The Internet Has Come a Long Way From It’s Humble Beginning

I came across a video that made me realize just how far we have come since the beginning of the internet.  This video shows how the first news was broadcasted over the net and it really makes you understand just how far we have gone since then.  The video takes place in 1981 and shows how the news was transmitted via telephone and then news readers would be able to login and read the news.  At the time it seemed like something that would never go mainstream and thanks to visionaries like the ones in the video we now have something that has revolutionized communication and made the world a smaller place!

The reason I am posting this on Chatrandom’s blog is because without the original visionaries video random chat would never be possible.  This made me appreciate the fact that just 20 years ago a site like ours would not be possible.

Moral of the story: Appreciate visionaries and those that work tirelessly to make the world a better place!

Here is the link to the video:

The beginning of the internet as we know it!

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