Why People Love to Expose Themselves on Video Chat

People feel much more compelled to expose themselves on the internet and on random video chat sites to be more specific, than they every would in real life. You’ll never see a guy walk into a restaurant and start jerking off and you’ll never walk into a grocery store and see a hot girl getting undressed. Yet, Chatrandom and other online video chat sites are just as public than grocery stores or restaurants. So why do people feel obliged or excited to get naked on Chatroulette sites?

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Society views exhibitionists and nudity as being inappropriate. However, it’s in our human nature to be naked and getting naked in video chat is a way of expressing our human nature without appearing to be crazy. The wonderful thing about nude Chatroulette sites is that you can be completely free from society without ever having to pay the price. If you were to get nude in a public area in real life, you would most likely end up in jail for indecent exposure. However, exposing yourself online has no repercussions.

For most people, nude chat is a way of expressing themselves and letting go after a hard day in real life. Real life includes keeping up with appearances, putting on a fake smile and having boring conversations about the weather. Nobody likes how much hard work goes into leading a so-called “normal” life, yet everyone does it. Our society doesn’t permit us to walk up to a stranger and ask them to get naked, but Chatroulette sites allow us to do just that.

Getting naked online is easy and rejection from a person you’ll never see again and who is in a different country is much easier than rejection by a person who is standing right in front of you. In our human nature, we need to have sexual encounters on a daily basis in order to feel satisfied. Going a single day without a sexual encounter causes us to feel anxious, we get moody and we may even begin feeling physical pains. Sexual encounters are a necessity in life and exposing yourself online is a way of satisfying your sexual appetite.

We live in a professional world where everything revolves around high class and having the best looking suit. However, the free spirited like most popular musicians are those who seem to lead the happiest lives and they are also those who have the most sexual encounters. We as human have needs and Chatrandom as well as other Chatroulette sites allows us to satisfy those needs.

The ability to experience with different aspects of sexuality is also one of the reasons people love to expose themselves online. For instance; you may be perfectly straight in real life, but you may also want to know what it feels like to have a gay experience. Most men won’t go up to an actual gay person and attempt to have a real physical experience. However, experiencing it online becomes much easier and very possible. The same goes for trying out weird sexual things that would normally be considered odd and crazy in the real world.

With the ability to get naked without judgement in front of strangers from all over the globe, Chatrandom and other video chat sites provide people with an outlet from regular society. These sites become a way of freedom and a way of letting loose from this very professional world that we live in. So seeing genitals and naked women online may seem crazy or inappropriate, it’s actually a great way for most of us to remain psychologically healthy.

Some studies go as far as stating that clothing limits our advancements in life. It weakens our bodies and limits our intelligence. These same studies also state that clothing is a boundary that keeps us away from living up to our full potential. That without clothing, we would have more peace within the world. Well that’s one of our goals here at Chatrandom; to bring people together.


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