Are You A Social Networking Butterfly? Check Out This Infographic!

The Rise of Social (Networking) Butterflies
Are you socially-active? From teenagers to tech-savvy retirees, everyone’s doing it — although some more than others!
The statistics are in: 67 per cent of all online adults use social networking sites, with 91 per cent of all online adults who use social networking sites regularly! An additional 98 per cent of all online adults between 18-24 years of age engage with some form of social networking.

Social Networking Infographic


71 per cent  of U.S. women use social networking sites, versus 62 per cent of U.S. men use social networking sites. 84 per cent of Americans spend their time texting and interacting on social networks.

U.S. mobile users spent 15 per cent of their time using social networking apps during the first quarter of 2013. Americans between 25-34 years of age are most likely to use social media in the office

25 per cent of all online adults believe social networks have boosted their confidence. 24 per cent of Americans and 28 per cent of Britons admit to lying and/or exaggerating on social networks.

40 per cent of people spend more time socializing online than they do face-to-face, and 70 per cent of adult social networkers shop online.

53 per cent of adult social networkers follow a brand, and an additional 24 per cent of people have missed seeing important moments because they were too busy writing about them on social networks!

Social networks dominate internet usage, with 20 per cent of PC time and 30 per cent of mobile time spent on them over any other category of site.

The following ten countries are estimated as the most engaged when it comes to social networking: Israel at 11.1 per cent; Argentina at 10.7 per cent; Russia at 10.4 per cent; Turkey 10.2 per cent; Chile at 9.8 per cent; The Philippines at 8.7 per cent; Colombia at 8.5 per cent; Peru at 8.3 per cent; Venezuela at 7.9 per cent; Canada at 7.7 per cent.

There are multiple reasons why social networkers engage. A recent, U.S. survey shows that 63 per cent of social network sites are used to interact with people in real life. 42 per cent of social networking enables users to stay informed, and 50 per cent of social networking users say that mutual friendships keep them socially-active. 13 per cent use social networking as a means of reinforcing business connections, while 8 per cent of social networkers believe in the importance of putting their best face forward in profile photos and photo-sharing sites. 9 per cent of people believe that social networking is a tool best geared towards showcasing one’s physical attractiveness, whereas 5 per cent of networkers use social media as a means of tallying up a fair share of personal connections. Lastly, 6 per cent of networkers want to increase their connection count, and an additional 6 per cent of users ALWAYS accept friend requests!

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