Finally, YOU choose who to chat with!

Since the first random chat sites sprung up on the internet one of the big complaints has been that you can’t choose to be matched up with just men or just women.  There are times when a guy just wants to chat with another guy to blow off steam.  Other times a guy only wants to talk to a lady to either have some flirty fun or get a woman’s advice about a situation. Girls are the same way! With ChatRandom you can finally choose to be paired up with only guys or only gals!  No more clicking ‘next’ fifty times to find exactly what you’re looking for!

Human nature drives us to want to talk to members of the opposite sex for some pretty obvious reasons.  Its fun to relax and talk with someone you find attractive and start to get to know them.  ChatRandom makes this faster and easier than ever before.  ChatRandom is also unique in that it takes away all the pressure of finding someone fun and flirty to talk with because if you run into someone you’re just not getting along with you just hit the next button and you’re connected to a new person!

If you find your attracted to the person you’re chatting with and enjoy getting to know them its as easy as exchanging emails or facebook names to move from a quick random encounter to an online friend or maybe more!

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