New Feature on Multichat Cam4 and Bug Fixes

We promised to update you on the progress of our improvement to the Multichat Cam4 feature on our site and we are making good on that promise.  Today we launched the search feature, simply start typing a username and it will filter everything out except what you are looking for.  We know that when there are hundreds of users online it is really hard to search through every single username to find the specific person you want to watch so we added this very useful feature.

We are also almost done fixing a major bug which is: when you are using Multichat for a while the users that leave are not removed from the user list making it a real drag because you run into many cams that just won’t turn on.  Hopefully today it will be fixed and when users exit the room it will remove them from the user list.

Many more bug fixes and improvements are on the way, we are hard at work making this feature better and better everyday.  If you run into any bugs or want to give us an idea for a new feature you would like to see on Multichat Cam4, please feel free to contact us.  We are thankful for any input we can get from our users!

fixing bugs on Chatrandom

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