spend time when you’re bored or in need of some cheering up. You’ll find a huge range of personalities among the thousands of people online at any given time and you’re sure to have a great time. Here are six of the newest funny videos that have been made on omegle.

The fantastic Pervert Pete has released a new video as he tries to get the funniest reactions out of unsuspecting users. In this video he asks if anyone would like to see his wiener before producing……a sausage! The reactions are brilliant when people come face to face with the masked Pervert Pete and some are seriously funny. Oh and keep an eye out for an encounter with Batman!

SSSniperWolf is at it again as she promises a couple of teenagers a peek at her tits if they twerk for her. The teens are only too happy to oblige until the mom walks in and catches them! Cue embarrassment and SSSniperWolf making sure the mom knows why her son is twerking. She ends the video talking to someone who is very excited to be a part of it and has maybe smoked a little too much weed.

Spaz Kid makes his random cam debut in this hilarious video. This father/son duo are the perfect comedy combination as they flirt with girls, wind up guys and generally wind people up. The video and microphone quality are excellent so you can see and hear the comedy in all its glory. Enjoy family comedy at its best!

It’s the one thing that makes people panic on random chat sites; meeting someone who says they know you! This prank involves using a fake video of a girl, guessing people’s location and when it’s right pretending she knows them. The look of fear and surprise when the location is guessed right is brilliant and certainly worth watching.

Next up is the scary clown pranking unsuspecting random cam users. This guy manages to look terrifying at first glance which provides great entertainment in making people jump, scream and shout abuse at him. The music is a little loud to fully hear people’s reactions but you can still see the emotion in their faces when they see the scary clown for the first time. Keep an eye out for the girl who gets so scared she can’t stop crying, great entertainment!

Last up is a video without many views but definitely worth a watch. This guy dresses up as LaToya (badly!) and sings, flirts and argues with people on random cam sites. His impressions are hilarious and the people he meets have some classic reactions when seeing the white makeup all over his face. The video is a great example of the crazy people you meet on omegle. Get ready to laugh!

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How to Stay Current with All of the New Video Chat Site Upgrades

Staying up to date with the latest updates and news in the random cam industry is the best way to be made aware of the new arrivals and changes made. It’s important to stay aware of the latest upgrades so that your experience on cam sites is only the best. When you don’t know about available upgrades or better sites, you’ll be stuck in the same user experience for a long amount of time.

Knowing About New Sites


Knowing about the newest cam site arrivals is extremely easy to do. If you want to have a list of all of the best cam sites on the internet, take a look at a little site called TopCamSites. This site is the best online cam site directory that brings you a current list of all good cam sites. You’ll be able to browse through old and new cam sites as well as check out user reviews, pricing details and much more.

If you want to always know about the latest arrivals or even if you want to know about new sites that will rock your world, you should refer to this blog. We constantly talk about cam sites that are worth using. As long as you return to this blog on a regular basis, you will always be made aware of the best cam sites on the internet.

Knowing About Upgrades


Chatrandom is constantly upgrading and developing new features; in order to know about these upgrades, keep returning to this blog. Some upgrades that are soon to be released include a mobile friendly app for video chatting with strangers as well an anti-troll tool that will warn you when you’re video chatting with someone who is using fake webcam tools.

In order to be the first to know about these upgrades as soon as they are released, keep reading this blog. We update regularly and add new posts as soon as new upgrades have been released.

Knowing About Tips, Tricks and Products

images (1)

If you want to know about specific tips and tricks that are related to the random cam industry, you’ll definitely want to read our blog. We’re constantly adding top ten lists and tricks so that your experience on random cam sites is the best possible. Whether you want to know how to look your best or even if you want to figure out how to save money when going into private shows, our blog posts will make it easy for you.

To make our blog even more interesting, we’re constantly adding funny photos and videos that are related to the random cam industry so that you can really get the best experience possible.

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Looking Good on Webcam During the Summer Season

If you have windows in your home, you’ve probably noticed how nice the weather is getting. In fact, summer is just a few weeks away. That doesn’t mean you have to get off cam sites and go outside to play; you can still enjoy the company of a complete stranger even during the hotter months. In fact, more people enjoy using cam sites during the summer season because this is when most people feel the most confident about their bodies. If you want to feel great about showing your body on cam this summer, follow these tips to look the best you possibly can on cam.

How to look good on cam as a girl

If you want to look attractive on cam, you’ll need to wear makeup. Sure it may sound ridiculous to make yourself look all pretty for some stranger on a cam site, but since most webcams are grainy, your makeup will really make you stand out. Your chances of attracting more guys on cam will increase significantly.


Another tip to look good on cam during the summer season is to wear fewer clothes. Obviously it’s hotter outside so you won’t be prone to wearing a sweater. Nonetheless, the more skin you show, the more guys will be attracted to you. Show off some of the cleavage and put those legs on display. There’s no harm in using your body to look amazing in the eyes of men. If you’ve got a great body, show it off on cam and watch the guys line up to drool at the sight of you.

Finally, you should complete the mix by placing yourself somewhere sunny. Don’t go directly outside because the sun will most likely be too strong and you won’t be visible. However, placing yourself near a window will allow you to glow on cam and guys will really want to get to know you better.

How to look good on cam as a boy

If you’re a guy, you’ll want to show off those abs. Even if you don’t have abs, girls go crazy for guys without a shirt on. Take that shirt off and show the ladies that you’re comfortable in your skin.

download (2)

If you want to go all out, go outside and get a nice tan. Girls really love guys who take care of themselves. Having a nice tan during the summer months will show up on cam and you will definitely get more quality attention by girls on cam.

Wearing a baseball cap is another turn-on for most girls during the summer season. It shows that you love sports or simply that you enjoy being active. It’s a sub-conscience thing, but trust me, it works wonders!

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Which Internet Browsers Perform Best for Video Chat Sites?

When it comes to using your computer to go online, you will normally use a preferred web browser. Almost every single one of us has our own preferences; some of use prefer using the good old Internet Explorer, some prefer Firefox and some may even prefer using Safari. Whether or not a web browser works better than another is truly up to the preferences of the person using the browser, but in the end, most browsers do have their differences. Although most browsers now have tons of similarities such as being able to open up several tabs and being able to add favourite bars, the backend often has some differences. Let’s take a look at how the popular browsers handle video chat sites.

Google Chrome


Google Chrome is the clear leader for most video chat users. This web browser comes equipped with all of the necessary plugins you need in order to get started. However, you may need to update some plugins and extensions such as Shockwave Flash in order to get this web browser to function at its best.

Chrome allows you to place a handy favourites bar right under your navigation bar which makes browsing between your favourite websites easy. With video chat sites, this is a leader because of its lightning fast browsing speeds. If you want a great web browser that delivers, you should definitely add Google Chrome to your arsenal.

Mozilla Firefox


Mozilla Firefox is a handy web browser that gives you tons of extensions and plugins just like Chrome does. However, this web browser has a reputation of being slightly slower than Chrome. Nonetheless, the layout of this browser is easy to understand and it makes browsing between various cam sites simple.

Whether you prefer Firefox over Chrome, or any other web browser, will ultimately come down to personal preferences. In most cases people tend to choose one or the other because of the design layout rather than the performances since both browsers perform similarly.

Internet Explorer


Internet Explorer is standard web browser for all Windows operating systems. It’s the one that most people grew up with and got to know for so many years. However, it’s slowly being pushed under the radar because of the bigger, stronger and better browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

If you choose to use Internet Explorer, you should expect to have to download many plugins and extensions manually. However, the most recent versions of Internet Explorer are catching up with the newer browser. In the end, this browser is still popular, but no longer the leader.



Finally, let’s mention the web browser that is the standard for all Macintosh operating systems; Safari. Safari is a great web browser that gives you simple to use features and tons of included perks. If you own a Mac, you should definitely give it a try before going straight to another web browser’s download page.

Safari is fast and simple to use; the favourites bar is easily accessible and the large tabs makes it easy to browse between many sites simultaneously.

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Will OkHello Work Better than Airtime Did?

Remember back when Shawn Fanning launched the infamous music downloading program called Napster? You most definitely remember back when Sean Parker launched the very popular Facebook. Well these two iconic website developers have joined forces in the past to come up with the terrible Airtime. Airtime was a video chat tool that failed miserably almost instantly. After just a few short weeks, the creators of Airtime lost hope in their site that had received hundreds of millions of dollars in advertising.

6.1 airtime-shawn-fanning-sean-parker

Sean and Shawn are back. They believe that their newest idea will revolutionize the mobile phone world. OkHello is their app and they really wanted to take a different approach with this idea. Rather than spending millions of dollars in advertising, they spent next to nothing. They realized with their previous project that the amount of money you spend towards advertising changes nothing if your idea is boring.

What Makes OkHello Different?

OkHello is nothing like Airtime. Wait, scratch that; it’s exactly like it. The only difference is that it’s made for mobile phones rather than computers. That’s actually a huge difference because there are already tons of video chat sites for computers, but very few video chat apps for mobile phones. OkHello is one of the first of its kind which makes it quite revolutionary and with big names like Shawn Fanning and Sean Parker behind it, it’s bound to be an icon.


So far OkHello has been doing good. It’s not huge, but it’s only been available in the Apple App Store for roughly a month. The app has just recently been launched in the Android Market and is expected to launched in other app stores soon. Although we know for a fact that Shawn and Sean are behind this app, they refuse to admit it. They have decided to go blind with this operation and receive no type of media attention whatsoever. This could either end up hurting them badly or making the app explode later in the future.

OkHello v.s. Airtime

When it comes to deciding whether or not this app will succeed more than Airtime did, it’s quite easy to figure it out. Of course OkHello will do a lot better than Airtime; Airtime failed miserably and even a train wreck would be considered “doing better than Airtime”. That being said, it’s quite obvious that this app will do good. It’s unique and has all of the necessary features bundled into a simple to use GUI. Users have been giving it positive reviews thus far and it’s only getting more and more attention. If you’ve been searching for a good video chat app, check it out; it’s worth the download.

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Best Time of Day to Use Cam Sites

Many people tend to ask what time of day is the best to use cam sites. This is a huge question on everyone’s minds because the time of day can have a huge impact on the amount of online users. With more online users at the same time as you, you will have a lot more diversity and less chances of seeing the same person twice during one cam session. In order to get the best results for your cam site usage you will need to optimize your experience by logging on when there are the most amount of online users. Keep reading to figure out when and why more users tend to be logged on


What is the Best Time Zone to Follow?

In order to figure out which time of day is the best to use Chatrandom we need to first take a look at where most users come from. The country or origin places a huge role in the best time of day to use this site because that will affect the various time zones.

At Chatrandom, the majority of users are from the United States. This means that you should follow those time zones for the best times of the day. For instance; following an EST time zone will give you more chances of finding online users. In general you should adapt your usage to UTC -5 to UTC -8 because those time zones are the ones that most people on Chatrandom live within. However, many users come from Russia and Italy as well. So following those time zones is another option if you live in European countries.


What Time of Day do Most Users Come Online?

Still following the American time zones, most users come online in the early morning, late afternoon and at night. It’s important to note that most cam site users work or have classes during the day. This means that they are normally busy during the early afternoon and just before lunchtime. However, it’s not uncommon for people to login to Chatrandom before going to work or school. This means that many users can be spotted online in the morning.

Nonetheless, the time of day when Chatrandom is the most populated is at night. Between 7pm and 11pm is when you will have the most chances of seeing a record being broken. On some days, the amount of online users can reach 100,000 and more at these peak hours.

If you want to make sure that you use Chatrandom when there is the most amount of online users, you should use it during the night while following North American time zones. This will give you more people online to chat with and you’ll be more likely to find a specific type of person if you’re looking for one.

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