New Security Measures at ChatRandom –Fake Cam Blocking Now in Place

ChatRandom is a meeting place for hundreds of thousands of individuals every single day. With so many people on this one single website, there are sure to be users that want to do wrong onto others. Many people use ChatRandom for the wrong reasons; they display fake webcam streams and attempt to get you naked or even blackmail you.

This will No Longer be an issue!

The founder of ChatRandom knows how valuable your safety is. In fact, the entire team has brainstormed ways to add to your level of protection while using this site. This brainstorming brought about a new security measure that has just recently been placed on the site.

Now, fake webcam streams are instantly detected and banned from ChatRandom whenever they are used. This includes users that display fake webcams using software tools that are designed for that purpose.


For those of you that are wondering how this will help increase the safety at ChatRandom, keep reading. The number one safety issue while using ChatRandom is caused by trolls. Trolls are basically individuals that use software tools to display fake webcam streams rather than displaying their own webcam stream.

These software tools allow the trolls to appear as anyone they want. Now, some people use these tools for fun such as pretending to be celebrities or simply to get a few laughs, but some use these tools to blackmail other users.

Trolls use fake webcam streams to display hot girls getting undressed and they record your live stream. If you happen to get undressed, they will then ask you for your Facebook details so that you can keep in touch. Once you provide the troll with your details, they will then reveal their true identity. They normally threaten to share the video of you naked with all of your Facebook contacts unless you pay them money.

Alright, so how do you avoid getting caught by trolls? That’s now easier than ever before; use ChatRandom.


ChatRandom’s fake cam blocking technology prevents trolls from being able to display fake webcam streams. This is a wonderful addition to the site that should have been added years ago. Now when you see a person on cam, you can be sure that it’s the actual person that you’re talking with.

The community at ChatRandom is now a lot safer due to this fake cam blocking technology. Making this site a safer place is so important to the team and we believe that we’ve finally become the safest adult random cam site on the internet.

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