Top 7 Tips for Luring People to Your Webcam

The number one thing that most random cam users complain about is not being able to lure people to their webcam long enough to hold a discussion. This problem is an issue that can easily be resolved by using various luring techniques. That’s right, just like when you go fishing, you’ll need to lure the other users to your cam. Once they are lured to your cam, you’ll then be able to get them hooked by chatting them up. Here are 7 tips for luring people to your webcam.

1.       If you look attractive, good for you; it will normally work well for luring people to your webcam. However, if you don’t look like Brad Pitt or Megan Fox, try getting dressed up to make yourself look the best you can. Wearing makeup or even wearing new clothes will normally help you out a lot.


2.       Using old webcams will give you poor results. Old webcams have terrible video output resolutions. Opt for a newer webcam with HD streaming qualities. This will normally lure tons of additional people to your webcam.


3.       Don’t smoke on cam. Sure you may be a heavy smoker that goes through 3 packs a day, but nobody likes watching another person smoke on cam. If you want to smoke, leave the cam for 5 minutes and come back when you’re done. You’ll avoid turning off the other users.


4.       Being different is so important on random cam sites like Chatrandom. If you’re just another brick in the wall, nobody will feel the need to stick around for a chat. Dress differently, talk differently and behave differently from all of the other users. You’ll instantly notice more people finding you interesting.


5.       Be quick about getting the conversation off the ground. Too many random cam users just sit around waiting for the other person to start talking first. Don’t ever leave the opening line up to the person you’re matched with. If you wait too long, you’ll get nexted. Instead, start talking as soon as you see the other person on your screen.


6.       Put some music on in the background. This will not only set the mood and tone for your conversation, but you will also be sharing your interests without even saying a word. As soon as someone recognizes one of the songs you’re listening to, they will want to talk about it.


7.       Be your crazy self; don’t be your boring self. Random cam sites are an excellent place to let the crazy within you loose. Leave your boring work self at work and act like you’re alone in your bedroom. Dance, sing and do whatever comes to mind; people will definitely find you interesting.

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