5 Creative Ways to Make People Laugh on Chatroulette Sites

People use Chatroulette sites for many reasons; some are bored, some want to make friends, some like meeting people from other countries, and some just want to make others laugh. There is no better feeling than making someone else laugh, especially when it’s a person you’ve never met before.

Chatroulette sites provide a unique opportunity to spread laughter and with a bit of creativity you can spread joy around the world. Making someone laugh can also be a great way to break the ice and a real conversation starter. Here are five creative ways to make people laugh on Chatroulette sites:

Get Your Pets on Cam


Pets are fantastic and we all love the crazy things our furry friends do. Using your pet to make people laugh can be a great way to break the ice and people will be more likely to stay and have a conversation with you instead of clicking next immediately.

There are many ways you can use your pet to make someone laugh. A close-up of your cat or dog can be very entertaining, especially if they have a funny expression. If your pet can do a funny trick you can show that on cam, such as a cat falling over himself attempting to catch a toy. Even if you have another pet such as a gecko or chicken, the mere presence of such an unusual pet can have people in stiches laughing.



Singing a funny song or a popular song badly will have people doubling over with laughter. Imagine clicking next and up pops a middle-aged man singing a Katy Perry song or someone belting out a side-splitting parody of a famous song. It’s like playing Singstar except with a huge audience!

The best way to make people laugh is to sing a song that nobody would expect you to sing or to create a funny rendition of a well-known song. Being creative by using an instrument will really catch people’s attention and everyone loves a funny version of a song they already know.

Dressing up


This is where you can get really creative and make a hilarious first impression. There are limitless options when it comes to dressing up but the best advice is to try and dress up as someone that is already well-known or go over the top in your costume.

It is always hilarious to see somebody dressed up as someone famous and you can even perform a little act to get a bigger laugh. If you prefer to dress in excess, try wearing too much make-up and experiment to find the perfect combination of hair style and clothes to create an amusing look. Combining a performance or alter-ego when dressing up is bound to make people laugh.

Draw Someone


If you have a talent such as drawing you can use that to make people howl with laughter. Use a drawing to catch their attention when they are connected with you and then you could either have some hilarious drawings lined up to display or offer to draw their portrait. If you are drawing their portrait be sure to warn them it will be a funny picture so you don’t offend anyone.

Use a Funny Video

There are literally thousands of funny videos all over the internet which are bound to make people laugh. If you download software to use a fake webcam it is possible to broadcast these videos to other users of the Chatroulette sites. Combining a video with some funny text can also work brilliantly to get people laughing. Make sure you are responsible when using a fake webcam and don’t use it with bad intentions which can ruin the fun for everyone.

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