Growing Your Website with the Addition of a Video Chat Feature

Social and interactive websites have enjoyed a huge surge of traffic in recent years, especially sites which offer video roulette and chat room services. Socializing online is now the preferred method of interacting with people and chat rooms allow users to interact with others from all over the world. Websites which feature a video or text chat service are more likely to appear higher in search rankings than competitor sites which have no form of socializing on them.

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The Aftermath of the Cam Industry Boom

The cam industry experienced a huge boom in traffic when launched back in 2009. The industry was born and since then several thousands of cam sites have been created. Only about a hundred of cam sites still stand to this very day and a mere handful of them are actually worth using. The cam industry boom had a huge impact on the way we socialize online which is why we want to take a look back at how the boom affected us then and how the aftermath of the cam industry boom affects us today.

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