TBT: The Launch of Chatrandom in 2011

It’s Throw Back Thursday time and we’re back with an exciting blog post about the launch of our very own Chatrandom. We’ve been through a lot in just a few short years and now we’re among the leaders in our industry. However, we don’t want to use this post to gloat about our success; instead we want to remind all of you about where we came from, what it took to get here and what Chatrandom was like during the first stages of its launch.


When Chatrandom first launched, the features were few, yet they excelled at meeting the demands of users. We launched in 2011 when Chatroulette was dropping in daily users. Their regulations and poor decisions about changing around successful features gave us an opening like no other. We jumped on the opportunity and built a basic, yet exciting website.

At first, our site had fewer features and was not available in different languages. It was a straightforward website where you could do what you wanted. You never got banned for nudity and you were free to say what you wanted. Today we still offer that same amount of freedom to our users; something that the original Chatroulette does not offer.

We have to be honest, building Chatrandom was a tough and it took long endless nights of hard work in order to provide our users with an excellent random cam site. We lived, breathed and sweated our website in order to provide a better random cam site. We didn’t experience a boom in traffic immediately and we began losing hope after a few months.

Our loss of hope didn’t discourage us though and we finally experienced an immense boost in traffic. In 2012 we peaked at over 1 million visitors and in 2013 we reached a new high of over 2 million visitors. Our place was made and we knew that we had achieved our goal. That didn’t stop us though because we want to remain the leaders in the random cam industry.


As time progressed, we began integrating new features that no other site had. We brought you a platform that can be used in 45 different countries, we translated our site in more than 10 different languages and we even added a new design. Our features like girl only cams and Cam4 Chat revolutionized the world of online cam chats.

When we first launched, we had just a few hundred daily visitors online. Those days were long and we knew that we had to continue putting in great efforts in order to experience larger growth. We did and that’s what allowed that number to climb. Today we have an average of over 80,000 daily users.

As we look back at 2011, we see exactly what made us a leader in this industry. We kept the platform simple. Sure we could have banned users for nudity, we could have cluttered the site with ads and we could have added popups, but we didn’t. Keeping the platform simple allowed our users to quickly enter our website and begin chatting with strangers.


We first launched Chatrandom because our original website was considered illegal. That original site was a 8 million user social network that was shut down overnight. We had to turn around as fast as possible and instead of giving up, we found a new industry to grow in. The random chat industry was failing because of Chatroulette’s mistakes, so we tried to make it better. We succeeded and revived the industry.

It took us 6 months before seeing any results; we worked 7 days a week, 18 hours per day and spent many sleepless nights trying to fix bugs and learning programming codes. That’s right; we had no knowledge about coding and we had to learn it fast, very fast. Every single feature we integrated had problems and we had to fix them ourselves.


As time progressed, we became more knowledgeable and know we test every new feature thoroughly before implementing it into our website. That avoids downtimes and slowing down of our system. The founder of Chatrandom learned HTML, CSS and JavaScript on his own and fix the faulty scripts without any help.

Today we’re proud of what we have and we certainly believe that all of our hard work was worth it. We didn’t just copy Chatroulette’s idea, we made it better and we created our own scripts to provide users with the best random cam environment online.

Stay tuned for next Thusday’s TBT blog post!

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