The Nest Cam is an Inexpensive Home Security System  

Having a secure home is incredibly important, especially when you have a family to protect. However, home security systems often cost thousands of dollars. Fortunately there’s a simpler way for people on a budget to keep an eye on their homes at all times. Whether you want to watch your home while at work, keep an eye on the babysitter or even have video footage while you’re asleep, the Nest Cam can make it happen.

the nest cam

Home Surveillance on a Budget

Most standalone webcams have become extinct due to built-in webcams on most laptops and computer screens. However, the Nest Cam has evolved and brings something unique to consumers; the ability to keep an eye on their homes from a distance. The Nest Cam allows users to view the high definition footage from their smart phones, no matter how far away they are from home. Even if you’re on vacation on a secluded island, if you have an internet connection, you’ll be able to watch over your home.

Simple Design – Amazing Results

The Nest Cam has an incredibly sleek design and takes up very little space no matter where you place it. What’s more, it looks amazing with its futuristic appearance. The greatest thing about the Nest Cam remains the fact that you can hook-up as many cams as you like. When numerous Nest Cams are connected to the same account, you can rapidly switch between viewing every single one of those webcams. It’s makes it easy to build an entire home security system on budget; you can quickly swap between the garage, the kitchen or any other location with the press of a button.

nest cam home

Affordable Pricing

Every Nest Cam comes with an affordable price tag of roughly $200, which allows most homeowners to easily install at least one Nest Cam in their home. The great thing about this is that you can continuously add more cams whenever you have some extra money lying around. Rather than being a huge initial investment like with most security systems, you can gradually invest more money towards building an entire whole surveillance system.

nest cam laptop

Users can view unlimited live streaming of their webcams, but with a $300 yearly subscription, you can even rewind footage up to 10 days in the past.

Unlimited Purposes

Although the Nest Cam is mainly targeted towards people who wish to build a home security system on a budget, it’s also great for a large variety of purposes. For instance, many families spend over $400 for a video monitor system for their babies; with the Nest Cam, they can save money and even stream the feed from anywhere in the world.

When parents leave on vacation for a week or two, they can quickly peak on their kids at any moment to see who they are doing. The Nest Cam is truly amazing and definitely worth checking out if you’re interested in webcam advancements.

What’s to Come for ChatRandom in 2014

ChatRandom has had one of the best years ever in 2013, but this doesn’t mean it’s going to slow down. With 2014 just around the corner, the owners of ChatRandom are hard at work to come up with tons of new ways to attract even more users and to keep the current users attracted to this website. Many new upgrades and additions are to expect for 2014.


Plans for a mobile friendly version of ChatRandom as well as developing and iPhone app are being discussed. This app is still in the blueprints stage, but the owners of ChatRandom are hard at work on it with hopes of developing the first random cam app that allows video capabilities via smartphones. At the moment, Omegle is the only other random cam site to have a mobile friendly version and it is for text chat only. As 2014 progresses, you should hear much more about ChatRandom’s phone app and how it will be an innovation of the year.

Expansion is the key to success for any business and ChatRandom is constantly expanding. In 2014, ChatRandom plans on continuously expanding in order to allow the pool of users to be available from several different websites. By sharing the users with the users of other random cam sites, the amount of online users at any given moment is constantly impressive. What this means for you is that you will get more people to chat with and you will never see the same person twice.

2013 was a big year for ChatRandom because near the end of the year, 100K users were online at the same time for the first time ever. Since that happened, it has occurred again on numerous occasions. ChatRandom has a goal for 2014 and that is to keep the average amount of online users above the 100K line at all times. It won’t be easy, but with the constant growth, it is definitely possible.


Many upgrades have been performed during 2013 such as the addition of bigger and better servers, a new logo & design change as well as the addition of a line of funny t-shirts. It’s impossible to know all of the upgrades and additions that will occur in 2014, but the owners and the entire ChatRandom team are hard at work to bring you the best random cam site on the internet.

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