How to Flirt with Girls When Chatting Online

Flirting with girls is one of the most sacred art forms in the universe. Men all over the globe struggle every single day simply to walk up to girls and say hello. It’s no different online, most men have trouble talking to girls, let alone flirt with them. Fear no more, we’re going to share some of the most well-kept secrets for flirting with girls online and we guarantee that you’re going to get more girls smiling than ever before!

flirting girls online

Girls Love Emojis

Using emojis or emoticons is essential when trying to flirt with girls online. One of the major reasons we lose a lot of our charm online is because we can’t effectively display our emotions, mood and, well, our charm. Using emoticons is the best way to show girls the real way you feel and get them to connect with you on a deeper level. Sending smiley faces, winks and ever the little face with the tongue half way out, they are all great ways to get girls engaged in the conversation.

“Getting to Know You” Conversations

Light conversations are key when you first meet a girl, online or off. I like to call those the “getting to know you” conversations. During this phase, you should only ask light questions like their favorite meal, their hobbies etc. Don’t tell them about your dog that just passed away or how your sister keeps pushing you to have kids. Those conversations are heavy and will normally push a girl away. Keep it light and get to know the girl. This phase should last for at least the first 2 to 3 dates.

Don’t Get Caught in the Friend Zone

DO NOT get caught in the friend zone! Right from the start, make sure she’s well aware of your intentions. I don’t mean you should be showing her your genitals or asking her to show you hers, but be flirty. Send winks, play around and compliment her about her beautiful appearance. Make her feel desired, but don’t compliment her as a friend, make sure it sounds and feels like you want to be her man!

Ask Her Out the First Time You Meet

Asking her out the first time the two of you meet is important. It will show her that you instantly feel attracted to her and want to get to know her better. If you met on Chatrandom and live half way across the globe, ask her out nonetheless! Make it a video chat date and get to know her even more online. If she lives nearby, make it a real date. If she says no, keep chatting her up and keep flirting, she may change her mind as she gets to know you better. Just make sure you don’t fall into that dreaded friend zone!

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