New Servers at Chatrandom – Faster Connections, Better Chat Experience

Chatrandom has been undergoing some major improvements over the past couple of weeks and we have finally completed one of the much needed upgrades; new servers. For months we have been planning this migration towards better servers in order to make Chatrandom faster and much more enjoyable. We’ve finally gone through with our plan and we now have them up and running.


What does this mean for our users?

Basically, our new servers are rockstars. They can handle faster connection speeds, better video chat experiences, less lag and hundreds of thousands of users online without a problem. For about a month now, we have been floating just under and sometimes over the 100k online users mark and this has caused some issues with our previous servers. With our new servers, we can now handle more users which means you won’t ever experience slow connection speeds ever again.

If you’ve been using Chatrandom these past few weeks, you may have noticed some occasional connection errors. These were due to the upgrade that we were implementing and you should no longer see these errors. The new servers are up and running and doing an awesome job.

We’ve performed thorough testing of these new servers to see what they were capable of and as we expected, they are outstanding. We can now handle hundreds of thousands of users online at the same time without ever running into any issues. The connection speeds are ridiculously fast which means you won’t have to spend time waiting for cams to load.

There’s no more hanging on Flash and even better, the video speeds have been improved significantly which means no more lag while watching other webcams.

What now?

Well, from here on out you can expect to see many more users online at any given moment. We can now handle it and it’s a major improvement for Chatrandom. Before using these servers, we often ran into issues when too many users were online at the same time which placed limitations on our website. The new servers have removed these limitations so you should now expect to see more than 100k users online at any given moment within just a couple of weeks.

Now that we can handle more users online, we want to make the most of it. We’re working hard at improving Chatrandom as a whole and moving forward, we have tons of new projects, ideas and features to be integrated shortly.

With our new servers being able to handle more users online, we decided to improve out Cam4 Chat feature. The new version of Cam4 Chat is on its way and should be ready to go within the week.

Many new upgrades are on their way as these new superstar servers give us the ability to now have as many users online as possible!

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