Chatrandom is Nearing the #1 Spot For Chatroulette Sites

You probably have noticed our user count online exploding over the last 30 days. We are getting close to the number 1 spot of all Chatroulette alternative sites. Our success can be directly attributed to our technology which runs our chat which is unrivaled in the industry. We have been working around the clock to make it even better and I will give you a preview of what we are doing to make our site even better and attract even more users:

1. Brand new design that will be launching before the end of July.

2. Adding 20 more countries to roulette, so now you will be able to connect directly with users in 45 countries.

3. More language specific sites so users in different parts of the world will be able to easily understand Chatrandom.

4. More advertising, press releases and social presence to attract even more users to the site.

We are very serious about getting to the #1 spot and at the rate we are moving it won’t be long before that happens. I want to thank all our users who have propelled the site’s growth farther than we ever imagined!

We will update you via Twitter and this blog as we roll out all the new features and changes. Stay tuned!


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