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Chatrandom is a site to have fun, share laughs, build friendships and even find true love. In fact, we recently received an email from a recently married couple who wanted to show us their appreciation for our website. Their email proves how finding love online is possible and that our website was the reason that these two people will live in eternal happiness with one another. We’d like to share this online love story with all of you so that you too can know just how useful Chatrandom really is.

Thomas, a man from Germany found his soul mate while browsing through random cams on Chatrandom one night. He fell upon the cam of a woman from Poland called Adrianna. Instantly, they shared laughs, shared their life stories and exchanged Facebook details so that they could continue talking to one another. This Chatrandom romance took less than an hour before both of them knew that they were made to be together.

They say that love at first sight is a real thing; Thomas and Adrianna are living proof of it. When they randomly found each other on Chatrandom, Thomas and Adrianna knew that their search for love had come to an end. Thomas had been searching for “the one” for nearly 20 years without any luck. Little did he know, Chatrandom would allow him to find “the one” within less than an hour.

They kept in touch via Facebook and continue webcam chatting over the span of several weeks. Once they realized just how strong their online love story really was, Thomas decided to take a leap of faith and went to visit Adrianna in Poland. Although many times, online love and real life love is different, their love persisted. They knew from the moment they met on Chatrandom that they were destined to meet and seeing each other in person solidified that fact.

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Thomas and Adrianna had their June wedding in Berlin this summer; the dream of many love searching individuals. Now they reside in Germany and their love for one another grows by the day. These two people who had spent a major part of their lives being lonely with no hope for love finally found the one and only on our Chatrandom website.

Although many view Chatrandom as being an exhibitionist website and a place to get naked on cam or laugh at odd looking people, it is actually much more than that. Thomas and Adrianna wanted to thank us for giving them the possibility to find true love and they are eternally grateful to us for. It makes us incredibly happy and makes us feel amazing inside when we hear such stories. Our goal is to provide strangers with a possibility to meet, build friendships and even find true love.

For all of you who are beginning to lose hope towards finding love, don’t give up. Keep using Chatrandom because you never know who you will meet. Our random cam site is for much more than simple adult pleasures or making virtual friendships, we want to bring people together.

Congratulations to Thomas and Adrianna for their new-found love and we wish you both a lifetime of happiness with one another.

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