Video or Text chat: The Great Debate

So what’s more fun, Video chatting with someone or just typing away in a text only chat?  Each has advantages and disadvantages and of course it all comes down to personal opinion.  Fortunately, ChatRandom provides both options!  Many people love the personal, intimate nature of video chat.  You can see the person and making eye contact results in a much more personal experience.  Other times people want the ease and relaxed nature of a text only chat.  Text only chat allows you more time to think of a witty response or even look up a disputed fact on google!  Text chat is also much better for people who are multi-tasking.  Working on homework while keeping up a video chat is almost impossible but with text chat its nice and easy.

So which ever option meets your needs at the time, ChatRandom has what you’re looking for.  Within seconds of arriving on you can be connected to a live video chat with a random partner or have a text only box open and connected to a new potential friend.  Both options are fun and easy so what’s your choice?  Video or Text chat?

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