4 Tips for a Better Group Chat Experience

Group chatting online is becoming one of the fastest growing trends on the internet. Being able to converse with multiple people from all over the world simultaneously is truly exciting. However, many people tend to forget the basic non-written rules of video chatting with strangers. If you want to have a better group chat experience online, you will want to follow the 4 following rules. Doing so will allow the people you’re talking with to actually enjoy talking with you and they will most likely want to stick around for much longer periods of time.

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Will OkHello Work Better than Airtime Did?

Remember back when Shawn Fanning launched the infamous music downloading program called Napster? You most definitely remember back when Sean Parker launched the very popular Facebook. Well these two iconic website developers have joined forces in the past to come up with the terrible Airtime. Airtime was a video chat tool that failed miserably almost instantly. After just a few short weeks, the creators of Airtime lost hope in their site that had received hundreds of millions of dollars in advertising.

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