Avoid Getting Blackmailed by Tech Pirates on Chatrandom

Sextortion has become one of the biggest risks on the internet. Although many people are not already aware of this issue, it’s highly important that you be made aware of this issue before you begin conversing with random strangers on the internet. Sextortion can easily be avoided with a few simple techniques, but the problem is that most people who use sites like Chatrandom don’t know that it exists. Sextortion is basically a form of Chatroulette blackmail that has people filming you naked then asking for money in order to get rid of the video.

Chatrandom blackmail threats are made, but we do our possible in order to prevent them from occurring. Nonetheless, it’s impossible to be able to detect whether or not a person is planning on filming you for money. The problem is that real women don’t take part in these Chatroulette extortion methods; Chatrandom blackmail is often conducted by males. It is also important to know that most extortions come from Morocco. If you’re talking with a blonde with blue eyes and you notice that the cam is from China, you know something odd is going on.

How they do this is simple. Whether it’s Omegle blackmail, Chatroulette extortion or even Chatrandom blackmail, the guy will almost always use a fake webcam software tool. This allows them to display a hot girl on their webcam that doesn’t even exist. As you begin talking with this fake girl, she will normally be typing which will seem normal to you. The person behind the fake girl will normally use a video of a girl that spends a short while typing and then starts getting undressed.

After beginning to get undressed, the fake girl will normally begin typing once again. This time, the guy who is behind the fake girl will normally ask you to get undressed as well so that you can both have some fun together. The guy/fake girl will also ask you for your Facebook account. Once you begin getting undressed and start touching yourself, the fake webcam will eventually be stopped and you’ll be in direct contact with the real guy.

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Now, in most cases, the guy who is performing the sextortion will post the video of you touching yourself and getting naked directly on YouTube. The guy will then contact you via Facebook and threaten to send the link to the video to every single one of your Facebook contacts unless you pay a set amount of dollars. Normally, the guy will ask you to pay between $200 and $500. Don’t pay it.

It’s very important that you don’t pay the guy who is trying to blackmail you on Chatrandom. Once you pay the guy, he will only keep asking you for more and keep threatening you. The first thing you have to do is warn YouTube about the situation and report the video. You can contact YouTube directly and in most cases they will remove the video immediately. The next thing you want to do is close your Facebook account for about a week. Deleting your Facebook account will make it impossible for the guy to find you or the contacts in your friends list. When bringing your account back to Facebook, you won’t lose any of your contacts, photos or anything else linked to your account.

You could simply block the person, but they could still send the link to your contacts. Make sure that you avoid Chatroulette blackmail by having the girl or guy that you’re chatting with perform specific things before getting undressed. Have the person you’re talking with write something specific on a piece of paper and hold it up to the cam. Maybe have them hold up 7 fingers or anything else that will prove that it isn’t a pre-recorded video. Don’t ask them to wave to the camera because that is too common.

Be careful and take these steps to avoid getting yourself into trouble.

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