TBT: The Invention of Video Conferencing

This week’s Throw Back Thursday post is about the history of video conferencing. Directly co-related to the random chat industry, video conferencing was the first type of video sharing platform to have ever existed. Back in the day, video conferencing was mostly used for business meetings and for government purposes, but today everyone enjoys this technology. Here’s a brief history about video conferencing and how it came to be.

It all started over 40 years ago in the early 70’s when businesses were booming and technology was rising rapidly. Ericsson, one of the leading technology giants in the 1970’s introduced the first transatlantic video conferencing device in the world. Although this sparked the attention of many investors, very few businesses actually used the device. The reason businesses didn’t use it was because it was extremely expensive at roughly $150 per month. At the time, that was a luxury that many businesses couldn’t afford to have.


However, as time progressed, video conferencing became more attractive to business owners and trials were undergoing in order to bring the best device to the world. In 1976, Japan began using this new technology for testing purposes and this caught the attention of many other technology giants. This was the year when many companies began creating prototypes and testing out new video conferencing technologies.

In 1982, IBM linked a video conferencing technology between the USA and the Japan. This device was used once per week for the weekly business meetings. Other companies began releasing their own devices for video conferencing purposes, but you had to be among the elite on this planet in order to afford one. For instance; the video conferencing device developed by Compression Labs had a price of over $250,000 and cost users over $1000 per hour to use.


The energy consumption was so high for these devices that it often caused circuit panels to trip and fuses to blow. It was far from being the free video conferencing technology that we have today such as Skype of even random cam sites like Chatrandom. However, if it wasn’t for these older video conferencing devices, we would never have been able to provide users with free random chat sites,

In 1992, Macintosh revolutionized the world with its CU-SeeMe system. However, this amazing device didn’t have any sound capabilities until two years after its initial launch. In 1994, the CU-SeeMe device had sound and video, making video conferencing available to most businesses. Video conferencing only expanded from that point on and has become one of the most useful tools in society.


In 2001, the first video conferencing portable devices were released and television reporters brought them into war zones for live footage. The technological advancement was incredible and people were capable of purchasing them for home use. Later on in the early 2000’s video capable cell phones were released as well as webcams becoming increasingly popular. Nowadays, every single computer seems to have a webcam and can easily conduct business conferences from anywhere around the globe.


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