Attention Parents: Video Chat Sites are a Danger to Your Children

Keeping your children safe is the number one job that a parent must take on. This task has become increasingly difficult when compared to a few decades ago. Long gone are the days when children use to play with sticks and throw rocks at the lake. Nowadays, children have access to computers almost everywhere; they have access to tablets, smartphones and many other gadgets that allow them to browse the internet. This article should serve as a warning to parents in order to inform you on the online dangers that your kids could be exposed to.

Online dangers are real and monitoring your kids online should be an essential thing for any parent to do. Not only kids, but even adults have risks when going on adult websites and on random chat sites. However, adults are mature and have common sense, whereas kids are naive and could get themselves into serious danger. As a parent, it is your job for monitoring your kids online at all times.

Many parents don’t have the time to keep up with new online trends. However, it becomes important that you at least know what is popular online so that you can prevent your kid from using it for the wrong purposes. Chatrandom is an excellent website that allows strangers to meet, friendship bonds to be created and even true love to be found. Nonetheless, Chatrandom isn’t perfect and neither are any of the other adult content websites on the internet. Many people get nude in front of their webcams on Chatroulette sites and preventing everyone from doing so would be impossible.

Chatrandom and other random cam sites are for adults only, but kids can often work their way around the restrictions by providing the websites with a fake age. That is why we provide 24 hour monitoring of our website. Chatrandom constantly bans users that are underage and that are performing wrongful acts in front of their cams. However, some kids look much older than their actual age which causes the moderators to think they are actually over 18.

Our moderators are only in place because we feel that we must help make the world a better place. We are not obligated by the law to monitor our chat rooms and no legal actions can be taken against us if a minor does appear in our chat rooms. However, we feel morally obligated to monitor the cams on our sites because we feel it’s the right thing to do. Nonetheless, our monitors cannot view all cams simultaneously because we have millions of viewers on a monthly basis and over 50,000 users online at any given time. This causes some minors so be able to chat for several minutes before getting banned.

Although we do our best to protect your children from online dangers, we need you to also do your part. Monitoring your kids online is essential and blocking the access to adult content sites is the best way to make sure that your kids won’t visit such sites. There are several easy ways that you can block the access to adult content.

Take a look at our “Information for Parents” section for more details on how to block access to specific websites on your computer.

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