Full Review: Google Video Chat

Smartphones are constantly evolving; most phones now have rear and front cameras. This increases the possibility of having video conversations with others and Google has bounced on this opportunity by creating a video chat app. With other video chat apps available, it’s worth taking the time to see whether or not the Google video chat feature is truly needed.



The Google video chat app (also known as Google Talk Video Chat) is available for Android devices only which truly limits the usability of this app. When you compare this to competitors such as Skype, it’s clearly not going to win the battle. Google has plans of expanding into other markets, but at the moment this simply isn’t the case. Furthermore, you will need to own a Google Nexus in order to get this app to function properly.


When it comes to performance, the Google Talk Video Chat app truly did a decent job. I must mention that the quality was good enough to have a webcam capable conversation, but it was not quite as amazing as the iPhone’s FaceTime feature. Nonetheless, if you compare the Google video chat tool with the Skype video chat app, the overall performance is quite similar. Whether you choose to use this app over a 3G network, 4G network or even a Wi-Fi connection, the video quality will always remain quite similar.

The video flow is quite fluid and the lag was practically unnoticeable which is great for a mobile phone video chatting app. Some sort of lag is always to be expected and the Google Talk Video Chat app keeps it to a minimum.


Overall, the features are on par with the competitors such as Skype and FaceTime. The Google Talk Video Chat app gives you the ability to view incoming text messages on the bottom of your phone’s screen without having to exit the conversation that you’re having. You can also press the text message to quickly view it in full screen. Other features such as being able to access a few control buttons while having a conversation are much appreciated. During a video chat conversation, you can disable the microphone, turn up the volume and perform a few other minor onscreen controls.

Bottom Line

When it comes down to whether or not the Google Talk Video Chat app is actually worth using, the simple answer is no. The simple fact that it’s only available for Android devices makes it quite useless. You’re better off using universal tools like Skype which will allow you to contact anyone regardless of whether they are running Android, Apple or any other type of phone. The few features that this app has are nothing new and for now, this app is just not worth it when compared to the competitors.

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