Video Chat with Your Future Self  

You’ve seen it in the movies before; a person travels into the future and talks with their future self. That’s the thing though, we have only ever seen that happen in the movies; until now. The company Orange has created a website that allows you to recreate what you will look like in 20 years. You can then have an actual video chat with that computer created future self of yours. It’s funny, cool, exciting, different and definitely the best of its kind.


How it works

This program begins by taking an image of your face and choosing the points of your face. You can align them if they aren’t perfect in order to get the best results possible. Then, once all of the points of your face are aligned (mouth, eyes, jaw, etc.) you will have your entire face scanned by the intelligent system. It’s important for you to have a webcam in order for this tool to work, otherwise you won’t be able to use this website.

The entire scanning of your face process is rapid and takes a matter of minutes. You will need to stay still and not smile while the program scans your face. This will allow for best results. Once your entire face has been scanned, you will be asked questions such as your sex, your eye color and your age. Before long, you will be sitting right in front of the future version of yourself.

The results

The results of this fun tool are quite amazing. Although it’s far from perfect, you will actually get a good idea of what you may look like in the future. The fun part about this website is that you can actually chat with yourself. The future self is quite intelligent and capable of having long conversations with you. They will begin by asking you what you would like to chat about and from there you can spend hours chatting with yourself. It’s weird and fun all in one mix. The wonderful thing about this website is that it doesn’t cost you anything to use. You can chat with your future self for hours at a time and you will never have to pay anything.

Science fiction becoming a reality

This is believed to be one of the first steps towards making science fiction a reality. Although it’s not actually you from the future, it’s the closest thing possible. Science fiction is slowly becoming a part of our regular lives and although we can’t really talk with our future selves at the moment, it’s expected to be a real possibility in the future.

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