6 New Funny Random Chat Videos

Random chat sites are the perfect place to pull off a prank and have some fun. Every venture onto the site provides laughter and encounters with some brilliant characters. It provides the perfect way to spend time when you’re bored or in need of some cheering up. You’ll find a huge range of personalities among the thousands of people online at any given time and you’re sure to have a great time. Here are six of the newest funny videos that have been made on omegle.


The fantastic Pervert Pete has released a new video as he tries to get the funniest reactions out of unsuspecting users. In this video he asks if anyone would like to see his wiener before producing……a sausage! The reactions are brilliant when people come face to face with the masked Pervert Pete and some are seriously funny. Oh and keep an eye out for an encounter with Batman!

SSSniperWolf is at it again as she promises a couple of teenagers a peek at her tits if they twerk for her. The teens are only too happy to oblige until the mom walks in and catches them! Cue embarrassment and SSSniperWolf making sure the mom knows why her son is twerking. She ends the video talking to someone who is very excited to be a part of it and has maybe smoked a little too much weed.

Spaz Kid makes his random cam debut in this hilarious video. This father/son duo are the perfect comedy combination as they flirt with girls, wind up guys and generally wind people up. The video and microphone quality are excellent so you can see and hear the comedy in all its glory. Enjoy family comedy at its best!


It’s the one thing that makes people panic on random chat sites; meeting someone who says they know you! This prank involves using a fake video of a girl, guessing people’s location and when it’s right pretending she knows them. The look of fear and surprise when the location is guessed right is brilliant and certainly worth watching.

Next up is the scary clown pranking unsuspecting random cam users. This guy manages to look terrifying at first glance which provides great entertainment in making people jump, scream and shout abuse at him. The music is a little loud to fully hear people’s reactions but you can still see the emotion in their faces when they see the scary clown for the first time. Keep an eye out for the girl who gets so scared she can’t stop crying, great entertainment!


Last up is a video without many views but definitely worth a watch. This guy dresses up as LaToya (badly!) and sings, flirts and argues with people on random cam sites. His impressions are hilarious and the people he meets have some classic reactions when seeing the white makeup all over his face. The video is a great example of the crazy people you meet on omegle. Get ready to laugh!

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