Top 6 Tips for a Better Webcam Chat Session  

Webcam chat has become the best way to meet new people and even stay in touch with family or friends. However, many people, if not most, tend to use webcams the wrong way. Although there is no one way of experiencing webcam chat sessions, there are definite guidelines to follow in order to make the experience more enjoyable for both parties involved. We have gathered up a list of the top 6 tips to making your webcam chat sessions better.

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Turn the Light Up High

Many, way too many people sit in front of their webcam in a dark room. Sure, keeping the lights low is romantic and easier on the eyes, but it’s terrible for webcam chats. When you chat with the lights down low, it becomes incredibly difficult for the other person to see you. Keeping the lights on a high setting it the ideal way to kick off a great cam session.

Angles are Important

The angle of your webcam is so important that it may actually be the most important factor to consider. If the webcam is too high, they will see more of the top of your head than anything else. On the other hand, if it’s placed too low, you’ll look very awkward as they stare at your chin all night. You want to angle the webcam so it’s eye level and perfectly straight. Mess around with different angles until you find the right one.

Avoid Built-In Webcams

Built-in webcams are incredibly popular these days, especially with laptops. However, no matter how details and rich the picture quality is, you should avoid them at all costs. These built-in webcams don’t give you the freedom to test out different angles and most of the time, with laptops, the webcam is way too low. Remember how important angles are, well that’s exactly why you want to spend $50 on a high quality standalone webcam.

Clean Your Room

Messy rooms in the background are a trend, but a terrible one. You want to give your viewers something nice, calming and non-distracting to look at. You don’t want the other person to constantly be thinking of your mess rather than the conversation that you’re having. Keeping your background clean is very important and makes it much more enjoyable to sleep at night knowing that you’re room is clean, just saying.

Use Emotions

Don’t become a monotone person like 95% of people who speak on webcams. It’s weird how people instantly develop a boring tone of voice when the cam turns on. Using emotions and speaking like you would in any normal conversation will make the session much more enjoyable for both of you.

Quit Walking Off

So many people walk off screen when webcam chatting; it’s rude. Sure, if you’re chatting for several hours at a time you’ll eventually have to use the washroom, but more often than not, webcam chats last under an hour. When the webcam turns on, you become an actor on screen; so quit walking off and be professional. Nobody likes watching a blank screen while waiting for the other person to return.

List of 7 Tips that will get you Laid Online  

Finding love on the internet isn’t always easy. There are tons of online dating sites, but most of them cost quite a lot of money in the long run. Also, dating sites require you to send messages to tons of users and then wait for them to respond. Rather than using dating sites, why not take a ride on the wild side and give live cam sites a try? Here are 7 tips that will help you get laid online by using live cam sites.


  1. Don’t ever use live cam sites in the dark. When you turn your webcam on in the dark, nobody will want to watch your cam and everyone will “next” you. Turn on the lights or even use a small lamp next to where you’re sitting. Even if it’s a small light; a bit of light is way better than no light at all.
  2. If you’re a girl, wear some make up. Make yourself look sexy and wear some hot clothes. If you’re a guy, you should wear good looking clothing, but don’t go naked on cam. Naked guys are all over the place; you’re goal is to stand out from the crowd, not look just like everyone else.
  3. Be sincere with the users you meet. Don’t make up false personas or act like a know-it-all. Be yourself and be sincere if you want to get the most attention. Most of the time, the most regular people get the most attention when using live cam sites. Talk about your everyday activities, what makes your day and mention your hobbies.14
  4. Just like on real dates, ask the other person about themselves. Ask them what they like to do, what turns them on and what makes them smile. Ask them about their families and how long they have been using live cams. Really getting to know the other person is a wonderful way to make strong connections.
  5. When the time is right, mention that you have been single for a while. Then ease into the fact that you have blue balls. You don’t need to be direct about it, but little hints that you’re horny can go a long way. The other person may say that they are in the same position.
  6. Compliment the other person. Think about how they feel and make them feel special. When using live cams, you will want to make them feel unique. There are thousands of people online at all times, so you want them to feel like they are the only person you want to watch.
  7. Getting laid online requires a little bit of guts. You will probably need to make the first move. When you find someone that you really connect with, ask them if they have ever done this type of thing before. It’s a great way to open the door towards conversing about it. Once you’ve determined that the other person is willing to give it a try, take your top off and enjoy the ride.


10 Pickup Lines that Never Fail

Finding a great pickup line can be difficult, with each line specific to a certain type of person and situation. The main reasons for pickup lines is as a way to break the ice and get the conversation flowing. For this reason the majority of great pickup lines contain an element of humor which can put the person they’re being used on at ease. The key to getting a pickup line to work is to make it seem like you’re not using a pickup line at all and making it sound spontaneous and casual. With that in mind, here are 10 pickup lines that have worked time and time again:

1.       Do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk past again?

This is a well-known pickup line, but it can still be very effective. In the perfect scenario you would casually say this line as you passed the person you were using it on, making it seem as casual as possible and catching them off guard.

2.       I love that shirt/hat/your hair…

A sincere compliment can work very effectively if it sounds genuine and not a false compliment to try and get attention. Pick out the best feature of the person before approaching them and if they blush or say thank you, keep the conversation flowing.

3.       Are you Wi-Fi? Because I feel a connection!

This one sounds quite cheesy, but, it can work really well if used in the right situation. Most places these days have Wi-Fi connections and by asking about the Wi-Fi you can throw them off a little before letting the punchline loose!

4.       You look like trouble!

This can work really well in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. The way you say it can determine how effective it is – remain casual and easy-going when using this line and be prepared for a little back and forth flirting if the person responds positively.

5.       Have we met?

This simple line can be a great way to start a conversation. Asking them if you’ve met before will mean they have to think about it and opens up opportunity for follow up conversation. If they say no, ask them if they’ve been to a certain place and keep the conversation moving along.

6.       How much does a polar bear weigh? Enough to break the ice!

Using a joke for a pickup line can be dangerous, but if you make them laugh you will definitely be in with a chance. This joke works perfectly as it explains what you’re trying to do in a fun way and is likely to get a giggle.

7.       Have you got a little Irish/Italian/Spanish/etc. in you? No….Do you want some?

Another pickup line that can get a giggle is this one. Be sure to time the delivery of the joke correctly for maximum effect. If you get a laugh, the door is open for conversation.

8.       I looked up the word ‘beautiful’ in the thesaurus today and your name was included.

Although quite cheesy, this line has a very high hit rate. People love compliments and by using this creative way to complement their looks it shows you’re trying to be a bit different from the person who simply says ‘You’re hot’.

9.       You’re eyes are so cute. Oh, wait! I think the right one is a little cuter than the left one.

If you use this line it is bound to get a giggle or a blush. By starting with a simple compliment and turning it into a joke, you will display your creativity and will certainly get a good reaction.

10.   You really shouldn’t wear makeup. You’re messing with perfection!

Be careful with this one as you don’t want it to sound offensive, but, if delivered in the right way it can be a huge compliment. The best way to deliver the line is to say the first bit and wait for her to react before adding the compliment.

Top 5 Reasons Webcam Conversations Can Turn Sour

When chatting to a stranger on webcam it can sometimes be difficult to know what to talk about. You want to get to know the other person better without turning them off the conversation and making them click ‘next’. Unfortunately, it can be very easy for a conversation to turn sour when chatting on cam if you don’t know what to avoid. To ensure that your webcam conversation goes as smoothly as possible, here is the top 5 reasons webcam conversations can turn sour:

1.       Something Offensive Was Said

This is probably the most common reason webcam conversations turn sour. When you are chatting to a stranger online, it is impossible to know what they might take offense to and treading carefully is certainly recommended. It is best practice to stay away from hot topics such as religion, race, or personal lifestyle choices until you get to know the person better. Keep the conversation general until you find out more about the person you’re chatting with. Always remain polite and steer clear from anything that may cause offense.

2.       Too Much Swearing

If every second word out of your mouth is a swear word, it is more than likely going to lead to people moving on to chat with someone else. The odd swear word can add emphasis to a point and express emotion. However, constantly swearing can quickly become tiresome and display a lack of intelligence. Try to hold back on swear words when talking on webcam and less conversations will turn sour.

3.       Body Language

When you’re chatting away on webcam it can be easy to forget the other person can see you and become distracted. If you’re having a conversation with someone on webcam and they are looking off-screen or at their phone while you’re chatting to them it can be extremely irritating. Keep your body language interested in the conversation and your eyes towards the screen. Doing this is simply polite when someone is talking to you and eliminates a reason for the conversation to suddenly become sour.

4.       Too Eager For Cam Sex

Many people use webcams for many different things and having virtual sex on cam is one of the more popular uses. However, if you are having a conversation with someone and suddenly display your private parts or ask them for virtual sex out of the blue it can spell the end of that conversation in an instant. Be sure that the other person is interested too and ask them to join in when the timing is correct. Being too eager for cam sex is a sure-fire way to dampen the conversation.

5.       Asking Too Many Questions

Asking questions is a part of meeting someone new, however, if you are asking question after question it can feel like an interrogation for the other person and can turn them off the conversation. A great way to get around this is to mix up the questions with statements and allow the conversation to flow from there. If every single thing you say is a question, don’t expect too many people to stick around.