4 Tips for a Better Group Chat Experience

Group chatting online is becoming one of the fastest growing trends on the internet. Being able to converse with multiple people from all over the world simultaneously is truly exciting. However, many people tend to forget the basic non-written rules of video chatting with strangers. If you want to have a better group chat experience online, you will want to follow the 4 following rules. Doing so will allow the people you’re talking with to actually enjoy talking with you and they will most likely want to stick around for much longer periods of time.

Lower Case Letters


Using lower case letters may seem ridiculous, but it’s important to mention it. Way too many people use capital letters while chatting with strangers and this can often give off the wrong impression. If you want to avoid making the other people think that you are screaming, you should always use lower case letters. Not only do capital letters give off the impression that you are screaming everything that you are saying, but it also makes it incredibly difficult for others to read what you are writing.

Raise Hand to Talk

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Joining in on a group conversation is different from chatting with strangers one on one. In group chats, you will normally be a total of 5 individuals chatting at the same time; you and four others. If the chat is vocal, many people will tend to talk at the same time, which can often become confusing. To make it easier for you to know who is talking and to keep the flow of the conversation smooth, you should always raise your hand when you want to talk.

Be Respectful Towards Others


Respecting the people that you are chatting with is extremely important. Cyber bullying and insulting people on the internet is not the way to make friends online. If you want to have a wonderful group chat experience, be polite and use respectful terms while chatting with the other users.

Use Standard Font Families

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Last but not least, using a regular or standard font-family while chatting with strangers on the internet is of utmost importance. Too many people choose to use odd looking or goofy looking fonts. This makes it incredibly difficult for the other users to read what you are saying. Even though the fonts may look awesome, to the people reading your words, they will only come off as annoying. Your goal shouldn’t be to impress others with funny fonts, it should be to have a nice conversation to make new friends.

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