Full Review of TopCamSites.com – A New Arrival that will Simplify your Life!

Today we want to share with all of you one of the best sites that has launched in 2014. This site is a directory of all the best cam sites on the internet and obviously Chatrandom is listed there. Although it’s a relatively new site, we were impressed as to how professionally designed it is and how much detail goes into every new site that is added to their directory. We’ve decided to give TopCamSites.com a thorough review so that you can see how great this cam site directory truly is.


Overall Appearance:

What impressed me the most at TopCamSites was the effort that went into designing the site. It’s clear that this site was designed by professionals in the industry who have built websites in the past. The design is simply yet elegant making it a true pleasure to use. Whether you want to quickly find a site that interests you or even if you want to spend several hours checking out all of the available cam sites in their list, you will find the design layout to be perfect for both occasions.


The colors chosen are easy on the eyes and the way that the categories/sites are laid out across the web pages makes it easy to view everything.

Appearance of Site Pages:

When you click on one of the sites that are listed at TopCamSites you will be brought to a new web page directly on the same site that gives you thorough details for the site you chose. For instance; if you click on the link for Chatrandom you will be brought to a web page with tons of details about Chatrandom.


This page is split into different sections that are available in dropdown menus which have been optimized for mobile phone use. This basically means that when browsing the site via a mobile phone you will find it to be much easier to view the information. Here is a breakdown of each section.

  • First you’re given a brief overview of each site. This includes information that will allow you to determine what the site is all about.
  • Then you can see the site features. This is where you can figure out information such as whether or not the site has a gay feature, a girls only feature and so on.
  • The following section is called Pricing/Hidden Fees. I really love this part because it shows you how much it costs for private shows/group shows and how much you will have to pay for tokens. This makes it a lot easier for you to determine which site has the best prices. You can also see whether or not a site has hidden fees.
  • The next section is called User Benefits. This shows you how you can benefit by using the site that you’re reading about. You can see information such as how many users are online at any given moment, whether or not the loading speeds are fast or even if the site focuses on things like security.
  • Next up is a Drawbacks section where you can see the downsides of using the site that you’re reading about. For instance, you can see if the site has a lot of explicit content, if the models are rude and other such information.
  • The final section is called The Bottom Line. This is basically a summary of what the site is and what you should expect from using it.

User Reviews

When you click on a site’s link you are brought to the first tab which has different sections (mentioned above). However, you can also view 3 other tabs; User Reviews, Trends and Alexa. The User Reviews section is where anyone can leave a review of the site in question. For instance, if you used Chatrandom, you can go to TopCamSites and leave a review for others to see. You can leave a star feedback of 1 to 5 and you can leave a short comment.


I personally love this feature because it gives you a true description of the site. Actual people have left those reviews making them more believable than random reviews you may find on the internet.


The next tab is the Trends tab. This basically gives you a graph that shows you the Google Trends report since the beginning of that site. With Chatrandom’s trend tab you’ll see the Google Trends from back in 2011 when Chatrandom was first launched. This gives you a quick overview of the popularity of each site. If you want to see the Google Trends report in more detail there is a link available below the chart.


The Alexa tab gives you details for the site in question that are taken from Alexa.com. The information is presented to you in charts and you can view either the rank, reach or page views stats. You can also go back and view the stats from the beginning of its existence which is a great way to view whether or not the site is popular and well ranked.





The categories tab on the left hand side makes it extremely simply for you to find the type of site that you’re looking for. Whether you want to view cam sites with cougars, fetish cam sites, Asians on cam, redheads or anything else, you will find it with ease using the categories tab. TopCamSites is by far the easiest cam site directory to use and navigate on.


Chatrandom’s link

If you want to check out Chatrandom’s page at TopCamSites simply follow this link: topcamsites.com/chatrandom

You’ll be able to view details about our site and you can even add your own user review.

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