Outage Issues on Cam4 Multichat

We wanted to update our users and let everyone know that we are aware of the outages that have been happening on Cam 4 Multichat.  Our servers can no longer handle the load and have been shutting down from time to time for the last week.  We have already ordered new servers and are migrating this section of our site.  We are hoping to have everything working perfectly by the end of the week and we will update you via Twitter as well as post on our blog once we have a better idea of when exactly everything will be working again.  If you haven’t yet, follow Chatrandom on Twitter to get updates in real time.

The good news is once we are done with moving to new servers we will start adding many cool and useful new features and make it work better and faster than ever! New features will roll out weekly for the next few months after we migrate to the new servers.

Hang in there, soon you will be back to enjoying Multichat and with the new features we have planned we think you will be amazed with the new and improved Multichat.

If you have any idea for features that you would enjoy seeing please contact us and we will consider adding them to our list.

Thank you for your understanding and patience!

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