10 Creative Signs to make that will Capture the Attention of Other Users

Many people don’t think of creative ways to capture the attention of other users while on random cam sites. Since it’s so easy to move onto the next person, only those who are instantly captivating will get the attention of other users. This makes it highly important for you to attract the users that see your cam immediately. The use of signs is a great way to do this. Making signs of all sorts will get people interested in sticking around for a while longer. Here are 10 creative signs to make that will capture the attention of other users.


  1. Make a sign that simply says hello. Write down something like “Hello, my name is…”. This will normally get some people interested in talking with you.
  2. Make a sign that mentions something you like. For instance, if you’re a huge football fan and you love the San Diego Chargers, make a sign that says something along the lines of “I’m a Chargers fan, what about you?”
  3. Assuming that the other users don’t already know this, make a sign that indicates which sex you’re interested in talking with. If you’re a boy looking for girls, write that down. If you’re a boy looking to talk with other boys, write that down.
  4. Get creative and write something down that will get people scratching their heads. For instance, you could write something like “My dog just ate my last bag of Skittles and now he’s shitting rainbows.”
  5. Make a sign about a symbol. An example of this would be the infamous “shocker” symbol or even the peace symbol. Add this to your sign and many people will comment about it.
  6. Make a sign that states how long you’ve been online for. Keep updating it and if you happen to see the same person twice, that person will definitely find it funny.
  7. Make a sign that has tons of pictures. If you can draw at a kindergarten level, you can definitely make a sign with pictures. No matter how badly you suck at drawing, this is a great way to get people laughing.
  8. Make a sign that indicates your age and general location. Don’t actually give out your precise address, but the state you live in works well. This will capture the attention of people that are either the same age as you or those that live in your region.
  9. If you’re artsy enough, make a 3D sign. No matter what the sign is about, everyone will think a 3D sign is awesome.
  10. Make a sign that has tons of quotes on it, or even just one really cool quote. Quotes capture people’s attention so this tends to work wonders on cam sites.

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