Chatrandom Timeframe Metric Research Study

The following study uses data gathered by Chatrandom’s Timeframe Metric to analyze the behavior of users. In particular, this study looks at the length of time females across the United States spend on each connection before clicking on the “next” button and establishing a new connection. 



Research Study

27 May 2017


***For a visual representation of the data in this study, see the Timeframe Metric Infographic***


This study outlines the results of a new “Timeframe Metric” utilized by Chatrandom to analyze the length of time users spent on each connection while on the Chatrandom platform. The metric uses data including the location of a user and their gender along with the length of time spent on a connection before a user clicks on the “Next” button to establish a new connection. This metric in no way interferes with the anonymity of Chatrandom’s users and all users of the random chat platform remain completely anonymous when using the service. The information gathered for use in this study is general information which cannot be used to identify a specific user on Chatrandom.

Between November 2016 and April 2017, Chatrandom recorded the location and gender of users who established a connection on its chat platform. The length of time spent on the service, including the length of each individual connection, was also recorded during this period. Called the “Timeframe Metric”, this data has allowed Chatrandom to compile a range of interesting statistics based on people’s behavior while using the service. Specifically, the data has been used to discover which locations across the United States have the “friendliest” female users, i.e. female users who stay and chat for the longest periods of time before clicking on the “Next” button to establish a new connection.

For the creation of this study, we wanted to look specifically at female users who reside in the United States. Therefore the “timeframe metric” only took data which met certain requirements. These requirements are:

  • Person must reside in the United States
  • Person must be female
  • Person must establish at least 2 connections by clicking the “Next” button

Only users who met all three requirements were recorded for the purpose of this study. Over the course of 6 months, we gathered data from over 100 million users who satisfied these requirements. The data was then analyzed and broken down into States with average times for each state for a fair comparison. The number of users per State was disregarded and instead, the focus has been placed on average numbers. We have split the results into three sections for analysis: Average time spent on each connection by State, average time spent on each connection by region, and average time spent on each connection by state political representation.


Average Time Spent on Each Connection by State


Average Connection Time By State 

The main analysis of this study is to look at the average time females spent on each connection by State. We found a large discrepancy between the shortest average time spent on connections (New York @ 1 minute 13 seconds) and the longest average time spent on connections (California @ 15 minutes 8 seconds). The average overall time spent on each connection by girls across the United States is 8 minutes and 3 seconds.


Average Connection Time By Every State


The data above makes for interesting analysis. Californian girls are the only ones across all states to stay, on average, with a single connection for longer than a quarter of an hour. This could possibly indicate that girls from California are more willing to attempt to form a bond and connection with a stranger than girls from other states and could also indicate that they are friendlier than girls in other states across the US. Only three other states averaged over 14 minutes – Mississippi (14:37), Washington (14:08), and Wisconsin (14:07).

At the other end of the scale, only two states averaged under two minutes per connection – New York (1:13) and New Jersey (1:56). It is very interesting that these two states ranked last and second last in terms of time spent per connection. Perhaps this is an indication of impatience for girls from these areas or a lack of interest in establishing a real connection with someone they meet online.


Average Time Spent on Each Connection by Region


We can also use the data to analyze the average time spent on each connection by region. For this purpose, we have divided the United States into four regions: West, South, Midwest, and Northeast. For the avoidance of doubt, here is a list of how each state has been categorized by region:


Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming


Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and West Virginia


Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, Wisconsin


Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Vermont


Below is a chart representing the average time spent on each connection by region as shown above:


Average Connection Time By Region


Interestingly, there is a relatively large disparity between the highest average time and the lowest average time per region. According to our data, girls who reside in the West spend an average of more than three minutes longer on a connection that girls who reside in the Northeast. The West region contains two of the top three states in average time spent on a connection – California and Washington. The West region also contains the highest number of states which average over 10 minutes for each connection – Alaska, Arizona, California, Nevada, Washington, and Wyoming. Unsurprisingly, the Northeast features the least number of states which average over 10 minutes per connection – Massachusetts and Vermont.


Average Connection Times USA


This data could also be used to interpret the best time to go on Chatrandom for users who are hoping for long connections and conversation.  Peak times for users on the random chat service occur in the early evenings between 6 pm and 9 pm local time. Therefore, users who log on between these hours on Pacific Time are more likely to encounter girls who will stay and chat for longer periods of time before clicking the “Next” button.


Average Time Spent on Each Connection by State Political Representation


Another interesting analysis of the data – particularly in the current political climate – is to look at the average length of connections by state political representation. For the purposes of this analysis, we are using a map of the United States from Politico which displays how each state voted in the 2016 election. For clarity, the map is presented below and shows the Republican States in red and Democratic States in blue.




Using this map as a guide, here is a chart showing the average time spent on each connection according to the states which voted Republican and Democratic in the 2016 election.


Average Connection Time By Political State


The data above shows that girls from Republican states spend almost a minute longer on average per connection than girls from Democratic states. Interestingly, Democratic states are featured at the top (California) and the bottom (New York) of the average time spend per connection by state list. However, overall girls from Republican states are more likely to spend a longer period of time with a connection on Chatrandom before clicking the “Next” button. Perhaps this indicates the adage about Republican girls being friendlier is true. However, it is worth noting that this data simply takes into account the political preference of the State where the user comes from and doesn’t indicate each users’ particular political preference.


In conclusion, the new “Timeframe Metric” has shown us that girls from California are more likely to stay and chat when meeting a stranger on Chatrandom. We have also displayed that girls from the West are friendlier than their East, South, and Northeastern counterparts and that Republicans love to chat for longer than Democrats. As we develop our metric we hope to gain further insight into the behavior of our users and to use the data to improve our service and continue to be the most accessible, fun, and free random chat service online and mobile.

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