7 Internet Hits We All Seem to Have Forgotten About

Internet sensations come and go. For nearly three decades, we have been introduced to some pretty cool things online. While many of them have faded away, some have stuck around. Today, we don’t want to focus on the great hits that have remained; we want to take a look at 7 of the internet’s greatest hits that we no longer remember.


AOL Instant Messenger

Back in the 90’s AOL Instant Messenger was one of the largest, most exciting ways to connect with people online. The chat rooms made it easy for you to meet new people and chat with people you already knew. AOL set the standard for all chat rooms and while AOL no longer exists, we can easily spot hundreds of chat room sites online that got much of their inspiration from AOL Instant Messenger.


One of the best ways to download music, videos and photos back in the day. Limewire was huge. You had to be careful though; lots of viruses were floating around this peer-to-peer sharing platform. While it’s still available online, it’s far from the Limewire that existed in the early 2000’s.


Co-created by Facebook’s founding president Sean Parker, Napster was a huge sensation back in the early 2000’s. This peer-to-peer sharing platform focused on uploading and download music. Downloading music online was easier than ever back when Napster was around.


The very famous AskJeeves search engine back in the day just seems to have faded away with time. Those who grew up in the 90’s often loved AskJeeves for the awesome looking butler that seemed to have all the answers. With Google and Bing taking over the whole search engine industry, Jeeves retired.

Gary Brolsma

YouTube fans all remember Gary Brolsma, AKA Numa Numa Guy. The fat guy who uploaded a video of himself lip-syncing and “dancing” to the song Dragostea Din Tei by the groupe O-Zone, got over 21 million hits on YouTube. Gary was a major success back in 2006.


Long before Twitter, Instagram and all of the other major social media networks came into our lives existed an amazing social media network called MySpace. MySpace was a wonderful area to share music, make friends and connect with the people you loved. Sure it’s still around, but nobody says “add me on MySpace” anymore.


Many of you might remember the good old days of GeoCities. In fact, many of you may have built your first website with GeoCities. The long gone website provided us with hours of entertainment and the freedom to share awesome GIFs with the random people surfing the web.

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