Capture Your Wedding Proposal on Video Forever!

There’s no bigger moment in a couple’s life than when the time comes to pop that all important question ‘Will You Marry Me?’ For generations, people have come up with creative ways to propose to their loved ones, from popping the question at an NBA game to writing the words in the sky. Asking someone to marry you is probably the most important thing you will ever do and getting it right is essential. However, in times gone by the moment has only been a memory as it has been incredibly difficult to record the magical moment. Your partner might get a little bit suspicious if a camera crew suddenly turns up at dinner!


This problem has been identified by a group of students who have created an ingenious way to capture wedding proposals on cam without arousing any suspicion whatsoever. ‘Ring Cam’ is a new invention which uses webcam technology to place a tiny lens inside the ring box, capturing the moment when the box is opened and the question is asked. The camera lens is tiny and indistinguishable from a normal looking ring box, allowing a genuine moment to be captured on video forever.

The simple, yet brilliant invention works by placing a camera on the top of a ring box, perfectly capturing the person’s response. The camera aims upwards, ensuring it won’t miss anything from the groom to be being down on one knee. A sensor is also installed in the ring box, activated when the box is opened to ensure it captures the correct moment. The video is recorded in HD to provide the highest quality and resulting in a video which can be kept for life.


‘Ring Cam’ has gone viral after a few trial runs, with people flocking to have the invention installed on ring boxes nationwide. The age of viral videos is upon us, with people sharing everything from funny videos of our pets to pranks we pull on our friends. Now, the next stage of viral videos will be hitting YouTube, as proud brides and grooms to be share the moment they got engaged with the world. It can be extremely heart-warming to see the genuine look of surprise and delight on someone’s face as they say ‘Yes’ to spending the rest of their lives with someone. It also helps capture the incredible ways in which people propose, giving the world an insight into the creative proposal methods used.


Everyone has a video collection of important moments in their lives from their first day of school to their wedding day. However, it always felt like something was missing from the collection – the proposal. Now, having the ability to keep that moment forever completes the video collection for many people. It could also provide inspiration to people who are thinking about proposing as they come up with innovative ways to propose with the knowledge the moment will be theirs forever. There is no doubt that soon we will all be gathered around sharing the moment our friends and family got engaged.


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