Chatrandom’s New Logo and Design Changes

To all our fellow and loyal users, we wish to inform you about the recent changes that have been implemented on Chatrandom. As you already may know, we’re a team who is dedicated towards moving forward. Because of this, we constantly work with designers, programmers and many other services to improve our website as a whole.

One of the most recent changes that has been implemented on our website is our logo. Our previous logo was the original that we’ve had ever since the launch of Chatrandom back in 2011. We decided it was time for something new. Our new logo is simple, yet it expresses what our website is all about.


More upgrades are to be expected in the next few weeks to come. One of the biggest changes that we will be making in the next week or so is implementing a new Cam4 Chat system. The new system will be completely different from what we already have and we hope you will enjoy it as much as we do. The new Cam4 Chat system will be more like our Chatroulette section, except it will be with 4 webcams simultaneously.

The new system will work like this; you start a conversation with 4 other people and if you don’t like the group that you’re matched with, you simply press next to see 4 entirely new cams. We’re excited about launching this new feature because no other site has this type of feature. It makes online chatting with strangers more fun and less stressful.

If you find one on one conversations with other individuals stressful, the new group environment that Cam4 Chat has to offer will definitely please you. The chances of you getting nexted immediately are also reduced since there are more people to converse with. Simply put, this new version of Cam4 Chat is going to be more fun and amusing for all of our users.

The final addition to our website that we want to point out is the soon to come addition of a media kit. For those of you who don’t know what a media kit is, it’s basically all of the details that you would need to make a press release about our website without having to do any of the research yourself. Chatrandom’s media kit will include an overview or our website, a mission statement, a brief history of our site, statistics and much more.

Stay tuned for more upgrades and keep coming back to see all of these new changes and more.

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