ChatRandom Helps Local Authorities Catch Online Predator  

On June 30th of 2014, a moderator at Chatrandom saw something extremely suspicious; someone was streaming child pornography on the site. The moderator immediately reported this, took a screenshot of the child who was being abused on webcam and was even able to take note of the IP address where this video source was being streamed. The child in the video was between 6 and 12 years old.

The Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office intervened in Bluffton on September 26th with a search warrant to search the house where the video was streamed. The house belonged to none other than Wicked Lester’s guitarist Stephen Coronel who used to play with Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley from KISS.


Coronel was charged with 5 counts of Sexual Exploitation of Minor. His entire house was searched and the following items were seized; 3 computers, 7 external hard drives, 3 cell phones and numerous media drives such as CDs and flash drives. Among all of these items, numerous videos were found with minors between the ages of 3 and 11 engaging in sexual acts.

Chatrandom’s security measures effective

Being able to stop this predator is a what makes Chatrandom proud. We know that they are many predators just like Stephen Coronel all over the world and if we can stop just one of them per day, that would make us even prouder. Although we can’t prevent all predators from doing what they do, we definitely do our best to stop as many as possible.

The moderators at Chatrandom work hard every single day to ensure that this site remains as safe as possible. Predators are stopped on a daily basis, but very few of them receive as much attention as Stephen Coronel’s case did. However, we still do stop many predators and this allows us to believe that we are doing someone for the community that is wonderful; cleaning up the world as much as we possibly can.

New security measures making Chatrandom even safer

We are constantly working towards upgrading our security measures at Chatrandom so that you can enjoy a safe video chatting environment. We provide our users with a report button where users can report inappropriate behaviors and we also have numerous moderators online at all times of the day and night keeping your video chatting experience as secure as possible.

Our team has even developed an automatic predator system that can detect such individuals and fake streaming software tools. Anyone who is caught streaming such videos will automatically be banned and in most cases, the IP address will be noted. With constant upgrades and enhanced security measures, we plan to increase the amount of predators that we catch.

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