The Funniest Webcam Chat Videos of 2014  

Every year, new funny videos pop up on the Internet. Being in the webcam chat industry, we love watching all funny webcam chat videos because they make us laugh our pants off. We wanted to share our favorite funny video chat videos will all of you so you could also get a nice laugh or two into your day. Here are the funniest webcam chat videos of 2014; enjoy!

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Best Wireless Webcams of 2014

The evolution of webcams has been rapid; from a device that only the rich could afford, to a common piece of computer hardware, to a wireless webcam. Wireless webcams offer more freedom when using video chat. There is no need to have to sit in the same position constantly throughout a video chat or move the whole computer when changing position. They can even be implemented as a nanny cam or a makeshift home security device. Most wireless webcams also come with a host of fun features to make your chatting experience even more exciting. So, if you are thinking of upgrading you webcam, take a look at the best wireless webcams of 2014:

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ChatRandom: Still Growing and Climbing the Ranks of the Random Cam Industry

Major improvements over the past year have made ChatRandom a true leader in the random cam industry. Right up there with Omegle, ChatRandom is one of the household names when it comes to video chatting online. Many would think that reaching the top would be enough, but the owners of ChatRandom are far from slowing down. The ranks are still being climbed and the goals are very clear.

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