How to Chat Anonymously Online

So you want to meet new people online?

Are you a little shy – do you fear people you know will see you?

There’s absolutely nothing to worry about – we’re going to teach you how to chat anonymously online and chat with strangers every day, without anyone finding out who you truly are.

anonymous webcam chat room tips

Start Slow

The key to meeting people online when you’re shy is to start slow. You can start off in Chatrandom’s Chat Rooms, where you can enter group chat environments. This allows you to sit back and listen in on conversations without having to actually talk. When you feel comfortable, you can begin chatting with the strangers.

  • Tip: To remain anonymous in group chat conversations, use a nickname that has nothing to do with your real name, location or age. Use something completely unrelevant to you.

Begin Interacting

Once you feel comfortable and at ease, begin interacting with the other online users. You should be able to easily join in on the conversations if you have been sitting around for a while listening to what they’ve been saying. More often than not, the people will welcome you and make you feel at ease since that’s the point of group chat rooms; to have many people chatting together.

  • Tip: Don’t be rude and don’t flood the chat room. You don’t want the others to feel annoyed by your presence. Interact in the same way as you would in regular group conversations. 

Ready to Cam

When you begin feeling extremely comfortable with group chat conversations, you can then move into one of our webcam chat rooms. These rooms are really the best; you get to meet people randomly online just as you would in real life. While cam chat rooms may seem less anonymous, there are a few ways for you to avoid being recognized.

  • Tip: To remain anonymous when using your webcam to chat with strangers online, begin by hiding your face. Place your webcam so that users only see the rest of your body, but not your head. This will allow you to talk to strangers without them seeing who you really are.
  • Tip: Chatrandom makes it easy for you to view people from different countries. If you really don’t want people you know to find you on our webcam chat site, simply choose to view users from other countries. For instance, if you’re from USA, pick a different country such as Canada and you will only meet people from Canada. This makes it impossible for people in your area to find you.

New Version of Cam4 Chat Launched Earlier This Week

As promised, with the addition of our new servers that can handle massive amounts of online users, we’re bringing you tons of upgrades at Chatrandom. We’ve started with Cam4 Chat which has become one of the most popular extra features that we have. It’s a unique concept and we believe it should receive much more attention and TLC than we previously gave it. So we’ve upgraded the entire feature in order to make it more appealing to users, easier to use and way more interesting.

The new Cam4 Chat feature looks awesome. There’s no other way to put it. For those of you that aren’t familiar with our Cam4 Chat feature, it basically allows you to chat with 4 other people at the same time. All of the people you are chatting with get to chat with one another as well which makes this sort of a group chat between 4 individuals and yourself.

From the moment you open the new version of Cam4 Chat you’ll notice that the design has changed entirely. We’ve removed the couples option and stuck with just males and females. Then once you enter the new interface, you will notice that the 4 other webcams get displayed right at the top of the screen. It simplifies the process immensely when compared to our previous Cam4 Chat layout.


It’s important to activate your webcam in order to make this feature function properly. Without a webcam, you’re out of luck. Otherwise, the Cam4 Chat feature is truly amazing and many people are already using it. If you feel that one on one chat is too intimidating or even too boring for you, try out the Cam4 Chat feature.

Since many people get to talk with other users at the same time, it makes meeting strangers way more interesting. You’re actually attending one party after another right on your computer screen. You can also now easily switch between groups of people that you’re viewing which is a step above what it used to be. Previously, it required a few seconds and mouse clicks to change the people you were viewing; this new version makes things a lot easier.

We don’t want to ruin too much of the surprise, so head over to our Cam4 Chat feature right now and give it a try. We’re certain you’ll be impressed and will get addicted to it in no time.

For those of you that miss the old version of Cam4 Chat or even if you preferred the previous version, you have nothing to worry about. We decided to keep the old version of Cam4 Chat since it was a cool concept and many people did enjoy it. If you want to access the old version, it’s available at this website: