New Google Penguin Update Around the Corner

Ever since the first Google algorithm update, Google has had great intentions of wiping out sites that do not deserve to rank and along the way they wiped out some sites that have a true following and really deserve to rank well.  For keywords like “Chatroulette”, “free chat”, “video chat” and many more similar keywords many of the sites that appear in the first page results are by no means the most relevant or popular and this new update may change everything.  We are hoping that with the new update they rank sites that are relevant higher and if they do we stand to gain new users.  The more users we have online the more fun the site is for all the rest of the users.

We have been getting ready for this update and I think we are, we have focused all of our efforts on building our brand rather than just building links which is what I believe the future of Google rank will require.  We are one of the top 3 roulette sites out there so I really believe this new update will benefit our site and our users.

We are waiting with anxiety and excitement to see what the biggest update ever from Google will look like.  We will update you as soon as it hits and we know more.

We would like to thank our users for putting us in the top 3 spot and we promise many more cool new features as the site keeps on growing!

Penguin Update

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