Online Couples – Do They Really Last?

The world of online dating has become a phenomenon with around one-third of marriages in the US beginning online. Recent studies have also suggested that relationships which begin online are less likely to break down, last longer, and are more loving than relationships which begin offline. But, what are the reasons for this and can these statistic be believed?


When people make the plunge into online dating or find themselves attracted to a person they’ve met online there are some key advantages to meeting someone offline. The main advantage of online dating lies in the ability to meet someone who shares your passions and interests. When meeting someone online there is an ability to be a lot fussier than trying to meet someone in everyday situations. The internet has the ability to connect millions of people from all over the world, instead of the handful of people you can meet offline. This increases the chances of meeting a compatible person dramatically.

A relationship that is formed online begins through shared interests rather than pure chemistry and this can be the basis for a long relationship. When meeting someone offline the initial attraction will generally occur on a chemical level – how attractive the other person is. The benefit of meeting someone online occurs through a deeper connection. Many people will be able to find a good picture of themselves, but it is the personality traits which stand out more in an online forum.


As a relationship grows, the first thing to fade is the initial chemical attraction to how good-looking the person is. On the other hand, a common interest or hobby will remain forever and can be a solid foundation on which to build a relationship. By meeting someone online, you can get to know their likes and dislikes before even meeting them face to face and judge whether they enjoy similar activities to you.

Many dating websites now use an algorithm to match users up with one another. This algorithm finds key interests which have been input on a dating profile and matches them with another person who shares those key interests. Think about your friends, they will generally share key beliefs and interests with you. Finding a partner is very similar, except by using an online forum there is a greater opportunity of finding someone who shares many of your interests.

It has been said that by going online to find love you can increase your chances by up to 20% over traditional means. This can also be translated into forming a relationship online, which is proven by marriages which formed online lasting up to 20% longer also. The tide of thought about online dating is dramatically changing. This is leading to more and more people willing to give it a go, which in turn is leading to a higher chance of people finding the perfect partner. It is predicted that in the next ten years more than half of marriages will begin online and as this happens divorce rates will drop.


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