Using Manycam and Other Fake Webcams on Chat Sites

Taking precautions online is important. Now, this may seem like an understatement or it may even seem like something your parents would have told you as a child and then you turn around and ignore it entirely. We want to make sure that you do take it seriously, which is why we want to make you aware of the dangers of fake webcams online.

Trolling Chatroulette has become a huge way for many to pass their time online. Trolling is a form of appearing as something you are not. In the Chatroulette world, trolling means displaying a fake video using a fake webcam software. This can become dangerous for users who get caught up with people who are trolling Omegle or other similar Chatroulette sites.

Trolls use these fake webcam software for many different purposes and most of the time its to laugh at others. Chatrandom and other Chatroulette sites don’t want their users to laugh at others. Our goal is to bring people together and make the world a smaller place; we don’t want to make it easier for people to humiliate others. However, trolling Chatrandom has become popular and the effects of getting caught up with a one of these people can be devastating.

People who use software tools like Chatroulette Manycam will often do so to laugh at people by fooling them. Manycam allows users to display another video source. In Chatroulette sites, trolls often display funny videos or hot girls getting naked. This is done in hopes of having you get undressed and begin pleasuring yourself so that the “troll” can laugh at you.

Most of the time, trolling is done with bad intentions. Some trolls even go as far as extorting you for money. This has been seen and done many times on trolling chat sites. The troll will display a video of a gorgeous girl typing, but the actual person typing is the troll; not the girl in the video. The troll asks you for your Facebook name so that you can stay in touch afterwards. Then the girl normally begins getting undressed and tells you to pleasure yourself. Once you do, the troll removes the fake video and tells you that it was a fake girl.

The troll will then threaten to send the video of you touching yourself to your friends and family members if you don’t pay them money. Normally trolls ask for hundreds of dollars which many people decide to pay. It becomes easy for the troll to send the video to all of your family and friends because they have your Facebook account and can see a list of who you are friends with.

Although sometimes it can be fun and exciting to use tools like Manycam on Chatroulette sites, you should avoid using these tools for wrongfully treating others. Embarrassing others is not what Chatrandom is all about and we don’t encourage that type of behavior. Using fake webcam software to make strangers laugh can be tolerated as long as you don’t use it with bad intentions.

If you do want to try tools like Manycam for trolling Chatrandom, do so with funny videos; not videos of girls undressing. Don’t display any fake video that could make strangers want to touch themselves; instead use videos of people doing hilarious things. Maybe download a few funny YouTube videos and use those as your fake webcam display. As long as it’s good clean fun, there shouldn’t be a problem with it.

Have responsible fun at Chatrandom. Stay mature and don’t attempt to wrongfully hurt other individuals. Psychological pain can last a lifetime so keep that in mind the next time you feel like trolling Chatroulette sites.

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