Chatroulette Industry in Turmoil

This week has been tough on all the sites like Chatroulette due to an attack on Cirrus. Cirrus is the main platform most Chatroulette alternatives are using to run their video chat applications and has been under attack for the last week or so. Hundreds of thousands of simultaneous requests have been traced back to China making the Cirrus service go down and become inoperable. In the Adobe forums many contributors have said Cirrus is dead leaving Chatroulette alternatives little options for continued operations. One option is using Flash Media Server which is very expensive and since most roulette sites are free and smaller this is not a viable option for continued operation.

Chatrandom has also been affected but we are quickly moving to Flash Media Server and our site is now functioning again. If you used our site and found that it has been down in the last few days this is the reason. We are working around the clock to prevent anymore down time and hopefully we have solved the issues and can now provide our millions of users a stable solution.

My prediction is that if Cirrus continues to be down this will wipe out all the smaller sites as they will not be able to afford Flash Media Servers and will keep only the biggest Chatroulette Sites in business like Omegle, Chatroulette, Chatrandom and a few more that will be able to afford the high price of moving to FMS. Cirrus is a free service and with free services you can not expect stability especially on sites with higher traffic.

Cirrus for Chatroulette

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