TBT: The Original Chatroulette

Remember back when you could browse the internet in complete freedom? It wasn’t long ago; just under 5 years ago we had the opportunity to show our bodies, use vulgar language and do whatever we wanted on the internet without getting banned from websites. Those times were the good ole days for many people. Throw Back Thursday is our newest series of blog posts that will take a look back at how things used to be and how the world has changed ever since. This week’s TBT topic is the original Chatroulette website.


That’s right, just a few years ago Chatroulette was dropped on us like a bomb. It hit us so hard that it became a worldwide sensation overnight. One day we were just browsing the internet looking for a cool way to pass the time with online games and the next we were staying up at all hours of the night chatting with complete strangers.

We didn’t care how ugly the appearance of the original Chatroulette was because it delivered something that everyone could relate to. It allowed us to interact which is part of our human nature. We as humans need to feel like we’re not alone and Chatroulette gave us the opportunity to never be left alone ever again.


The night that Andrey Ternovskiy stayed up a few extra hours to launch his famous Chatroulette site was the night that boredom died. It was a fall day in November of 2009 when Ternovskiy gave us the chance to finally live free on the internet. What a day! 500 daily visitors climbed to over 50,000 daily visitors in less than a month after launching. A new billion dollar industry was born.

At the time, browsing from one webcam to the next took more than a few seconds. Downtime was a serious problem and the overall graphical user interface was lame. Nobody cared though and that’s what made Chatroulette so amazing; the simplicity. The simplicity of being able to enter a world where you could become someone entirely different and never have to live with any real consequences.


Users were not restricted from getting undressed and people were brought together in sexual bonds. Our needs to be satisfied sexually are met online and the sexual restrictions or taboos that are forced on us by society disappear in the online random cam world. Entering Chatroulette was like entering an entirely new universe.

The original Chatroulette didn’t ban any users. As time progressed though, people started getting banned and regulations were implemented causing the original Chatroulette to fail. However, the industry was created and people could no longer live without random cam sites. This caused many new alternatives to open up and continue the growth of such an impressive industry.


So even though the original Chatroulette is no longer a leader in the industry, it is still the pioneer of this technology. The communications industry grew immensely when Ternovskiy introduced the world to random cam technologies. Although most people miss the original Chatroulette, many new alternatives provide users with even better platforms.

If it weren’t for Andrey Ternovskiy and the original Chatroulette, Chatrandom probably wouldn’t even exist.

Stay tuned for next Thursday’s TBT blog post!

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