The Aftermath of the Cam Industry Boom

The cam industry experienced a huge boom in traffic when launched back in 2009. The industry was born and since then several thousands of cam sites have been created. Only about a hundred of cam sites still stand to this very day and a mere handful of them are actually worth using. The cam industry boom had a huge impact on the way we socialize online which is why we want to take a look back at how the boom affected us then and how the aftermath of the cam industry boom affects us today.


Why so many cam sites launched after

The boom was started because of one site and one site only; Andrey Ternovsky, the creator of the original Chatroulette launched his site back in 2009 and within a matter of days, it was a worldwide sensation. Obviously, many others wanted to capitalize on the opportunity and make some profits with this new and revolutionizing industry. This caused hundreds of new cam sites to open up within the first year of Chatroulette’s existence.

Why most of these sites failed

Although so many sites were launched to compete with Chatroulette, most of them failed. Their failure was caused by a lack of user input. They didn’t listen to the users and they didn’t care what users wanted; they simply wanted to make a quick buck. Nothing can ever last when the users have no input. Even the original failed miserably because Andrey Ternovsky ignored what the users asked for and wanted.

Sites that made it through the boom

A handful of sites made it through the cam industry boom and are still around today. Most of these sites a very popular and get tons of traffic every single day. is one of the best examples of this. Chatrandom waiting out the initial boom because the creators were in no hurry; they wanted to take their time and make their site perfect before launching it. When Chatrandom launched nearly 2 years after the original Chatroulette, most of the Chatroulette fans migrated over the Chatrandom.

The features were better, the rules were less strict and the site was extremely simple to use; it’s still like that to this very day. Chatrandom is the clear winner here.

Other notable sites that made it through and still stand today include the following:

The cam industry today

The aftermath of the cam industry boom therefore leaves us with fewer cam sites to choose from, but better quality sites. The owners of the sites that survived know that they need to please their users in order to keep going strong. This makes these sites truly addictive and fun to use. If you want to see more great cam sites, take a look at

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