5 Ways to Use Snowy Days to Your Advantage on Webcam  

Snow days are just about the best days on earth; you get to stay in, you don’t need to go into work and classes are cancelled. What’s better than using your webcam to chat with tons of people when you snowed in? How about using the snow day to your advantage and get tons of people to chat with you because of the massive amount of snow that you have received. Below are 5 ways that you can use snowy days to your advantage in order to get more people to chat with you on video chat sites.


Point your camera towards the snow

When chatting with strangers on random chat sites, they will most likely want to stick around if you can offer something different. Being able to show others something that most webcam users can’t is a great way to capture the attention of many. Not everyone is fortunate enough to know what snow is, so by showing them the snow that you’ve received on webcam, you will most likely get them to stick around for a chat.

Go play in the snow

As mentioned above, not everybody gets the chance to experience snow. If you get a lot of snow, why not go on a random cam site, point your webcam towards outside and go play in the snow. Make an igloo, make snow angels, make a snowman, throw snowballs and have a blast. People will love watching you on cam when do such activities.

Bring the webcam outside

If your webcam can handle it, why not bring the camera outside. This will give the other users a hand on experience with the snow. It’s always enjoyable to get to see what the snow is actually like up close, so by bringing the webcam outdoors, the other users will get a much more realistic experience.

Build a fort

Building a fort in the snow isn’t just for kids; build a huge snow castle and bring your webcam in there. This obviously works best if you have a laptop that has a webcam built-in, but it will get the attention of so many people. By video chat with strangers from within your fort, you will get their attention and people will love chatting with you all day long.

Offer users awards

Offer awards to the users who can impress you. For instance, tell users that if they have a hidden talent and can impress you, you will build a snowman for them. Doing such things is fun for both of you and will keep you both busy for a long period of time. Use the snow and you never know who you will meet next!

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