Does Love Online Really Exist

Recent studies have shown that one in three relationships now begin online. This is a phenomenal figure considering ten years ago it was unheard of to try and meet someone romantically from the internet. However, the rise of online dating, social media, and random chat sites has allowed love to flourish between people who may have never met otherwise.


There are still many doubters, people who don’t believe love can actually happen in an online environment. That may be no surprise due to the regular reports of predators, pedophiles, and tricksters who prey on people with good intentions. With the contestant stream of news regarding the people who abuse platforms for meeting potential partners, the success stories are often forgotten.

Let’s take a look at how people fall in love. When people fall in love in the real world it is generally due to an initial physical attraction. The look of the person is the main reason you want to talk to them and get to know them. Usually, you’ll go on a couple of dates and then agree to become exclusive to one another, hence forming a relationship. In total you may have spent a few hours with that person before deciding to become exclusive.

Now, look at how a relationship is formed online. If you were using a dating site you may initially become attracted to a person’s profile picture. However, we all know that a picture isn’t a true representation of what a person looks like. So, what are we actually looking for? We look much closer at that person’s interests and hobbies. Suddenly, instead of a physical attraction being the initial spark, an attraction to common interests is the reason to begin a conversation.


This key difference is what can cause people to fall in love online. When chatting to someone online, people generally feel more comfortable and at ease. The conversation is more open and because there is no chance of immediate physical contact, there is less pressure to ensure everything said is calculated and perfect. This allows people to become attracted to each other’s personalities, creating a strong bond.

In fact, it could be said that the bond created online is stronger than the bond created when meeting someone initially in the real world. There have been studies which have found relationships that begin online are likely to last longer than those which begin offline. This points to love online not only existing, but being just as strong as love in real life. Of course, creating a strong bond online is pointless if there is no chemistry when you meet face-to-face. However, most people put many hours into an online relationship before meeting up and the tension is usually at breaking point when meeting face to face for the first time meaning physical chemistry isn’t a problem.

There is no doubt that love exists online. Just because the person you feel a connection to lives in a different country or your only communication with them is via instant messenger, it doesn’t mean that love cannot flourish just as it would in real life.

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