How to Know When to Upgrade Your Webcam

A webcam has become an essential tool for all computer owners, which is basically everyone in North America. Webcams are now commonly used on a daily basis to chat with family members, meet new people on random cam sites and even to mess around with cool visual effects. While some computers come equipped with built-in webcams, most desktops don’t. This makes it essential for you to purchase a standalone webcam.

old webcams

While you may be tempted to simply hookup that old webcam that’s been laying around in your closet for years, think twice. Here are just a few reasons why you may want to consider upgrading your webcam.

Grainy Visual Quality

Most webcams that are a few years old have grainy visuals. When watching an older webcam, you’ll feel like you’re watching TV from the 80s. It may not bother you, the broadcaster, but the person watching you will hate you for it. Plus, it’s incredibly important to have nice visuals when using roulette chat sites because most people will “Next” people with old webcams.

The great thing about newer webcams is that even the cheapest ones have HD capabilities. You don’t have to spend a fortune to provide your viewers with a beautiful, crisp and clear image to watch.

Capability Issues

Old webcams were built for compatibility with systems that existed back when they were first created. Since so many affordable webcams are released each year, very few updates and new drivers are released for the older webcam models. Plus, with so many new operating systems developed over the past few years, most of those older webcams are no longer compatible with newer systems.

Rather than getting your hands on a relic computer simply to run your webcam, you might as well spend a few dollars and pick up a new webcam that’s fully operational on your current computer. Again, even the cheapest webcams are compatible with most systems.

Bugs & Lags

Older webcams will always have terrible issues that make using them a drag. Some webcams with have a ton of bugging issues that causes them to crash or simply not function properly. Other webcams will lag and be extremely slow, which makes the visual experience truly boring.

Getting your hands on even the cheapest new webcam will allow you to experience a smooth webcam chat session. Newer webcams are built with most common bugs all sorted out, so old issues that used to affect webcams are no longer a problem.

new webcams

Shop around and discover all of the new and cool features that are built-in to webcams. You’ll love all of the new additions. You can find a really high quality webcam for less than $100 and you can get a really good one for less than $50. When you buy a new webcam, hook it up and visit Chatrandom to give it a try!

Top 6 Tips for a Better Webcam Chat Session  

Webcam chat has become the best way to meet new people and even stay in touch with family or friends. However, many people, if not most, tend to use webcams the wrong way. Although there is no one way of experiencing webcam chat sessions, there are definite guidelines to follow in order to make the experience more enjoyable for both parties involved. We have gathered up a list of the top 6 tips to making your webcam chat sessions better.

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Turn the Light Up High

Many, way too many people sit in front of their webcam in a dark room. Sure, keeping the lights low is romantic and easier on the eyes, but it’s terrible for webcam chats. When you chat with the lights down low, it becomes incredibly difficult for the other person to see you. Keeping the lights on a high setting it the ideal way to kick off a great cam session.

Angles are Important

The angle of your webcam is so important that it may actually be the most important factor to consider. If the webcam is too high, they will see more of the top of your head than anything else. On the other hand, if it’s placed too low, you’ll look very awkward as they stare at your chin all night. You want to angle the webcam so it’s eye level and perfectly straight. Mess around with different angles until you find the right one.

Avoid Built-In Webcams

Built-in webcams are incredibly popular these days, especially with laptops. However, no matter how details and rich the picture quality is, you should avoid them at all costs. These built-in webcams don’t give you the freedom to test out different angles and most of the time, with laptops, the webcam is way too low. Remember how important angles are, well that’s exactly why you want to spend $50 on a high quality standalone webcam.

Clean Your Room

Messy rooms in the background are a trend, but a terrible one. You want to give your viewers something nice, calming and non-distracting to look at. You don’t want the other person to constantly be thinking of your mess rather than the conversation that you’re having. Keeping your background clean is very important and makes it much more enjoyable to sleep at night knowing that you’re room is clean, just saying.

Use Emotions

Don’t become a monotone person like 95% of people who speak on webcams. It’s weird how people instantly develop a boring tone of voice when the cam turns on. Using emotions and speaking like you would in any normal conversation will make the session much more enjoyable for both of you.

Quit Walking Off

So many people walk off screen when webcam chatting; it’s rude. Sure, if you’re chatting for several hours at a time you’ll eventually have to use the washroom, but more often than not, webcam chats last under an hour. When the webcam turns on, you become an actor on screen; so quit walking off and be professional. Nobody likes watching a blank screen while waiting for the other person to return.

Webcams are now used for just about anything  

Webcams are amazing little tools that have been discovered in the past decade. However, up until recently, webcams have mostly only been used to chat with strangers on the internet. Now, webcams are used for so many different purposes that it becomes difficult to keep track of them all. We have gathered several of the different uses that webcams can have and we brought them all to you in this one blog post. If you thought webcams were a one hit wonder, think twice, these cam uses might blow your mind.

Doctors from a distance


Did you know that doctors have begun using webcams to provide their services from a distance? That’s right, more and more doctors are beginning to use virtual clinics to diagnose and treat patients with minor illnesses. Although this use may be subject to controversy and some may judge that these doctors are not capable of diagnosing a patient from a webcam, it’s still a pretty cool webcam use. It’s actually amazing for patients who don’t have vehicles or who live in countries that lack medical attention.



Webcams are even used for giving away free items. That’s right, people in need can log onto websites that provide donations via webcams. With webcam shows and freebie giveaways, many donations can be received. Families who have lost their homes to fires and other types of situations can get funds and people from all over the globe can send them items to help them out via their webcam. This is a wonderful way to help others who are in need. Once again, webcams are used for wonderful purposes.

Watching wildlife


Wildlife is amazing and now you can watch them 24/7. Live webcams watch all sorts of animals in the wild such as bald eagles nests, tigers and even monkeys at zoos. More and more wildlife webcams are being installed and can be watched for free from the internet. With just a few mouse clicks, you can be watching a lion have a great meal at a zoo or spy on an eagle’s nest in the middle of the forest. It’s amazing how close we can get to these dangerous animals from the comfort of our own homes.

Beaches and cities


Webcams are being setup at more and more beaches and in more and more cities. If you search the internet for city webcams, you will most likely be able to find one within a couple of minutes and be able to view the streets in no time. You can even spy on hotties sun bathing at the beach with tons of webcams that give you live views of beaches from all over the globe. Again, webcams provide us with an amazing service!

Best Wireless Webcams of 2014

The evolution of webcams has been rapid; from a device that only the rich could afford, to a common piece of computer hardware, to a wireless webcam. Wireless webcams offer more freedom when using video chat. There is no need to have to sit in the same position constantly throughout a video chat or move the whole computer when changing position. They can even be implemented as a nanny cam or a makeshift home security device. Most wireless webcams also come with a host of fun features to make your chatting experience even more exciting. So, if you are thinking of upgrading you webcam, take a look at the best wireless webcams of 2014:

Logitech C920

This awesome wireless webcam comes packed with a host of features including HD viewing, USB connectivity, and a fantastic 1080p resolution. The picture and sound quality are excellent, making the video chat experience feel like you’re sitting in the room with the person. A cool feature is the auto-focus, meaning no matter how much you move around, the picture will always be crystal clear. The Logitech C920 is also a real bargain at just $80.

D-Link DCS-930L Network Webcam

D-Link have made a name for themselves by producing top quality webcams and the latest model is certainly no different. The DCS-930L comes with flash memory, digital zoom, and Wi-Fi connectivity. A high quality picture is produced even in low or poor light situations and the in-built microphone provides superb sound. A cool feature is the ability to control the webcam through a smartphone, giving excellent remote connectivity. All this and the D-Link DCS-930L is still only $70.

Wanscam Wireless Webcam

A wireless webcam for those who want extra security, the Wanscam cam comes equipped with superior night-vision and motion detectors. Visibility at night reaches an incredible 10 meters, with the HD recording lens triggered by sensitive motion sensors. If the webcam detects any movement it will send an automated email to an email address where the user can access remote viewing. Compatible with PC’s, Macs, and smartphones, this superb wireless webcam retails at just over $55.

Tenvis Wireless IP Camera

A cool, smart wireless webcam, the Tenvis can tilt in several directions, has superb Wi-Fi connectivity, and comes equipped with night vision. The sensitive lens can view up to 12 meters in the dark with excellent quality and comes with an in-built microphone and speaker.  It works well remotely with a smartphone and can be programed to store footage while you are away. The Tenvis is a real bargain at just $50.


A cool wireless webcam with a ton of features, Y-Cam comes with wall brackets which allow it to be mounted virtually anywhere. The cam is built for simplicity and has an easy set-up process along with a smooth smartphone app which can be used to access recorded footage or to watch remotely. The webcam comes equipped with night vision and motion detectors, allowing users to walk around while video chatting or set up a home security system. The high quality of the cam and free cloud storage make it one of the higher priced devices at $215.