Has the Random Chat Industry Peaked or is it Still Growing?

Random cam sites have been around for a few years now and normally, websites are determined to be ‘hit & runs’ or long term sites after roughly 4 years of operation. Normal ‘hit & run’ websites will begin experiencing huge drops in traffic after their initial boost. Although these websites may get 20 million viewers per month during the first couple of years, they most likely never get the same type of success ever again. If you’re a random chat fan, you have nothing to worry about. Although Chatroulette.com is failing, it has nothing to do with the random cam industry and most of the other video chat sites like Chatrandom are experiencing immense amounts of growth.

Chatroulette is without a doubt the most popular random chat website on the internet because it’s the website that received the most media coverage. However, this doesn’t make it the best of its kind and many other competitors like Chatrandom have brought new and better features to the table. With new and improved features, the founders of Chatroulette had no way of succeeding unless they too brought new and even better features. However, Chatroulette only brought their users new rules and restrictions. Since most people enjoy using random cams for nudity and adultery, Chatroulette lost many of its users.

Site like Chatroulette became more attractive to most users and this created great amounts of traffic for Chatrandom and other niche random video chat sites. As Chatrandom continued providing its users with better features such as the girl only cams, the cam4 chat and the lack of restrictions, it continued to grow. To this day, Chatrandom is still growing and it’s growing at extremely rapid speeds. Even though the initial boost of traffic that was received about 3 – 4 years ago is over, more and more people still visit random cam sites. There are a few reasons for this.

The number one reason why Chatrandom and other sites like Chatroulette won’t be going anywhere anytime soon is because people need human interactions. Many people get bored when at home and simply don’t have the energy or time to get dressed and go out to a bar or nightclub. However, Chatrandom brings users the ability to meet new people and have human interactions from the comfort of their own living room. You can lie around in your bed and have virtual sexy fun with another person who is half way across the globe. This ease of access to other cultures, new languages and completely different lifestyles brings the world close together. We as humans, need this type of social interaction. Rather than going downwards, people will only keep socializing more and more which makes the need for Chatrandom and other sites like Chatroulette to keep growing.

Chatrandom is basically a better social network than the available networks on the internet. Although Chatrandom will never replace Facebook, it gives users a similar type of human interaction. With Chatrandom you get to actually see the people that you’re talking with. You get to interact in adult manners that would otherwise be considered unacceptable in the real world. You get to have virtual adult pleasures and you get to try out new things without ever being judged.

This world gives users the ability to live free. Everyone loves to socialize with real humans while being able to have fun without being judged. Chatrandom isn’t going anywhere and will continue to experience growth for many more years to come. The fact that internet is becoming more affordable every year makes Chatrandom and other sites like Chatroulette very cheap to use. These sites become cheaper to use than actually making phone calls; plus you never know who you will meet online.


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